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Experts Have Noticed Changes In People's Online Shopping Preferences Since 2020

The last couple of years have been significant for everyone around the world. With the beginning of the pandemic, people started to change their way of life, behavior, and approach to day-to-day tasks.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Gordon Dickerson
Aug 27, 202245 Shares1.4K Views
The last couple of years have been significant for everyone around the world. With the beginning of the pandemic, people started to change their way of life, behavior, and approach to day-to-day tasks. Preferences and needs for online shopping have also changed. The experts noticed that some industries have shown skyrocketing sales after the Covid-19 started. And several factors influenced this kind of change. According to specialists, around 76% of people have started to make more online purchases on items that they haven't used in many years or used not as much as now.

The sales of reusable items have increased by 60%

Buying reusable straws, bottles, or coffee cups has always been a topic that youth started to speak up about. However, with the start of 2020, many companies have noticed an increase in sales for various reusable items. According to the recent studies done by the experts at Promocodius.com76 people out of 100 have changed their regular plastic straws to reusable ones. Even though the campaigns for saving the planet, turtles, and ocean life were very popular among people all over the world, the Pandemic has brought another topic to the surface. Staying at home and making a drink that requires a straw has become one of the most common parts of people's lives in the last couple of years. And people started to notice how many plastic straws they are using a day. That is why many people have changed their approach to using plastic and switched to reusable straws, water bottles, and coffee cups. And that is why the statistics have shown such a huge increase of 60%.

Wellness and health products have shown a growth of 75% in sales

Staying at home and working from home has made people think differently about their well-being and overall health. That is why many people started to take serious actions toward their wellness and health. According to the survey, around 46% of people in the USA started to practice yoga and do training sessions to keep their bodies healthy and fit. And over 38% of people who took the survey mentioned using promo code iHerbto get vitamins and supplements that will improve their wellbeing and health. In the previous years, many companies had lower sales numbers in comparison to the years 2020-2022. The increase of around 75% has also included the fact that many people used discount codes Aliexpresson various fitness and wellness products, such as yoga mats, posture correctors, training equipment, and other various goods.

People started to buy cooking appliances three times more in 2020

Another common thing that people started to do more was to cook at home. And many people noticed that they require various appliances to make their cooking experience more convenient. Research has shown that one of the most demanded kitchen appliances in the period of 2020-2022 were air fryers. In the last couple of years, the sales of air fryers have increased by 48%. People with more peculiar and luxurious tastes started to get mini wine fridges to keep their wine cool for the cozy evenings after working from home. There has been an increase of 25% in sales for mini wine fridges. Another surprising interest was in rice cookers. The sales of this kitchen appliance increased by 16% in 2022.

Cosmetics and skincare products have shown an increase of 77%

Even though many people were interested in these products long before the pandemic, experts have noticed a significant increase in cosmetics and skincare products' sales. This was explained by the fact that people could not leave their houses and go to beauty salons, which is why they started to take care of their skincare and body care at home. Many companies have noticed a dramatic rise in interest in various skincare products, such as body scrubs, face masks, and different lotions. Recently the analysts at Promocodius have made a survey and asked 100 people if they have a special skincare routine. 85 out of 100 people gave a positive response, 10 people mentioned that they use skincare products occasionally, and 5 people mentioned that they don't have any routine. A follow-up question to the majority of the people has shown that over 47% of them have started to look after their skin and body since 2020 as they had more time. The 77% growth in skincare and beauty products is one of the highest numbers that was provided by the experts.
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