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How Can You Get Rid of Cankles

Wonder what causes cankles? Read about it below and find out how you can get rid of them!

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Daniel James
Oct 04, 2023
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, canklesare described as ankles that are thick and broad with no distinguishable separation between them and your calves. Canklescan be caused by a number of reasons but here are some common ones:
  • Genetics can play a huge part in the distribution of fat inside your body. If you noticed that some of your family members have cankles,there may be a chance that you can get them too.
  • Continuous or sudden weight gain can also be the cause of cankles.Changing your lifestyle and diet, or being pregnant can result in the added fat around your ankles.
  • Look into your current medication. An immediate change in what you take for your health may lead to swelling between your calves and ankles as this could change your body’s fluid retention.
  • In very rare situations, canklescan also be a sign of something more serious like heart or kidney failure.
Now that you know how canklescan form, let’s discuss different tips and ways on how you can get rid of them!

Include Leg Exercises In Your Daily Routine

Research shows that our bodies can easily develop extra fat between our calves and ankles. If full-body workouts aren’t your thing, it is at least important for you to make sure that you incorporate leg movements within the day, even if it’s just by walking a few blocks away from home, or maybe even jumping rope. Research on leg workouts that include lunges, calf raises, and plié squats and make a habit out of it!

Avoid Consuming Too Much Sodium

Although sodium is an essential nutrient that we need in order to maintain a good balance of body fluids as well as help our brain function, too much of it can escalate your blood pressure. It also holds extra fluid inside our bodies that may cause problems for our hearts. This is why it is best to steer clear from processed food like sodas, canned goods, fast food, and chips as much as you can so as to avoid cankles.

Drink Up On Organic Diuresis Fluids

Green and black tea including dandelion extract and even parsley tea are examples of liquids that can help your body get rid of unnecessary fluids inside your body. Given that water retention is one of the causes of having cankles,consuming diuresis fluids may help eliminate the problem.

Shift To A Healthy Diet

Aside from avoiding foods that contain a lot of sodium, looking into how much carbohydrates you consume that include a great amount of sugar and starch is important because this may also cause your body to keep more water. Eating more vegetables filled with fiber in replacement of unhealthy and salty food will keep you full for a longer period of time thus, making you eat fewer snacks before mealtime. Not only will you get rid of your cankles,but you will also develop a strong body, a keen mind all while slowing down the process of aging.
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