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How Display Boxes Impact Your Brand

The packaging industry has been present for centuries and has been supplying brands with the packaging that they so desperately need to pack and ship their products.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Emmanuella Shea
Jul 27, 2022
The packaging industry has been present for centuries and has been supplying brands with the packaging that they so desperately need to pack and ship their products. But things weren’t always like what they are today. Back in the years, product packaging was only seen as a product carrier and nothing more, but the tables have turned. Now, product packaging holds the same importance in a brand as the product because it has become a way of attracting customers.
Back in the day, most new startups failed because of one reason, and that reason was that they weren’t able to attract customers. There wasn’t a concept of custom packaging back then, and what caused this failure was a lack of capital for marketing. Nowadays, brands are spending nearly zero money on marketing because packaging has become such an amazing marketing tool. The best of the lot is the display boxes.
Display boxes are a simple yet effective way to attract customers. The thing with display boxes is that they are placed on the cashier’s counter, and there is no way that customers don’t take notice of it and give that product a try. In this blog, we will tell you about the impact display boxes have on your brand. So, without dragging it any further, let’s get started.

Influence Your Product’s Openness

Ensuring your product’s availability is a key factor in getting customers. Display boxes are mostly used in retail stores and are placed on countertops. By displaying your products on top of the counter, you can increase your sales because display boxes work for almost every niche. The thing with other packaging options is that some boxes work best for a specific niche like cosmetics, but the customer might not go that aisle; what happens then?
The biggest reason why display boxes are so famous and effective is that it makes the life of a consumer pretty easy. They won’t have to run around the store looking for a specific product when they can see the product on the countertop. Even if they are not looking for the product that you sell, they can still go through your product when paying at the counter, and they might buy your product.

Enhances The Product Value

Competing with your rivals is becoming tougher with every passing day because new businesses are entering the market, and they are putting their blood and sweat into their startup. In this competitive space, it gets tough for businesses to grab the attention of their targeted customers because they have got so many options to choose from.
You can effortlessly grab the attention by using custom boxes. These boxes make your product look unique. When you display your product in it, customers feel confident about buying your product because they get the feeling that you know your product, you are confident about it, and you are not afraid to display that product in front of your potential customers. Once he finds your product worth buying, the chances are high that they will stick with your brand.

Cuts Down Your Advertisement Expenses

The product advertisement is undoubtedly the biggest expense a brand has to bear. Also, they can’t stop this expense because, to get more sales, you will have to use some kind of ads to get your product and your brand name out there. Most of the time, when you enter a store, you see a separate stand for a new brand, and a salesperson is standing at that stand; nothing of that is free, and it costs a lot of money to promote that brand, and the product. The display boxes can do the same job for a brand with less money, and you can use all that extra money to reinvest in your brand.

They Are Cheap

As a business owner, you are always trying your best to identify the place where you can reduce your expenses, and product packaging eats a lot of money. Obviously, any brand needs to have custom product packaging, and it pays back with good sales, but there is always room for some improvement. By switching to display boxes, you aren’t only displaying your product uniquely, but you are also saving a ton of money; how? Many of your products can be packed inside one display box, and you won’t need individual packaging for every single product of yours.


Over the past few years, customers have always given an edge to the brands using eco-friendly packaging and becoming eco-friendly in any possible way that they can, but after the COVID-19 hit, this has gone to another level. Because now, people know the importance of health, not only for them but also for the planet. Also, eco-friendly display boxes are cheaper compared to other display boxes because they are made from natural materials.
Having said that, if you want to get custom packaging boxes with logo, WeCustomBoxes can help!
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