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Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Specifications

The Grim Dawn Fettan Mask is a piece of epic head armor and can be found within an urn cluster near Enaht's Maw. It is located east of the riftgate in a secret area of the Korvan Sands.

Author:Anderson Patterson
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 26, 2022
The Grim Dawn Fettan Maskis a piece of epic head armor and can be found within an urn cluster near Enaht's Maw.
It is located east of the riftgate in a secret area of the Korvan Sands
Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game that was made to be played digitally on personal computers (PCs).
Iron Lore Entertainment, the studio behind Titan Quest, has a number of its seasoned developers working on this project.
The Iron Lore game engine and toolset are being utilized in the development of Grim Dawn by Crate.
Thaw was the same technology that was utilized in the development of Titan Quest.
As a spiritual sequel to Diablo, Grim Dawn's goal will be to improve and polish the winning mix of exploration, character growth, and loot collection that made Diablo so popular.

Grim Dawn Fettan Mask

A fighter with a gun and a Boba Fett in Star Wars
A fighter with a gun and a Boba Fett in Star Wars
The helm is a nod to the character Boba Fett from the Star Wars movies, as you can see in the picture above.
The helm can be obtained at one of three different levels: 50, 75, or 94.
These levels correspond to the normal, elite, and ultimate difficulties, respectively.

Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 50

To get this fettan mask level 50, you need to be at least level 50, have a required physical condition of 290, and have an item level of 50.
The table below shows the features of the Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 50 (Epic Light Helm 405 Armor).
Vitality Resistance+15%
Elemental Resistance+20% 
20%Slow Resistance

Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 75

Technically, to get this, you should raise your standing and level in the game.
To get this fettan mask level 75, you need to be at least level 75, have a required physical condition of 432, and have an item level of 75.
The features of the Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 75 are detailed in the table below (Epic Light Helm 854 Armor).
Vitality Resistance+18%
Elemental Resistance+25%
Slow Resistance25%
Additional points+1 to all skills

Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 94

This is the highest level that can be achieved with the fettan mask in Grim Dawn.
You need to be at least level 94, have a needed physique of 538, and have an item level of 94 in order to acquire this fettan mask.
In the table below, you can find information about the Grim Dawn Fettan Mask Level 94 (Epic Light Helm 1326 Armor).
Offensive Ability+18
Vitality Resistance+20%
Elemental Resistance+28%
Slow Resistance30%
Additional points+1 to all skills

Grim Dawn Items

Grim Dawn has a database that holds information about 6,754 different items.
Grim Dawn items were divided into different categories such as armor, weapons, jewelry, and other items.


  • Helms
  • Shoulders
  • Boots
  • Pants
  • Belts
  • Gloves
  • Chest Armor


  • Two-Handed Ranged
  • Two-Handed Maces
  • Two-Handed Axes
  • Two-Handed Swords
  • Off-Hands
  • Shields
  • One-Handed Ranged
  • Scepters
  • Daggers
  • Maces
  • Axes
  • Swords


  • Medals
  • Amulets
  • Rings
  • Jewelry

Other Items

  • Blueprints
  • Quest Items
  • Consumables
  • Components
  • Augments
  • Relics

Grim Dawn Legendary Armor

The axe, head armor, shoulder armor, and chest armor are all parts of a legendary set of armor in the picture
The axe, head armor, shoulder armor, and chest armor are all parts of a legendary set of armor in the picture
Item sets are groups of legendary or epic artifacts that are connected thematically and have similarities in their names, appearances, and functions.
Sets can include any sort of armor, weapon, or accessory, and can have anywhere from two to five individual pieces.
They also offer incremental bonuses, which means that the more components of the set that are equipped, the more bonuses the player will receive.
Set pieces can now be transmuted into another piece from the same set by using the Inventor, thanks to the Forgotten Gods Expansion. This transformation comes at a cost.
The vast majority of unique items have a chance to be obtained as loot anywhere in the game, either from monsters or chests.
One-shot chests, in particular, always contain a random epic item.
As opposed to being obtained from random loot drops, a few legendary and epic items can be obtained from specified places or tasks.
These include axes, maces, swords, and two-handed melee weapons, in addition to a plethora of other one-of-a-kind arms.

