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Eurovision 2010 Paula Seling Unpredictable Contest

Paula Seling's experience on the Eurovision stage led her to declare that "Eurovision is an unpredictable contest". Which may explain the success of the young Lena from Germany, about whom the predictions before the event did not offer much chances for victory.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jun 09, 2022
Paula Seling arrived at Otopeni Airport around 4.30 pm. Fans and journalists waited for the delegation to return to Romania, which brought Oslo to third place in the Eurovision 2010 competition. "I am overwhelmed and thank you. said Paula Seling, shortly after arriving in the country. She was not accompanied by Ovi, with whom she formed this successful duet.
Paula Seling, on the Eurovision 2010 stage, in Oslo. Romania ranked third
Paula Seling, on the Eurovision 2010 stage, in Oslo. Romania ranked third
Paula and Ovi played with fire and reached the 2010 Eurovision final
Paula and Ovi played with fire and reached the 2010 Eurovision final
Paula and Ovi, third place at Eurovision 2010
Paula and Ovi, third place at Eurovision 2010
I went through a carousel during this period. Here in the country, things were published that the song was bad, and others rated us as favorites. I gave up listening and focused only on our song. We hope that it will be. I saw my parents for the first time. They were very happy with our performance and I don't think they could do better.


Paula Seling Singing
Paula Seling Singing
Paula and Ovi, applauded in the Eurovision semifinal
Paula Seling Singing
Paula Seling Singing
She specified that the Eurovision 2010 performance is a great opportunity for Romanians to be perceived in a positive light, in Europe: "I would like from the bottom of my heart to convince the world that Romania is a little different than Europe has become accustomed to. they think we are all the way they think we are ", Paula Seling also specified, at Otopeni airport.
Asked about the advantage that Ovi had in this duet, a Romanian artist who lives in Norway and is known to the public there, the singer also stated that it was a plus that Ovi is known in Norway. For the first time, I received so many points from them.
Romania took third place at the Eurovision 2010 contest in Oslo. Although we managed this result, at the 2011 edition of Eurovision Romania will have to go through the excitement of qualifying for the semifinals again, as we do not contribute financially to the fund of the event.

Eurovision, An Unpredictable Contest

However, the big winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut, will take the big trophy to Germany. The song performed by Lena caused real madness on Youtube, after finding out the result.

Second Place, To A Rock Song

Paula and Ovi received points from almost all European countries. Moldova was the only one that gave us 12 points, but Romania's dowry at Eurovision 2010 was enriched by the votes from Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, and Cyprus.
During the presentation of the scores given by each country, Romania dueled with Greeceto enter the top five, but with the help of Moldovans from across the Prut we managed to have a considerable lead. The 10 points from the Swedes brought us to the Top 3. We only achieved this performance in 2005, when we were represented by Luminiţa Anghel and the band Sistem.
What is interesting is that last night's winner, Lena, was preparing for the baccalaureate exam when she was selected for Eurovision 2010. The 19-year-old girl had a song in the Eurovision pattern (strong rhythm and attitude) and, after she had of record-breaking views on Youtube, managed to impose itself in last night's final. Lena turned 19 in full Eurovision competition on May 23, 2010.
The second place of Eurovision 2010 was occupied by the Turks from manga, with a song with strong rock influences. The big favorite before the final, the Azerbaijani Safura was only on five, between two slow songs very liked by the 18,000 spectators present last night on Telenor Arena, those of the representatives of Denmark and Belgium.

