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How Reliable is Electronic Car Insurance?

Of course, we’re not talking about electric cars, but a vehicle’s auto coverage being entirely electronic –or digital. Several car insurance providers are employing the digital model.

Author:Emmanuella Shea
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
May 26, 2022
Of course, we’re not talking about electric cars, but a vehicle’s auto coverage being entirely electronic –or digital. Several car insurance providers are employing the digital model. Now, drivers don’t have to sift through their glove boxes for their car insurance cards when they can just show them on their phones. However, the reliability and validity of electronic car insurance are still evolving to their final form. State laws are still adapting to them, and there is the matter of keeping such personal information in cyberspace. So that begs the question, is electronic car insurance worth it despite its warts?

Electronic Car Insurance As Of Now

Forty-nine states and D.C. currently allow electronic car insurance to be used in identifications during traffic stops and be treated as a physical insurance card. New Mexico is the sole exception for the time being. Several car insurance providers utilize an app that can be both accessed from a computer and a mobile device. The traditional insurance ID cards are made into picture files that can be downloaded to any of the two in order to display without any internet connection. Paper copies are still readily available for those hesitant about trusting technology or those who just like having it on hand.

How Important Is Car Insurance Identification?

With car insurance being required in nearly every state except New Hampshire, having a primary method of identifying and proving your auto insurance coverageis a must. Even drivers in New Hampshire still carry a certain amount of car insurance because you can never be too careful. If you are pulled over, then the officer will more than likely want to see your insurance coverage. So, for the most part, electronic car insurance presented on a mobile device will always be valid.

Digital Security And Electronic Car Insurance

Of course, when anything is online, wireless, or done through cyberspace –security is also a big concern. This is especially the case when personal information is involved. Naturally, these concerns were raised when electronic car insurance was in its early days. There were also concerns about privacy were raised too. Some states passed laws in response, like Rhode Island’s law not permitting officers to look at any other information on the driver’s mobile device other than the insurance ID. At the same time, car insurance companies are using the latest in security encryption for their policyholders. For more on cyber security measures, ask your insurance provider how they specifically protect your information.

Digital Car Insurance When In An Accident

When you are supposed to show your insurance to another driver, usually because of an at-fault accident, will your digital car insurance ID cut it? The short answer is yes, as it contains all the information they require to file a claim with your car insurance provider. If they need to take a picture of it on your phone display, then so be it. In conclusion, the only area of electric car insurance worth raising questions about when you shop for it is digital security. Always inquire about it as it continues to grow and electronic car insurance becomes more commonplace.
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