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The Multi-Talented Hannah Margaret Selleck

Hannah Margaret Selleck is the actress Tom Selleck's daughter. Tom Selleck is an actor best known for his appearances in television shows 'Magnum P.I.' and 'Blue Bloods,' as well as films such as 'Three Men and a Baby.' Hannah Margaret is a professional horse rider, not an actress.

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Among show jumpers, Hannah Selleck's name is well-recognized. Hannah Selleck has a lot riding on her acting career because she is the daughter of legendary actor Tom Selleck. As expected, Hannah proved herself to be a hard-working and determined equestrian competitor.

Who Is Hannah Selleck?

Hannah Margaret Selleck with her father Tom Selleck
Hannah Margaret Selleck with her father Tom Selleck
On December 16th, 1988, Hannah Margaret Selleck was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she is currently 32 years old. Hanna is a US citizen and white caucasian ethnicity. She is the daughter of Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack, a well-known actress. In addition to being an actress and dancer, her mother, Jillie, was also an accomplished dancer. On the other hand, Kevin Selleck is Hannah's father's adopted step-son.
Hannah has always had a strong interest in sports, including horseback riding, ice skating, gymnastics, soccer, and ballet, since she was a toddler. Hannah's parents moved to Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village, California, when she was just four years old, and she began riding horses there. As a child, she was taught how to ride a horse by her father, who had previously honed his skills while filming the 'Sackettes' and 'Quigley Down Under' Hannah is having a blast and her parents are totally behind her.


She attended Loyola Marymount University for further education after graduating from high school. She earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies in 2011. For six months, she worked as an intern at a public relations business in Beverly Hills. Despite this, she chose to abandon her major topic and return to her favorite pastime of athletics.


Hannah Margaret Selleck riding a white horse
Hannah Margaret Selleck riding a white horse
The daughter of a well-known movie actor, she decided to become an equestrian as a teenager, despite her renowned father's fame. After growing up in Thousand Oaks-Westlake, she began her professional horse-riding career at the age of 10. She participated in a number of horse-riding contests. As a teenager, she won a Silver Medal at the Prix de States Championship in 2005, when she was just 15. As a 16-year-old, she earned a medal in the Capitol Challenge in 2006. Both the Summer Class II Grand Prix and The Silver Prix were also part of her schedule. She was a well-known professional horse rider by the time she was an adult.
Two years ago, he earned a silver medal in the Gucci Masters tournament. She has also competed in the Longines Master Tournament in her home state of California and demonstrated her abilities. Success in her work life is evident. She is also involved in the horse breeding industry in addition to her professional employment. In addition, she works with her father on the Descanso farm in California, where she raises horses on a commercial basis. The majority of her horses were sold to sporting organizations, although she also used some of them for her own horse riding activities.

What Does Hannah Selleck Do For A Living?

20 questions with international show jumper Hannah Selleck at Blenheim EquiSports

A talented equestrian and business owner, Hannah Margaret Selleck is the daughter of Tom Selleck. Grand Prix show jumping is one of her favorite pastimes, and she has her own breeding enterprise that produces top-notch sports horses.
Her achievements astonished representatives of other great names, who understand how difficult it is to live in the spotlight provided by one's predecessors. The colleagues of documentary filmmaker Julia Loomis, who is based in Manhattan, admire her independence and self-awareness.
Selleck was regarded by Loomis as "the best influence" because she was "spontaneously enthusiastic," "driven," "wittily humorous," and "very bright."
Hannah's parents encouraged her to express herself in a variety of ways as a child. She also took ballet, soccer, and ice skating lessons in addition to horseback riding.
When Hannah was 14, she had to pick between ballet and horseback riding because she was a promising young ballerina. A life-long passion for horses led her to devote herself entirely to riding. "... horses have been a terrific opportunity for me to have my own accomplishments outside of whatever my parents had done," Hannah said.
Occasionally, Hannah Selleck does some modeling for her sponsors. They include Sidelines, Equestrian Living and Palm Beach Illustrated. The spotlight of Hollywood has never appealed to her despite her fame as a model.


Like her father, Hannah surely is one talented gal. Combine that with her killer looks, she can surely go a longer way than she does right now. We expect nothing less.
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