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How To Get Bitcoin Address On Cash App?

Ready to receive Bitcoin payments? This beginner-friendly guide shows you exactly how to get bitcoin address on cash app and start accepting crypto like a pro!

Author:Gordon Dickerson
Reviewer:James Pierce
Feb 12, 2024
In recent times, Bitcoinhas gained significant popularity as a form of digital currency, while Cash App has risen to prominence as an easy-to-use service for purchasing, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies. If you're a beginner with Cash App or not certain about how to get bitcoin address on cash app, this detailed guide will guide you through each step of the process. Whether you're looking to verify your Bitcoin wallet, secure a new Bitcoin wallet address through Cash App, or wish to alter your current address, we'll provide all the crucial details you require.

Overview Of Bitcoin Wallet Address In The Cash App

Before exploring how to acquire a new Bitcoin address on Cash App, it's crucial to grasp the concept of what a wallet address entails.
A Bitcoin wallet address is a distinctive code that enables secure sending and receiving of Bitcoin. It is composed of a series of letters and numbers, acting as your digital "bank account" for holding your Bitcoin.
Various kinds of Bitcoin wallet addresses exist, including Legacy, P2SH, and Taproot. However, Cash App generally utilizes Taproot addresses for Bitcoin transactions and P2WPKH SegWit addresses for receiving deposits on its platform.
Taproot addresses represent a novel form of SegWit address, providing enhanced security, flexibility, privacy, and scalability. Conversely, P2WPKH addresses, which are also advanced, aim to diminish the size of the blockchain to improve the speed of transactions. These addresses begin with "bc1."
Hence, these characteristics ensure that the Bitcoinwallet address in Cash App is secure and distinct from the addresses found on other cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, it's crucial to understand that there's a distinction between the wallet associated with your Cash App account and the Bitcoin wallet address within Cash App.
Your Cash App wallet allows you to receive, hold, and send fiat currencies, whereas your Bitcoin wallet address is designated for transactions involving BTC.
With an understanding of the kinds of Bitcoin wallet addresses provided by Cash App, it's essential for newcomers to learn how to locate their address.

How To Get Bitcoin Address On Cash App

Stack of bitcoin placed in front of screen displaying cash app
Stack of bitcoin placed in front of screen displaying cash app
Here are the instructions to find your wallet address on Cash App:
  • Launch Cash App -Install Cash App on your mobile device. Make sure you go through the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure to verify your account and implement necessary security protocols.
  • Tap on the Profile Icon -Located at the top-left corner of the screen, tap this icon to enter your account settings.
  • Select Bitcoin -Scroll down and select “Bitcoin.”
  • Tap on “Deposit Bitcoin” -Within the Bitcoin menu, you'll find several choices; opt for “Deposit Bitcoin” to access your wallet.
  • Access Your Bitcoin Address -You will see your wallet address – a mix of letters and numbers. You have the option to either copy the Bitcoin wallet address or use the QR code for transactions.

Safety In Sharing Your Bitcoin Address

Yes, sharing your Bitcoin address is safe with others - be it friends, family, or business partners. Your Bitcoin remains secure because merely having your Bitcoin address does not enable someone to access your funds. Accessing and potentially compromising your Bitcoin requires both your address and its associated private key.
However, it's important to remember that the Bitcoin network uses a public ledger, meaning anyone who knows bitcoin address you've used outside of the Cash App environment can view your balance and all transactions associated with that address using a Bitcoin block explorer.
Should privacy be a priority for you, opting for a new Bitcoin address could be a wise choice. Thankfully, this is a straightforward process! The cash app allows for the quick creation of new addresses for Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks.

Completing Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Verification

"verify your bitcoin on cash app" written on bitcoin logo mural
"verify your bitcoin on cash app" written on bitcoin logo mural
To complete the verification process, adhere to these steps:
  • Start the Cash App -Open the Cash App on your mobile device and sign into your account.
  • Navigate to the Bitcoin Area -Click on the profile icon located in the top-left corner of the screen, then scroll down and choose “Bitcoin.”
  • Select “Verify Identity.”- Within the Bitcoin section, you will encounter several choices. Opt for “Verify Identity” to begin the verification procedure.
  • Enter Necessary Details -Cash App will request your personal details, such as your complete name, date of birth, and Social Security number. Ensure that you input precise and current information.
  • Upload Required Documents -Cash App might ask for specific documents to verify your identity, like an ID photo or a selfie. Adhere to the instructions provided on the screen to securely upload these documents.
  • Anticipate Verification -Once you've submitted your details and documents, Cash App will examine them for verification purposes. The duration of this process can vary, from a few hours to several days, based on the current request load.
A notification will be sent to you when your verification process has been finalized.

Changing Your Bitcoin Wallet Address On The Cash App

A person's holding a phone, and screen displaying cash app
A person's holding a phone, and screen displaying cash app

Reasons To Switch Your Bitcoin Address

Several motives could prompt you to change your Bitcoin address. Perhaps your old address is not functioning as intended, you need to transfer Bitcoin to a specific recipient who has updated their address, or you mistakenly sent Bitcoin to an outdated address.
Moreover, should your previous Bitcoin address become compromised or less secure, it becomes essential to generate a new, secure address.

Way To Change Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

To update your Bitcoin wallet address on Cash App, proceed with the following steps:
  • Go to the Cash App -Open the Cash App on your mobile device and sign into your account.
  • Navigate to the Bitcoin Area -Click on the profile icon located in the top-left corner of the screen, then scroll down and pick “Bitcoin."
  • Select “Deposit Bitcoin” -In the Bitcoin section, opt for “Deposit Bitcoin” to move forward.
  • Create a New Address - On the deposit page, your existing Bitcoin address will be displayed. Hit the “Generate New Address” option to establish a new wallet address.
  • Acknowledge Address Update -Cash App will show a confirmation alert indicating your address has been updated. Remember to make a note of the new address and revise it as needed for upcoming transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions - How To Get Bitcoin Address On Cash App

Is It Feasible To Use One Bitcoin Wallet Address For Several Transactions?

Although you can technically use a single Bitcoin wallet address for multiple transactions, it's advisable to create a new address for each transaction to improve privacy and security.

Is It Possible To Have Several Bitcoin Addresses On Cash App?

Indeed, Cash App enables the creation of numerous Bitcoin addresses. This capability enhances privacy and facilitates better organization of your transactions.

Is It Possible To Frequently Update My Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address?

Indeed, you have the option to change your Cash App Bitcoin wallet address on a regular basis. It's recommended to do so often to enhance your security and privacy.


Understanding how to get a Bitcoin address on Cash App is crucial for anyone looking to engage with cryptocurrencies on this platform. This guide has walked you through the simple steps to find, generate, and change your Bitcoin wallet address on Cash App, ensuring you can manage your digital currency transactions securely and efficiently. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, Cash App provides a user-friendly interface for all your Bitcoin transactions, making it easier than ever to engage with the digital currency market.
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