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Georgina Rodriguez 2021: Cristiano Ronaldo Wife? Incredible Facts You Need To Know 😮

Ronaldo was linked to a number of women, but it wasn't until recently that it was revealed that Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez is the Portugal captain's official partner.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Emily Sanchez
Jul 12, 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo may spend the majority of his time in the spotlight, but he has kept his personal life relatively private since becoming a football superstar.
The Juventus forward-dated Russian model Irina Shayk for nearly five years before their split in January 2015, when his sister Elma described their split as "like a burial" in the family.
After that, Ronaldo was linked to a number of women, but it wasn't until recently that it was revealed that Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez is the Portugal captain's official partner.
Keep reading to find everything about Ronaldo's love life.

Who Is Georgina Rodriguez?

Rodriguez is a native of Jaca, a city in northeastern Spain. It has a population of just over 13,000 people and is located about 450 kilometers from Madrid, near the French border.
She reportedly worked as a waitress in her hometown before becoming an au pair for a family in Bristol, England.
Her middle-class family lived in a shared, small home, thus the beauty comes from modest beginnings. Jorge, her father, was a squad coach for the Spanish football club Jacetano. Ana, her mother, was a stay-at-home mom.
Georgina's mother is from Spain, while her father is from Argentina. Which means she has Spanish ancestry on her mother's side and Argentine ancestry on her father's.
We know very little about her basic/high school education at the time of writing this. However, we discovered that Georgina studied Accounting at the Madrid-based Center for Financial Studies (Centro de Estudios Financieros).

How Did She Meet Ronaldo?

Unlike Antonella Roccuzzo's childhood love story with Lionel Messi, Georgina Rodriguez's love story with the Portuguese captain is amazing and fascinating to learn about.
Rodriguez met the Portugal actress while working as a shop assistant at a Gucci store in Madrid, according to AS.
“His stature, physique, and elegance drew my attention. “I was shaking in front of him, but there was a spark,” she said.
“I'm a shy guy, but this could have roused me even more in front of someone who had affected me profoundly with a single glance. The rest was left to Cristiano's treatment, care, and affection for me.”
From there, the relationship grew slowly, and they began to be photographed together in public by paparazzi in late 2016. During a trip to Disneyland Paris later that year, Ronaldo was caught wearing a wig and sunglasses in an effort to cover himself.
Rodriguez has since attended Real Madrid games and, of course, has been a part of Ronaldo's family at the FIFA awards, attending with his mother, sisters, and son.
Unfortunately for him, the paparazzi didn't take long to find out who was behind the mask: Cristiano.
The couple eventually made their relationship public. They share social media tributes to each other on a daily basis. “I have found love,” Georgina told Hello Magazine about Ronaldo's feelings for her. We're a great match for each other. We have a wonderful friendship, and I feel like I have everything when he is by my side. I have the impression that I am cherished and cared for. Everything is conquered by love.”

For Both Of Them, Georgina Characterized Her First Encounter With Ronaldo As Love At First Sight

This is obviously his most serious relationship since his breakup with Irina in 2015, as shown by the fact that Georgina recently gave birth to a baby girl, her first with Ronaldo and the Juventus star's fourth child.
Georgina also seems to get along well with Cristiano Jr., Ronaldo's son, whom he shares full custody with his mother, Dolores. Cristiano Jr's maternal mother's identity has remained a mystery since his birth in the United States in 2010.
Georgina is very close to all of Ronaldo's children, and she is often photographed with them in seemingly tender moments.
They've both said that they're in love, with Georgina going so far as to say so on Instagram. She was also present when tax agents searched Ronaldo's yacht in the Balearic Islands, and she accompanied the forward from Madrid to Spain after he signed with Juventus.
It's possible that the couple would consider having more children together, but marriage isn't far away.

Reports Of Georgina And Ronaldo's Engagement Have Surfaced, But It's Unclear If The Rumors Are Real

The initial word regarding Georgina and Ronaldo's engagement came from the Portuguese news source Correio da Manha in late 2018. According to the story, Ronaldo had proposed and Georgina had begun wedding preparations. According to a source quoted by the article:
“Cristiano has already asked Gio to marry him! The wedding will take place, but few people know the details. All that is known at the moment is that Gio has already tried on some wedding dresses.”
The allegation resurfaced when Rodriguez shared an Instagram picture of the pair in August 2020 with the message "YESSS." Ronaldo captioned the identical picture, "Mi amor," on his Facebook page.
The pictures, as well as Georgina's message, were seen by fans as evidence that she had accepted Cristiano's marriage proposal. Georgina's left hand was obscured by Cristiano's shoulder, and there was no diamond ring in the picture. Regardless, the post's comments area was inundated with congratulatory remarks from ecstatic fans.
It's uncertain whether or not the latest rumor is accurate. According to reports, Ronaldo paid £615,000 on the diamond he used to propose to his girlfriend, making it the most expensive engagement ring ever purchased by a player.

