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12 Tips On How To Lower Verizon Fios Bill

Though cable subscriptions might be pricey, they also provide chances to save money. With an 83% success rate and an average monthly bill reduction of $352, consumers can discover strategies how to lower Verizon FiOS bill. Users save $352 on average by using BillSmart's tactics to lock in the lowest possible rate.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Alberto Thompson
Jan 16, 2024
Though cable subscriptions might be pricey, they also provide chances to save money. With an 83% success rate and an average monthly bill reduction of $352, consumers can discover strategies how to lower Verizon FiOS bill. Users save $352 on average by using BillSmart's tactics to lock in the lowest possible rate.
By subscribing to their services, you may get the most discounts. Looking over your statement, negotiating with Verizon, cutting back on services, and taking advantage of Verizon FiOS discounts and promotions are all options to explore if you're having trouble paying your monthly payment and facing additional penalties.
After contacting customer support, you may further take action to lower your payment by reviewing your monthly account, negotiating with Verizon, reducing services, and taking advantage of Verizon FiOS discounts and promotions.

Check Your Bill

Verify all of the information carefully when you receive your Verizon FiOS monthly statement. You should check the amount you're being charged for the services you agreed to frequently to make sure it's correct.
Verizon customers have reported their frustrations with hidden monthly charge increases, non-adherence to agreed-upon promotional rates, and unauthorized charges to the Better Business Bureau 7,200 times in the past three years.
If you're experiencing similar problems or are simply finding it difficult to pay your monthly Verizon FiOS bill, these types of mistakes can be the reason and cause your balance to increase. You could end up paying a tonne of money in additional fees if you can't pay your Verizon FiOS bill on time.
If the problem persists, the company might even disconnect your service and charge you to reconnect it. Thus, to avoid paying more than necessary, it is recommended that you review your bill monthly and identify mistakes promptly.
A woman in glasses is sitting with her head holding with hands while pencil and notesbooks are present in front of her.
A woman in glasses is sitting with her head holding with hands while pencil and notesbooks are present in front of her.

Scale Back Your Services

If you've noticed a rise in your Verizon FiOS monthly bill, it's time to analyze your expenses and identify cost-saving opportunities. Reassess your data plan to align with your usage and optimize costs without compromising your connectivity needs.
If you've previously benefited from a promotional rate, consider exploring online options or contacting Verizon Fios customer service to negotiate a more favorable rate.
This could allow you to maintain the same level of service while saving costs, or you could even customize your subscription by eliminating unnecessary features. By taking a proactive approach to managing your expenses, you can maintain budget control while still enjoying the services you need.

Verizon FiOS Discounts And Promotions

Discounts are available to both new and existing Verizon FiOS customers. For example, the 200 Mbps speed plan is $5 cheaper, the 400 Mbps plan is $10 cheaper, and the gigabyte connection is $15 cheaper. Current educators who have an eligible plan can still take advantage of the discounts.
If you are an active-duty military member, you can get home internet with a basic 200 Mbps speed for $35 per month with autopay. With the 400 Mbps upgrade, you can save $15 per month on top of $10 per account. In order to facilitate remote medical consultations, the VA offers a video connect service that veterans can use.
In addition, you can get Disney Plus for free for a whole year when you pay $40 a month for basic internet with autopay. By bundling your Verizon Wireless plans, you can save up to $10 per month and get a bonus credit toward the purchase of a new smartphone or tablet.

Negotiate With Verizon FiOS

Recontacting customer care is one option. Many customers are frustrated because they are unable to resolve their issue with the initial individual they contact.
You could have far better results if you can sit down and try again for a few hours until you contact someone the second or third time.
You can reach the customer retention department by contacting customer care at 800-922-0204 and stating your intention to discontinue your plan.
The goal of this department is to retain customers, so it's a good idea to do some research and inform them that X company is offering the same service for $9 less per month.
Then, to make things even better, you can ask the customer service agent what they can do to help you lower your bill. This should make them much more willing to take action.
If you phrase it this way—"What can we do to assist you?"—it puts the onus on them to find a solution, and they'll be more likely to offer you minor promos or credits to maintain you as a customer if they know what the competition is charging.

Evaluate Your Phone Insurance Plan

Carriers or phone providers frequently facilitate the practice of protecting your phone through protection plans, which provide insurance coverage for replacement or repair costs. The price of these plans varies depending on the features included, providing users with a flexible range of options.
Protection plans extend coverage to a spectrum of damages, encompassing accidental drops, screen damage, spills, and, in some cases, theft or loss of the device. While some individuals view phone insurance as a necessity, conservative users may find themselves paying for coverage they never use.
In certain instances, protection plans can prove more expensive than simply replacing or upgrading the device, especially for newer phones. Conversely, for older phones, the cost of insurance might outweigh its practical benefits.
Fortunately, alternatives exist to shield your phone without committing to a recurring insurance fee. Employing phone cases acts as a protective barrier in case of drops, while screen protectors enhance the likelihood of maintaining a pristine display.
For added convenience, bundled options like screen protectors and phone case packages are also available, offering comprehensive protection without the ongoing expense of insurance plans.

