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Firefox Review Checker Introduces Review Checker To Combat Fake Product Reviews

Online shopping has become a part of our daily lives, but with the convenience and variety it offers, there's a persistent problem – fake product reviews. To tackle this issue head-on, Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, is experimenting with a new built-in tool called "Firefox Review Checker."

Author:Tyreece Bauer
Reviewer:Gordon Dickerson
Nov 07, 2023
Online shopping has become a part of our daily lives, but with the convenience and variety it offers, there's a persistent problem – fake product reviews. To tackle this issue head-on, Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, is experimenting with a new built-in tool called "Firefox Review Checker."
This innovative feature assesses the reliability of customer reviews for products and offers users the means to identify genuine feedback from potentially deceptive ones. It's a significant move to empower consumers to make more informed online purchase decisions.

What Is Firefox Review Checker?

According to reports, Mozilla is developing an integrated mechanism to detect and flag bogus reviews in Firefox. The next function, dubbed "Review Checker," will be powered by Fakespot, a business that Mozilla bought last year.
According to a recent article published by MSPowerUser, the functionality would initially support e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, with Mozilla expecting to add support for other websites in the future.
Fakespot, in case you were wondering, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize similarities and patterns across reviews, enabling its customers to spot whether a review is fraudulent. The reviews are then graded on a scale from A+ to F, with A indicating high trustworthiness and F indicating high likelihood of being fabricated.
In addition to its review-verification services, the firm also provides browser add-ons for Chrome and Safari. To access the new "Review Checker" in Firefox, just go to a product page on a site that supports it and then click the new price tag symbol to the right of the address bar. The system will then examine all of the reviews on the page and provide a quality score to each one.
Mozilla seems to have recently begun testing the functionality and has announced that it will be made accessible to the general public beginning on November 21 with Firefox version 120 for desktop and Android devices.
According to the firm, Oblivious HTTP is used by the 'Review Checker' to ensure that no information on the user, their browser, or the items they have seen may be correlated. Unsurprisingly, Trustpilot removed almost 2.7 million fake reviews in 2021, according to their second annual Transparency Report.
Amazon has eliminated thousands of phony reviews over the last few years, but technological developments in technology may make it difficult to tell a real review from a fake one in the future.
Mozilla logo
Mozilla logo

The Battle Against Fake Reviews

Fake product reviews have been a growing concern for online retailers. Unscrupulous individuals exploit these reviews to artificially boost their product ratings, leading to unreliable information for consumers.
Companies like Amazon have resorted to stringent measures, removing thousands of fraudulent reviews and even taking legal action against those orchestrating fake reviews through platforms like Facebook.
Even antitrust regulators, such as the UK's Competition and Markets Authority, have stepped in to investigate this issue, recognizing its detrimental impact on fair competition and consumer trust.

Firefox Review Checker - A Ray Of Hope

Mozilla's new Review Checker aims to provide users with the tools to discern the authenticity of reviews. The tool can be accessed via a small price tag icon in the Firefox browser's URL bar, which opens a sidebar displaying details of the product page you're viewing.
The Review Checker feature evaluates product reviews and assigns them a reliability grade. Additionally, it offers an "adjusted rating" out of five stars, factoring out unreliable reviews to give you a clearer picture. It also highlights key points from existing reviews.
This innovative feature is made possible by technology from Fakespot, a company Mozilla acquired in recent times. Fakespot employs sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems to identify patterns and similarities among reviews. This approach helps in flagging reviews that are likely to be misleading or deceptive.
Mozilla's acquisition of Fakespot was part of the company's commitment to helping users cut through deceptive reviews and make more informed online decisions.
While Fakespot already provides review-checking services through its website, browser extensions for platforms like Chrome and Safari, and mobile apps for iOS and Android, being integrated into Mozilla's Firefox is a significant step that may increase its visibility and reach.
Despite being in the testing phase, Mozilla's senior director of product management, Byron Jourdan, has not announced an official release date for the Review Checker feature. He emphasized the importance of continuing to test and evaluate the tool's impact on improving users' online experiences.

How Mozilla Review Checker Works

With the proliferation of online shopping, consumer reviews play a crucial role in making informed purchase decisions. To tackle the rising concern of fake reviews, Mozilla has introduced an experimental feature, the "Review Checker," which leverages the power of Fakespot technology.
This cutting-edge tool is designed to help users distinguish genuine customer reviews from potentially biased or fabricated ones, ensuring a more reliable online shopping experience.
The Review Checker feature employs advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to scrutinize product reviews on popular platforms like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. It then rates these reviews on a scale from A to F, reflecting their reliability:
  • A and B- These grades are assigned to reviews that are deemed highly reliable, likely originating from genuine customers who have offered unbiased feedback.
  • C- This grade suggests a mixture of reliable and less reliable reviews.
  • D and F- Reviews with these grades are considered unreliable, possibly stemming from fake sources or biased reviewers.
The "adjusted rating" provided by Review Checker is based solely on reviews marked as reliable, offering a more accurate representation of a product's quality. Additionally, this feature highlights recent reviews from the retailer within the last 80 days that are considered trustworthy by the algorithm.
The Fakespot AI technology continually evolves as it processes a growing dataset of reviews. It meticulously analyzes reviews, detecting patterns that may indicate fraudulent or unreliable content, and applies a series of tests to ensure precision.
The primary focus is on reviews from real consumers who have purchased and used the product, as these are considered the most dependable sources of feedback.
Mozilla's Review Checker is a significant step toward enhancing the online shopping experience by empowering users with the means to navigate the intricate landscape of product reviews.
With this tool, consumers can make more informed choices, confidently sifting through the digital marketplace's wealth of information. As Mozilla's technology continues to evolve, it promises a brighter, more reliable future for online shoppers.