Does Georgina Attend Ronaldo's Games?

Georgina has been seen at many Real Madrid games, usually sitting next to Cristiano Jr in the executive boxes and speaking with him, as well as at several Juventus games.
She was on the field to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo's first Serie A victory with Juventus this season.
"Congratulations on becoming a CHAMPION once more, my love. We adore you "she captioned a photo on Instagram.
The model has also attended her husband's award ceremonies, such as the FIFA Best Awards, to show her support.
Georgina was seen at Portugal's games during the 2018 World Cup, cheering on Ronaldo from the stands.
"Come on Cristiano. We love you," she captioned a picture of herself wearing a Ronaldo No. 7 shirt during their final group game against Iran.

Georgina Has One Biological Child With Ronaldo And She Raises His Other Three Children As Her Own

Georgina and Cristiano welcomed their daughter Alana Martina in November 2017. The couple announced the birth of their healthy baby via social media. Georgina told Hello Magazine that Cristiano had a surprise in store for her when she left the hospital: “I’m very proud of him. When we got home from the hospital, he’d arranged a surprise meal, with all our nearest and dearest. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.”
Cristiano Ronaldo's children are four. He has three other children, Cristiano Jr., Eva, and Mateo, who Georgina raises as her own. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was born in June 2010 in the United States. Ronaldo refuses to reveal the identity of Cristiano Jr. mother and says that he will only do so when Cristiano Ronaldo's son comes of age. Eve and Mateo were born in June 2017 in the United States through a surrogate.
Georgina's ambition is to raise healthy children who are aware of life's realities. She spent the majority of her childhood in Jaca, Spain, where she enjoyed outdoor activities such as cycling and skiing. Because of Cristiano's wealth, his children will grow up in a different environment than Georgina's, and she wants them to learn humility and appreciate their good fortune. Elle was told by her:
“I don’t want to keep them in a castle, to enjoy their privileges, but to educate them. I would like them to see how lucky they are, to learn to live with respect, humility and conscience, appreciating all those who are part of their life. Because these too are their origins, and those of their parents. Sacrifice, dedication and perseverance are essential values in the education of our children.”

Georgina Aspired To Be A Cop When She Was Little, But As She Got Older, She Acquired A Love For Fashion

Ana Maria Hernandez and Jorge Rodriguez gave birth to Georgina Rodriguez on January 27, 1995 in Jaca, Spain. Because of the impact of an investigative series that her family used to watch, she grew up wanting to be a cop.
Her foray into fashion and modeling began when she was approached by a random lady on the streets of Madrid who offered to sign her up with a modeling agency. Despite the financial and logistical challenges of operating out of Jaca, 450 kilometers from Madrid, Georgina acquired a love for fashion over time. Elle was informed by her:
“It got complicated because I lived in a small town in the north of Spain and couldn’t move to do casting and shooting, due to studies and costs, among other things. It was while growing up that I discovered a great passion for fashion and beauty.”
Georgina has been featured in publications such as LOVE, Harper's Bazaar, Nova Gente, and many more. Georgina is a fashion designer's ideal model thanks to her beauty, easy charm, connection with Cristiano Ronaldo, and over 23 million Instagram followers.
Rodriguez, on the other hand, will not model for just anybody with a large financial account.
Her celebrity enables her to pick and choose who she wants to work with, regardless of their celebrity or wealth. “I’m happy to be able to choose what I like best or what signatures to lend my image to,” she told Elle.