Eurovision 2010 Top 10

Country SOng:
  • Germany246 points
  • Turkey(170)
  • Romania(162)
  • Denmark(149)
  • Azerbaidjan(145)
  • Belgium(143)
  • Armenia(141)
  • Greece(140)
  • Georgia(136)
  • Ukraine(108)
The representative of Moldova, Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira, obtained the 22nd position.
Congratulations Pula and OviI. Romania obtains the best result in the history of its participation in Eurovision. The same performance was achieved in 2005, by Luminiţa Anghel and Sistem
We are in third place, after an excellent vote from Norway (10 points). Ovi has Norwegian citizenship, and the Romanian community is consistent in Oslo.
Great Britain and Israel gave us 8 points each.
0 points from Belgium and we are down by six in the intermediate Eurovision 2010 ranking. But the British give us eight points. Excellent! The Dutch give us five points .The Armenians climbed to second place. Eight points in Israel , where an important Romanian community lives.Ovi is also Norwegian, so we get 10 points from Oslo. Cyprus gives us eight points and Romania is 5th at Eurovision 2010. 2 points from Lithuania. We also get 1 point from Belarus. 4 points from Switzerland.Only 2-3 states did not give us any points, which means that the song of Paula and Ovi was liked in almost all European countries.
0 points from France, but Spain,a country with many Romanians, gives us 10points.Eurovision 2011 will have a lot of beer - Germany is far in the first place. "I feel incredibly good," says Lena, from the height of 1st place. Slovakia gives us a point. 0 points from Bulgaria . Two points over Bistrot in Ukraine**.** Three points from Latvia and 5 from Malta**.**
Viewers and the Azerbaijanijury give us seven points and we are six. An excellent result! 4 points from Greece for Romania. Iceland saw Romania through the clouds and gave us five points. Germany-Denmark fight at Eurovision 2010. Eight points from Denmark for Romania.
It looks like Eurovision 2011 will be in Germany. Even the Russians give Lena six points. Romania takes three points from Moscow. An interesting vote: 10 Russian points for Georgia, the country he was at war with last year. 10 points for Romania in Portugal.Most for Paula and Ovi at Eurovision 2010
2 points for Romania from Bosnia. Germany comes first. Finland does not contribute to our country's dowry at the 2010 edition of Eurovision. Slovenia stole our participation in a World Cup, but gives us seven points at Eurovision 2010. We are in seventh place. Nothing from Estonia.
The Albanians give us 5 points and we are in the top 10. Turkey gives us 2 points. Zero points for Romania, from Croatia. Poland gives us six points at Eurovision 2010, where the geo-political vote is felt
Good vote from Ireland. Romania takes 7 points and climbs to the Eurovision 2010 final. Again 12 points for Denmark. That would be a surprise! Germany gives 12 points to Belgium and 0 to Romania. Slow songs are fighting for first place at Eurovision 2010 with Greece and Turkey. The Serbs send us 6 points.
Romania gives the first points in the Eurovision 2010 final. We give 8 points to Turkey, 10 - Moldova, 12 - Denmark. Denmark, leader of Eurovision 2010 after Romania's vote
THE VOTE BEGINS.We keep our fists clenched for Romania, whose best performance at Eurovision is a third place.
No more televoting at Eurovision 2010. In a few minutes, the presenters from each country will announce the results
No more singing in the 2010 Eurovision final. Now they are voting, we will find out the results later. After seeing on stage, who do you think deserves the 1st place?
Denmarkfinishes the list of participants in the Eurovision 2010 final. Surprise - Spain sings again. Daniel Diges takesthe stage, although he sang an hour ago, at the beginning of the gala. Spain demanded the reinterpretation of the song after, at the first performance, a spectator arrived on stage
After a story told by a beautiful Armenian, the representative of Germany, Lena, had the most vivid reactions of the hall at Eurovision 2010. It is good to know that, at this edition of Eurovision, the final result will be decided by 50% of viewers and 50% of the specialized juries of the countries in the competition
Romaniain competition. Let's listen to Paula and Ovi in ​​the Eurovision final ... Successful evolution of Romanian artists. At least that's how it seemed to us. How did the two of you feel?
I also met the representatives of Franceat Eurovision 2010. A simple song, small chances together in the top 10. France is qualified directly in the final, did not go through the semifinals
The Turksalso sang, with their very rhythmic song, followed by the representative of Iceland, considered as the favorite in the 1-6 places at Eurovision 2010
We remind you that you can vote at the phone number 09000200 + the entry number of the country (you have the order below) or by sending an SMS with the song number, at 1261. If you are from Romania, you cannot vote for Paula Seling and Ovi in Eurovision 2010 final. But if you are from the diaspora, you can do it no more than 20 times from the same phone number. Example: if you want to vote for the Republic of Moldova, call 0900020004. The rate is 1.19 euros for a call or SMS.
The Eurovision 2010 final has started, with the Azerbaijani Safura. Moldovansalso sang, with no visible trace. Our neighbors have a chance together in the top 15

Eurovision 2010. Final. The Order Of Entry In The Competition

  • Azerbaidjan
  • Spain
  • Norway
  • Moldova
  • Cyprus
  • Bosnia
  • Belgium
  • Serbia
  • Belarus
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Great Britain
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Albania
  • Iceland
  • Ucraina
  • France
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Armenia
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Israel
  • Denmark

Youtube Top At Eurovision 2010

Germany, automatically qualified for the Eurovision 2010 final, has received feedback from users of the most popular video viewing site, Youtube. One of the clipsgarnered a huge number of views: over 10 million. The most popular clip of the pair Paula Seling - Ovi Cernăuţeanu, who represents Romania at Eurovision 2010, has around 400,000 views.Serbia's representative, Milan Stankovic, is also in the top views on Youtube. The song with which he participates in the 2010 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ovo je Balkan, is a creation of Goran Bregovici.And the Turks from Manga, with a song that crosses the border into rock, have many fans on Youtube. The Eurovision 2010 final takes place tonight, from 21:30. The contest is broadcast by TVR and commented by Leonard Miron and Gianina Corondan.
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