How To Use Review Checker In Firefox

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy products, but it's not without its challenges. One significant issue is the prevalence of fake or biased reviews, which can make it difficult to make informed decisions.
Mozilla, the organization behind the popular Firefox browser, has recognized this problem and is rolling out an experimental feature called "Review Checker."
This innovative tool, powered by Fakespot technology, aims to help users discern genuine customer reviews from potentially unreliable ones. Let's dive into how Review Checker works and why it matters.
When you visit a product page on major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart, be on the lookout for the new price tag icon in the address bar. Click this icon and select "Yes, try it" to activate Review Checker. Here's how it benefits you:
  • Review Analysis- Review Checker employs advanced AI algorithms to analyze the product reviews on the page. It assigns grades to these reviews, giving you an indication of their reliability.
  • Grading System- Mozilla uses a simple grading system. Reviews graded as A and B are considered "Reliable reviews." C reflects a mix of reliable and less reliable reviews, while D and F suggest "Unreliable reviews."
  • Privacy Protection- Mozilla is committed to respecting your privacy. Review Checker employs Oblivious HTTP (OHTTP) to prevent any association between your browsing history, your device, and the products you've viewed.
Turning off Review Checker is just as straightforward. In the settings section at the bottom of the Review Checker, you can choose "Turn off Review Checker." Mozilla understands that your browsing experience should not be compromised, so Review Checker is designed to be lightweight and should not affect your browsing speed or overall browser performance.
Mozilla is actively testing the Review Checker feature and plans to make it available for everyone with the release of Firefox version 120 for both desktop and Android. This exciting release is scheduled for November 21, 2023. With Review Checker, Mozilla aims to revolutionize your online shopping experience, making it more transparent and reliable.
In summary, Review Checker is a significant step toward combating the challenges posed by unreliable online reviews. By leveraging Mozilla's commitment to privacy and Fakespot's advanced AI, this tool empowers you to make more informed shopping choices, ensuring that your online purchases are based on genuine customer feedback rather than deceptive reviews.
So, when you're exploring product details on e-commerce giants, remember to turn on Review Checker and shop with confidence.

Firefox Review Checker - A Unique AI Solution

Mozilla's Firefox browser now has a built-in review checker that the company hopes will completely change the way people buy online. In May, Mozilla purchased Fakespot, a program specifically intended to identify fake user evaluations posted to the web.
Existing implementations use a letter grade from A to F and may be found on popular websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. The lower the rating, the more suspect the reviews are, and the higher the rating, the better the product or service is.
The core of Fakespot's efficiency comes from the use of AI. Fakespot analyzes the veracity of a review by evaluating a ton of data and running a battery of tests. The most important thing is making sure reviews are coming from real customers. Given the importance of reviews to online purchasing choices, this development helps remedy a long-standing problem.
New data further highlights the severity of the phony review pandemic by showing that over 80% of internet customers have come across bogus reviews. This number increases to 92% among those aged 18–34.
The addition of Fakespot to Firefox by Mozilla is a huge step forward in the fight against the spread of phony reviews on e-commerce sites. This clever app uses AI to sort out honest reviews from trolls, giving customers an objective perspective on the things they're considering.
Fakespot, now widely available on major e-commerce platforms, promises to usher in a new age of trust and openness in online purchasing by providing customers with a vital tool for navigating the digital marketplace.

FAQs - Firefox Review Checker

How Reliable Is Mozilla?

Firefox is not only risk-free to use, but it also aids in the security of your personal information and files. Firefox prevents cryptominers, fingerprinters, and other known third-party trackers from accessing your data automatically. Find out more about the security features of our offerings.

Is Edge Better Than Firefox?

There are many add-ons and extensions for the Firefox browser that can be downloaded and installed with no effort. Even while both browsers feature a ton of add-ons and extensions, Edge has the upper hand since it is compatible with Google's Chromium platform.

Does Firefox Give Away Prizes?

The mobile, desktop, and tablet versions of Firefox are all simply called Firefox. The business is called Mozilla. Despite rumors to the contrary, Mozilla has never given out "prizes" to random Firefox users.

Is Firefox Any Good 2023?

Firefox has survived the rise of newer browsers and remains a popular option 20 years after its first release. Firefox may not have Chrome's extensive add-ons library or low RAM use, but it does have some useful extras.

Is Google Better Than Mozilla?

While both browsers are quick, Chrome uses less resources while remaining quick. In terms of personal security, I recommend Firefox. Firefox's default settings provide excellent privacy protection. Its advantage over Chrome is enormous.

Final Words

Fake product reviews have created an environment of uncertainty in the online shopping world.
The incorporation of Fakespot into Firefox by Mozilla is a significant step forward in addressing the growth of phony reviews in online purchasing.
By partnering with Fakespot, it aims to provide users with an effective means to distinguish authentic reviews from deceptive ones.
This clever technology uses AI to distinguish between real and deceptive comments, giving consumers a trustworthy way to evaluate things.
Fakespot is set to become a vital ally for consumers navigating the digital marketplace, ushering in an age of trust and transparency in online purchasing, thanks to its ubiquitous availability on key e-commerce platforms.
With Firefox as a strong partner in the fight against bogus reviews, customers can now purchase with confidence and make educated decisions.
While the official release date is yet to be confirmed, this move signals a positive direction in enhancing online shopping experiences and empowering consumers to make informed choices.
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