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BetB2B: How To Create An Online Casino?

The betting industry is always highly competitive. According to preliminary forecasts, by 2027, the capitalization of the gambling market may exceed $765 billion. At the same time, BetB2B experts predict an increase in demand for ready-made solutions.

Author:Alberto Thompson
Reviewer:James Pierce
May 03, 2023
The betting industry is always highly competitive. According to preliminary forecasts, by 2027, the capitalization of the gambling market may exceed $765 billion. At the same time, BetB2B experts predict an increase in demand for ready-made solutions. It will be difficult for custom-made platforms to keep up with all the changes and develop their business in line with trends.
One of the biggest differences between high-quality and mediocre bet platforms is innovative software. The more advanced and innovative the platform is, the more successful it will be in meeting demand and providing services at a high level.
The gambling industry is a competitive field, and it is impossible to successfully enter it without expertise or qualified contractors who can create a quality product. BetB2B is one of the market leaders that offers turnkey solutions.

Benefit For The Market And Economy – BetB2B Casino Platform

The company has been developing innovative software products for casinos and betting shops for 12 years. BetB2B's products can be supplied as a complex Turnkey Solution or as individual solutions in various forms and combinations, such as Sportsbook API.
By working with a ready-made platform, the organization stimulates the provision of quality services in the market. This is possible because the team of professionals makes minimal mistakes, relying on their experience and knowledge.
"In general, we move the market and the economy forward with our platform because we have the resources, strength, and sufficient level of expertise to improve the product immediately after the appearance of new solutions. BetB2B invests in innovation and the development of its employees," company representatives said.

Business Solutions BetB2B is a company that offers a wide range of industry-specific productsand has sufficient experience to create top-notch online casinos and betting websites. The team of over 300 employees focuses on the B2B segment. Thanks to, over 100 clients with millions of audience coverage have already become leaders in their regional segments.
And it's not surprising, because by starting cooperation with them, the client will get: the ability to organize a platform for betting on more than 182 sports; access to 16,000+ live events; 7,000+ live streams; and 6,000+ games.
Substantial ESports Sportsbook
Substantial ESports Sportsbook
To simplify the task and speed up the process, clients are offered 3 basic solutions:
  • Sportsbook iFrame BetB2B offers API integration onto the operator's platform. This is an ideal solution for established online operators. The team of professionals guarantees that your resource will have a unique design and operate like a Swiss watch 24/7. These features are sure to lead to business development.
This solution is designed for companies serving clients in different GEOs, so a multi-currency and multilingual interface is offered. It is suitable for those who need to integrate and improve sportsbetting on an existing igaming site.
  • Retail Solution BetB2B is a useful solution for land-based bookmakers. The BetB2B betting platform developed by specialists combines the capabilities of a ground-based establishment for accepting bets and online betting.
Thanks to an intuitive interface and automation, it is easy to understand all its features..
  • Turnkey Solution BetB2B is a ready-made platform that is perfect for operators who already have payment and legal infrastructure, as well as a license allowing activity.
This is a complex of products, including unique games from the BetB2B casino platform, CMR+CMS, back-office system, technical support - 2-line support, Toto, virtual sports, slots, live casino, and Sportsbook.
Regardless of the chosen solution, every client receives access to professional support. Experienced specialists with a high level of qualifications will help to understand all the intricacies of the product not only during the project launch but also afterwards.

Bet-b2b com – Modern Technologies And Tools

All types of services are greatly influenced by the incredible growth and rapid development of technology. The gambling industry is no exception. In the modern gambling market, there are a huge number of companies, so in order to attract customers and make a profit, it is necessary to focus on creating the perfect product, taking into account all modern trends.
Distinctive Advantages
Distinctive Advantages
New technologies and a modern approach to business at BetB2B allow your business to remain competitive by offering a quality product. This creates competition between establishments and improves the industry itself.
Considering that when registering with a bookmaker or online casino, a person enters their personal data, it is important to protect them. While stealing confidential information was relatively easy in the past, with today's level of technology, it has become almost impossible for criminals. Therefore, all products of BetB2B are characterized by a high level of security.
Bet-b2b com employees constantly monitor the situation on the IT market and are aware of all technological innovations in the industry. A little ingenuity, attention, and technological innovations help the friendly BetB2B team create the best products and solutions for betting and online casinos.
Gambling is a market that is growing at an incredible rate. Therefore, the development of different solutions for it contributes to the development of such related industries:
  • Design.
  • AI.
  • Cloud technologies.
  • Enterprise.
  • Marketing.
  • IT, and others.
The use of gambling and related products for the development of other areas is not a new idea. For example, Yale and Harvard University have organized a lottery to raise seed money to start a new department and launch a science startup.
And given that BetB2B is in the business of creating off-the-shelf solutions for gambling, the company is contributing to the development of different industries.
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