Georgina Rodriguez Career Life Story

Georgina always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Her parents, however, could not afford to send her to a prestigious dancing school.
To help her realize her goal, her loving father enrolls her in a classical dancing school where she may practice her skills. Georgina is seen below at a classical dancing studio.
Moving forward, Georgina and her family had a difficult time. Ana's mother worked a variety of jobs to supplement her income in order to raise Gio and Ivana. Georgina went to Huesca, a little town an hour away, when she was old enough, and obtained her first work as a waitress.
Georgina relocated three hours away from her dull existence to the coastal town of San Sebastian, where she obtained a job at Massimo Dutti, a designer store. Despite making more money, she made her next major move because she wanted to live the high life.
She didn't give up on her ambitions and went to England to work as an au pair (a foreign helper who works for and lives with a host family) for a family in Bristol. She concentrated on mastering the English language in England. She continues to pursue her childhood dream of taking dance lessons in her spare time while in Bristol.
She returned to Spain once her language abilities were up to par to pursue her goal of working in high-end retail in Madrid. When she arrives in Spain in 2011, she is confronted with a terrible tragedy: her loving and caring mother, Ana, is killed in a car accident.
Georgina's attractiveness and charm provided her an advantage on the path to fame. She tried her hand at modeling while in Spain. She went on to work as a saleswoman at a renowned Gucci brand shop (Picture Below). When she met Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo in the store, her life changed forever.
Fast forward to the present day, and the Instagram star now collaborates with some of the world's most prestigious fashion publications. She has worked on projects for Women's Wellness, VIP Magazine in Portugal, Love Magazine in Spain, Nova Gente, and others.
She was featured on the covers of many publications after a year, including Lux and Diva E Donna. As they say, the rest is history.

What Is Georgina Rodriguez Net Worth?

Despite the fact that Ronaldo is one of the richest athletes in the world, Rodriguez has her own ambitions and is following the profession of her choosing.
Her net worth is believed to be about $10 million as a result of modeling and becoming a social media celebrity.

Georgina Rodriguez Lifestyle

On many occasions, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez's lavish lifestyle has been discussed. Her Instagram photos while dating Cristiano Ronaldo provide a glimpse into the lifestyle she has lived.
Yes, we've seen people boarding private planes on a daily basis, spending vacations on boats, and wearing pricey accessories. Rodriguez moved from having a humble life to always being in the limelight because of his partner, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the richest football playersin the world.

Scandals And Controversies

After her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of sexual assault by American model Kathryn Mayorga, Georgina Rodrguez was unintentionally pulled into a scandal. During a meeting at a Las Vegas hotel in June 2009, she said he took her into a bedroom and assaulted her.
He allegedly promised to pay her £287,000 in 2010 in exchange for her not filing legal charges. Following the #MeToo movement, she decided to join a group of other sexual assault survivors and share her experience.
Since then, Ronaldo has released a statement saying that the allegations were "false news." Rodrguez's opinion on the allegations was sought for by tabloids and news outlets since she is the mother of his kid.
She eventually took to Instagram to express her support for the cause without explicitly addressing the problem. "You constantly convert the hurdles that are placed in your path into urge and strength to demonstrate how wonderful you are," she wrote beside a photo of herself.

8 Facts You Need To Know About Georgina Rodriguez

Ronaldo provides her with an allowance of $100,000 every month(£80,000). What if I told you that Cristiano Ronaldo's beautiful girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, gets an £80k monthly stipend from him to finance her lavish lifestyle. That can only come from a star player like CR7, who is paid approximately £28 million each year by Juventus.
Rodriguez is nine years younger than Ronaldo, having been born in 1994 and Ronaldo in 1985. Ronaldo, on the other hand, thinks that age is irrelevant since they have a lot of interests and are happy together.
Her employment was lost due to Ronaldo's fame.
Fans would come to her store and ask for selfies as her friendship with Ronaldo progressed. As a result of this development, she will be unable to continue working at the Gucci shop since photographers will be around the building waiting to photograph her.
More admirers than customers camped outside the shop, attempting to speak with the suddenly famous retail clerk, thanks to the flashing cameras. Because of her connection with Ronaldo, they fired Rodriguez on two occasions.
She is a huge supporter of Ronaldo's career.
The attractive model went on the field to commemorate Ronaldo's first Serie A title with Juventus in 2019. She has also supported her husband at various award presentations, such as the FIFA Best Awards.
At the Champions League 2018 final in Kyiv, she had another memorable moment on the field with her boyfriend. She was there to congratulate her boyfriend on their victory soon after it was announced. Cristiano's son Cristiano Jr was also there to witness the historic occasion for his father's club, which saw Real Madrid win the European Cup for the 13th time.
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