Grim Dawn Empowered Gear

Grim Dawn - A Guide to Items - 2022

Grim Dawn Feature List

Dual Class System
To build a unique playstyle, you can mix any of six separate skill classes.
As you achieve good results in a class, you'll be able to access more powerful talents and modifiers.
Drops of Refined Loot
Hero and boss loot drops are much more consistent now that the process for dropping loot has been improved.
Brutal Combat
Dismemberment, blood, and physics-based ragdoll all feature in this bloodbath.
Crush, blow, or send foes flying over a precipice to their demise. Adversaries can be crushed, blown to pieces, or sent flying.
A Multitude of Hero Monsters
There are more than 200 different Hero Monsters, each with its own name and set of skills. This makes the game more fun and interesting.
Even after hundreds of hours of playing, you'll still discover new characters you haven't yet encountered.
When two or more heroes appear at the same time, it's a true test of skill!
Destructible Environments
Your enormous conflicts can be seen as you smash apart doors and furniture to open secret passageways in Destructible Environments.
You can play with old friends or make new ones in co-op and pvp modes in multiplayer.

Grim Dawn Walkthrough

Grim Dawn Beginner Guide: 20 Tips For New Players - Part 1/2 (2019)

Razvan Popa, one of the avid fans of this grim dawn, commented:
Some of the things presented in this guide have chanced since but the core of it is really good. I have about 3700 in this game and can vouch for the genuine quality of this video. Very helpful! Great job!
Don Thoasm said that even though he had played this game for more than 3,000 hours, he didn't know there was a pickup key. He still surprises himself every day by finding something new.
Lastly, Benovsky shared:
Amazing video! I just started playing Grim Dawn, have around 26 hours with a Demolitinist + Shaman and i'm having a blast of a time! And these times totally helped me on enjoying the game even more, thanks a lot!

Audience Review

Steve Davis posted his review:
Very impressive dual class system. Combat is easy to learn and fun, and story is a little grim but thought provoking. But the replay-ability of this game for me comes from enjoying tinkering with my character builds to play again with a radically different build. There are build calculators to spec out your character but the subtleties of the skills and bonuses on certain gear that needs to be discovered by trial and error.
Timothy low was so satisfued and happy when he used to play this game where he said:
"Grim Dawn features a deep and diverse class and skill system and without inundating the player with over-complicated skill trees (looking at you, PoE). Combat is fast and meaty, and the sound and graphic design is outstanding.
In my opinion, better than D2 in most aspects besides perhaps the story. (Although I doubt many games out there have a story better and more immersive than D2's).
Grim Dawn is the best click-based ARPG out there, having played D1, D2+LOD, D3, Torchlight, PoE. Combat is fast and meaty, and the sound and graphic design is outstanding."

People Also Ask

How To Get Legendary Items In Grim Dawn?

The majority of unique items can be looted at random from monsters or chests; one-shot chests, in particular, contain a guaranteed random epic item.

Does Grim Dawn Have Legendary Items?

In Grim Dawn, legendary items are the most powerful weapons and armor you may get. These are the kinds of things that inspire stories to be recounted and legends to be created.
They provide the most powerful bonuses and item skills to the recipient. Epic items are frequently difficult to come by, but legendary things are even more elusive.

Can You Remove Components In Grim Dawn?

Only one completed component can be used on an item at a time, and it can be removed with the help of an inventor.

How Do You Get Transmute In Grim Dawn?

With the Forgotten Gods expansion, an inventor can trade one piece of a set for a different piece of the same set.
All inventors gain access to this power after completing the side quest, The Tome of Eanatum for Kargon.

How Do You Get The Ancient Heart In Grim Dawn?

Crafting requires a variety of different materials, including Ancient Hearts.
They might also be needed for certain missions, bounties, or devotion shrines.
They are available in the following ways:
  • The Beast, Beastkin, and Eldritch Heroes and Bosses have a chance to drop.
  • Dismantled epic+ loot may be obtained by the Inventor.
  • Treasure Troves may drop items.

What Is The Best Class In Grim Dawn?

The following is a list of the best classes available in Grim Dawn:
  • Necromancer Class.
  • Inquisitor Class.
  • Shaman Class.
  • Arcanist Class.
  • Nightblade Class.
  • Occultist Class.
  • Demolitionist Class.
  • Soldier Class.


If you're new to Grim Dawn, the video in this article about "20 Quick Tips For New Players" will be your guide as you progress through the levels.
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