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The Finest Harvard Airhockey You Can Find In The Market

Because there is such a diverse selection of air hockey table brands and manufacturers, why should Harvard Airhockey be one of your air hockey wishlists? The truth is, selecting just one table to purchase can be difficult. Give Harvard Airhockey a chance to show you what they can offer you.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:James Pierce
Oct 14, 202268.1K Shares1.2M Views
Because there is such a diverse selection of air hockey table brands and manufacturers, why should Harvard Airhockeybe one of your air hockey wishlists? The truth is, selecting just one table to purchase can be difficult. Give Harvard Airhockey a chance to show you what they can offer you. That's why this article will compile a stunning model of Harvard and its specifications.
Harvard, which is owned by Escalade Sports, is one of the air hockey table manufacturers. American Legend and Atomic are two of the brands owned by Escalade Sports, which is also the parent company of Escalade Sports. Tables made by Harvard do not compete at the highest levels of tournament play, but they are an excellent choice for home gaming.

Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table

Dimension: 84 x 44 x 33 inches
Item's weight: 135 pounds
Features: PVC Playfield, Electronic Scoring, 110V Motor, Leg Levelers, 4 Strikers, and 4 Pucks Included
  • Good size for family's recreational activity.
  • Table has a strong foundation.
  • Leg levelers for balanced gameplay.
  • Has integrated LED scorers on the playing surface.
  • It's difficult to move because it is heavyweight.
  • Puck gets jammed beneath plastic nets all the time.
  • Tennis Dad:
"This is a nice mid-level table. By mid-level I mean that it doesn't provide arcade-level size and play, but it works very well in a large family or playroom. We have had an excellent experience with the build quality and Escalade's customer service. Overall, this is a well-built, nice looking, good playing, family room-size table that I expect will give years of fun."
  • Mauramac
"I was very excited about getting this delivered because I knew how much my whole family would enjoy it. Everyone was very excited about it. The first time we played, the puck kept getting stuck under the plastic nets as they are only secured to the table at the back. The only problem now is that the plastic near the goals is chipping off. I don't understand how a game that is meant to be played by banking the puck off the sides has sides that are chipping off after 3 days of playing time. So, I guess we will see how long it lasts."

Harvard Arctic Ice 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

Dimension: 92.5 x 50.5 x 11.5 inches
Item's weight: 243 Pounds
Features: PVC Playing Field, Integrated Electronic Scoreboard, 110V blower, Leg Levelers on Taper Post Legs, 3.75-Inch Rails, 4 Strikers and 4 Pucks Included
  • 7.5 feet is a good length.
  • The LED scoring units are built-in.
  • These legs have leg levelers on them.
  • It is hard to move and transfer.
  • When adults play, pucks often fall off the table.
The Harvard Arctic Ice air hockey table has many of the same characteristics as the Harvard Action Arena air hockey table that was previously mentioned. It's only 6 inches longer than the Action Arena table, at 7.5 feet.
A 110V blower is also included in the Arctic Ice, which offers adequate ventilation. However, pucks may fly off the table if the game is played aggressively by adults. It's fairly robust and sturdy, however, it can't be moved around easily due to its heavyweight of 243 pounds.
A 1-inch deep playing area is surrounded by 3 34-inch side railings on the Arctic Ice. It has robust taper post legs with leg levelers for increased stability and a balanced playing surface. Four pucks and four mallets are included in the kit, indicating that it can accommodate up to four players at once.

Harvard Hot Shot 6’ Air Hockey Table

Dimension: ‎75 x 42.5 x 7.5 inches
Item's weight: 86 Pounds
Features: PVC- Laminated Playing Field, 110V Motor Having Side Pressure Chamber, Electronic Scoring, Internal Goals, Arc Post Style Legs with Levelers, 2 Pushers and 2 Pucks Included
  • Suitable for kids to play games on.
  • Legs of an arc post have levelers on them.
  • Has a computerized scoring system.
  • There is a lot of material on the table, and it starts to chip off from the edges.
  • No good size for adults.
  • The scoreboard wiring is very delicate.
  • Mike:
"The table works well, the air has a good amount of force and it feels/plays like an arcade version of the game (as opposed to the cheapy-type $100 tables). The kids have a good time with it and their friends (kids: 8-10-12) I'm a little disappointed with the wood used for the table edges. It doesn't seem to impact play, but I was surprised that it happened at all."
  • Jonathan
"The laminate and underlying particle board on each side of the goals started chipping from puck impact on the very first day of play. I am, therefore returning this product. Very disappointed. Kudos to Amazon, however, for a seamless return process with a full refund!"

Harvard Air Hockey Table Scoreboard Not Working

You must readjust the sensors if you are experiencing scoring problems. For air hockey tables to function properly, the infrared sensors must be properly aligned. If they are not aligned correctly, the table will not function properly. Adjust the sensors so that they are parallel to one another in order to resolve this issue. Turn on your air hockey table and take a few practice shots with it.

How Do I Make My Air Hockey Table Smooth

This is based on the fact that the smooth and slippery surface of the air hockey table can reduce friction by suspending the puck on a small cushion of air, as explained in the science behind the game. This will make gliding and sliding the puck in a straight line much easier and smoother, which will benefit the overall performance of the team.

Harvard Air Hockey Table Fan

How to Replace Air Hockey Table Fan

Harvard Air Hockey Table Manual

Care and use of your table:
  • Spray furniture polish on a clean cloth and wipe down your air hockey table's playfield with the air motor running before and after you play. This will make the pucks slide faster. You can use a can of spray furniture polish to clean all of the outside parts of your home.
  • If the cord is damaged in any way, it is not recommended that you operate the motor.
  • Please do not sit, climb, or lean against the table.
  • When moving the table, do not drag it with your feet. Legs will be harmed as a result of this.
  • Please do not place drinks on the table.


The Harvard airhockey tables aren't the greatest on the market, as proven by mixed evaluations and substandard quality in some components, among other things, the Harvard air hockey tables aren't the greatest on the market. They can nonetheless provide relatively fun gameplay on a tight budget if you're willing to overlook a few flaws. Before you buy your air hockey table, you should look into its specifications and reviews.
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