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Games and Apps to Keep Your Brain Active and Sharp during the Pandemic

In the hour of pandemic and during a stay at home, it could be hard for anyone to spend time. With monotonous types of activities day to day, one is stuck into boredom. Thinking the way out is impossible now because of a long stay at home.

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In the hour of pandemic and during a stay at home, it could be hard for anyone to spend time. With monotonous types of activities day to day, one is stuck into boredom. Thinking the way out is impossible now because of a long stay at home.
During stressful times, we all found a solution to keep ourselves engaged and active. Those who were fond of reading books ordered series of new books available on Amazon. While others having an interest in painting and artwork locked themselves up to create beautiful pieces including sculptures and handmade items.
However, most people are not interested in anything else other than hooking themselves to television or their mobile screen. When the lockdown was imposed in most of the states, most of the people headed towards cable providers to get a new internet and cable connection. From streaming favorite services like Netflix and watching channels like FXX and CNN, Optimum, Suddenlink, and Spectrum packageswere quite helpful in keeping people busy without losing their savings.
You might have watched all the seasons on Netflix, played games with your friends, and browsed how-to websites. It is time to give your brain some activity so that when things go normal, you might not find any trouble activating it. Today, we are going to reveal some of the best apps and games to keep your mind sharp and active through the pandemic. Stick with us and let’s get started.


Keeping your brain sharp requires regular exercise, just like as you pick weight to build your body. But the brain requires a different type of exercise to grow and nurture. Lumosity is one of the popular apps to train your brain, nurture it, and help increase your abilities to think.
The objective of Lumosity is to improve memory by engaging you in different types of games designed by researchers. The app offers a different set of games every day to keep your brain active, engaged, and challenged. Keep track of the progress and improve with time.
Lumosity is not only designed for people of any specific age group. Rather, it offers tailored experience by adapting to your strengths and weaknesses. Rather than wasting time on Facebook liking pictures and commenting on a friend’s status, take part in healthy brainactivities to sharpen your brain during the lockdown. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

Chess – Play And Learn

Chess is a game of thinkers, strategists, detail-oriented, and planners. Not an ordinary person could compete even with the chess beginner. But that does not mean you could not be the master of chess for all your life.
Chess Play and Learn allows you to play free unlimited chess games. The app offers you more than 150,000 lessons, videos, puzzles, and tough opponents. Don’t underestimate your learning skills as this app helps you achieve your goal to become a chess master.
Chess Play and Learn are completely free where you can meet friends, chat with them, and have fun playing. Join tournaments and compete with players from around the globe. The app offers you thousands of unique puzzles to challenge you in different types of situations and help you train for the big game. If you are a newbie, you can learn chess from scratch including chess rules to tactful strategies.

Skillz - Logic Brain Games

Spending your time watching television, binge-watching seasons, or playing online games might ruin your habits. It might get difficult for you to get rid of addiction when things go normal after the pandemic. Utilize this time in some healthy activities and improve your brain capabilities.
Skillz Logic Brain Games is one app to help you improve memory skills and make your brain tougher and challenging. The app contains logical games to help you improve memory, enhance accuracy, and improve the skills.
Overall Skillz allows you to improve your memory and sharpen your brain by giving different types of tasks. It also helps train your reflexes so that you can act appropriately promptly. Moreover, if you are weak in color recognition or coordination, then try this app without waiting further.


During the pandemic, keeping yourself engaged in healthy activities could prove to be helpful in the coming days. The more you learn and train your brain, the better it is. Before finding a top-rated movie of your favorite genre on IMDB, just open TED on your mobile and get addicted to it.
TED allows you to motivate yourself through different talks given by influencers, self-made millionaires, and educationalists. TED is free to download on desktop, iOS, and Android devices to help you explore and watch thousands of talks from people of tech, philosophy, science, and psychology.
If you are using TED on your Android phone, the app allows you to watch videos with subtitles in over 100 languages. The ideas may not come to you or if inspiration and motivation are lacking in your, TED will give you everything under one roof. Motivate yourself to take the next big step after the pandemic.


If you are facing trouble while sleeping, make use of technology and install Calm on your smart device. The app is designed to offer you peaceful sleep while also help you meditate your brain. Calm features sleep stories designed to offer deep sleep without changing sides.
Calm is also very popular for meditating the brain and has been used by millions of people worldwide. With hours of meditation offered on the app, you can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Improve your relationships and become a better person like never before.
Wanting peace in this noisy world is almost impossible. However, the collection of music offered in this app could help you stay calm, peaceful, and relax in moments of stress and after a tiring day.
Calm also offers breathing exercises, stretching programs, and more to help you stay healthy and peaceful throughout the pandemic. The app has been widely recognized by Wired, Los Angeles Times, and Refinery29.
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