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Government Speeding Up 5G Rollout In New Zealand Regions: What Does This Mean?

Earlier in 2023, the New Zealand government announced a faster 5G rollout. Click here to find out what it means for the country.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:James Pierce
Aug 11, 202325.1K Shares465.6K Views
Earlier this year, the New Zealand government signed contracts with major telecommunications network operators to speed up the 5G rollout in multiple New Zealand regions.
In a statement, Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications, Ginny Anderson, announced that the government was committed to ensuring everyone in New Zealand had strong mobile wireless coverage, no matter whether you live in Auckland (population 1.6 million) or Nelson (population 54,000).
It has done so by striking a bespoke deal with Spark, 2Degrees and One New Zealand, the three major networks that are in control of the 5G rollout. At this present time, this rollout will reach 55 rural and regional towns, some of which had previously been rural black spots.
But what does this mean for New Zealand as a whole? Will people really notice a difference, and could that difference be enough to boost New Zealand’s technological and economic status?

The Implications Of 5G

From a business perspective, the increased rollout of 5G can only be a good thing. 5G is designed to not only deliver better, faster, and more efficient mobile broadband, but it can also expand into service areas which are not yet recognised.
This is because, in addition to mobile broadband, 5G can enable mission-critical communications, helping to transform industries with ultra-reliable, low-latency links to embolden critical infrastructure.
As well as this, it can seamlessly connect a number of embedded sensors to scale down data rates, power and mobility – helping to provide low-cost connectivity solutions, which will help companies to put finances into other, more critical areas.

The Generation Of Business

Focusing on mobile broadband for a moment, 5G being rolled out into previously black-spotted areas will lead to more people having regular access to the internet. This will also be beneficial for businesses, specifically businesses that are shifting entirely from a physical space to an online space, such as ones operating inside the gaming and casino industry.
For multiple casinos around the world, New Zealand sits high on the list of market shares. With 5G set to improve connectivity, lower latency, and ultimately improve the online gaming experience, more people will have the opportunity to play online games on the go, which means that more citizens will get on board, and the market as a whole will only go up.

The Improved User Experience

As of right now, however, these benefits to business – and subsequently the New Zealand economy – are basically hypothetical. It’s important to note that the first ever 5G smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S105G, was released back in 2019.
That’s a whole four years ago. Yet the New Zealand government is announcing a speedier rollout into multiple New Zealand regions, suggesting that 5G has not yet had the reach or the impact that was first hoped for.
Of course, a worldwide rollout of an entirely new network takes time – the development of 4G began in the early 2000s, with standards being adopted in 2008 and first deployed in 2009. But until 5G has been efficiently implemented, it’s hard to know exactly how fast or how strong the impact will be in New Zealand, especially the New Zealand regions that had previously been black spots.
Having said that, once time has passed and 5G has fully been introduced, it is likely that the benefits mentioned by the New Zealand government will be realised. 5G at its height is still one of the top technological developments to look forward toin the future. It has already proven to be significantly faster than 4G, for a start, delivering up to 20gbps compared to the average 3gbps that users have become accustomed to. This alone is reason to be optimistic about the impact it will (eventually) have on New Zealand!
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