Use Wi-Fi When Available

Wi-Fi is a cost-effective alternative to cellular data, offering a cost-effective solution for online browsing, video streaming, and phone calls. It enhances browsing experiences and reduces reliance on cellular data. A robust internet connection supports multiple devices, allowing households to save money.
In situations where Wi-Fi is unavailable, an unlimited plan consolidates data usage under a single, predictable price. Some providers, like Verizon, eliminate roaming or overage charges, offering a transparent and cost-effective data experience. Portable hotspot devices provide on-the-go connectivity without draining data.
Prioritizing privacy is crucial when using Wi-Fi, especially in public spaces. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures a secure and worry-free browsing experience. Overall, utilizing Wi-Fi can be a cost-effective and efficient way to manage your internet usage.

Buy A Wireless Router

Verizon makes it easy for clients to utilize their own router by offering internet installation services. A wireless router is simple to set up and may be bought from Amazon or Best Buy.
Instead of paying rent every month, you can just buy a router. Also, you may bring the router with you when you transfer service providers. Having said that, you should change your router every three to four years because of current technologies.
You may rent a router from Verizon and replace it at no extra cost. Buying a new router is still more cost-effective than renting one, even though it's inconvenient.

Return Unused Cable Boxes

When first signing up for cable service, the allure of having it available in every room frequently tempts people to buy multiple devices due to its apparent cost-saving benefits.
However, reality sets in when you realize that cable now extends into more rooms than you actually utilize.
If that TV in your bedroom or the one in the guest room sees little to no action, it might be time to streamline your cable service. The flexibility to eliminate cable boxes at any time provides an opportunity to trim down on your monthly expenses.
By returning these surplus devices, not only do you cut back on the monthly rental fees, but you also eliminate associated services tied to those devices. This can result in significant savings, depending on the number of additional boxes you decide to part with.
The process empowers you to tailor your cable subscription to your actual needs, ensuring you pay for the services you genuinely use, offering both financial savings and a more personalized viewing experience.

Add A Line And Share The Cost

The addition of a phone line is a simple method to reduce your expense. The entire amount of the bill is then divided across several individuals. There are a lot of phone companies that provide plans for groups.
Data, communication time, and text messages will all be shared among participants. Everyone from friends and relatives to coworkers may be added to your phone plan.
With most plans, adding a line is a breeze. For information about group or family plans, call your phone company. Choose a provider who can work with your budget and needs to provide you alternatives with reasonable prices.

Sign Up For Monthly Bill Auto Pay

Verizon Fios prioritizes timely payment of cable and internet bills, promoting the adoption of automatic payments. This feature is easily accessible on the Verizon website or Fios app, making it a hassle-free experience for customers.
Enabling automatic payments allows customers to'set it and forget it,' ensuring a hassle-free experience and gaining appreciation from Verizon. The Auto Pay feature not only streamlines the process for customers but also contributes to the efficiency of billing processes.
By configuring your account to automatically deduct your monthly Verizon Fios bill from your bank account on a predetermined date, you make your life more convenient and contribute to the efficiency of billing processes.
Verizon typically extends a monthly bill discount ranging from $5 to $10 as a token of gratitude for adopting Auto Pay.

Shop For A New Package

Even if you've been a long-time customer of Verizon Fios, you could save money by looking at other internet and TV packages.
After your first Verizon contract ends, you may see yearly price hikes. Providers like Verizon are always in the process of revising their plans in order to offer services and remain competitive.
A lot of the time, consumers have no idea that a different plan would be better for them. They depend on clients committing for the long haul and not checking their invoices very frequently.
For the most up-to-date information on Verizon Fios's plans and promotions, visit their website. With this information in hand, you should be able to negotiate better deals and get the best rates available right now.
Get the most bang for your buck by switching up your internet plan, adding a home phone line, or changing your TV package. You may still be eligible for a discount on your account after adding these extra services, although it will depend on the deal.

Delay Upgrading

There may be extra expenses associated with upgrading your phone. An example of this would be a yearly update for a $1,000 phone that would cost $1,000. It would cost $500 to upgrade every other year. The fee would be $333 for an upgrade every three years. In the long run, the savings amount up.
The option to bring your own gadget instead of buying a new one is offered by several phone providers. You may further save your phone bill expenses by bringing your own handset. A reconditioned phone is another option for those looking to cut costs.

FAQs - How To Lower Verizon FiOS Bill

Can Negotiating With Verizon Fios Help Lower My Monthly Bill?

Negotiating with Verizon Fios can be a viable strategy to lower your monthly bill. Contact their customer service, express your concerns, and inquire about available promotions or discounts.

What Steps Can I Take To Reduce My Verizon Fios Internet And Cable Costs?

Explore various strategies to cut down on Verizon Fios costs, such as bundling services, downsizing your plan, or eliminating unused channels. Assessing your needs and adjusting your subscription accordingly can result in savings.

Are There Any Discounts Or Promotions For Existing Verizon Fios Customers?

Check for ongoing promotions or loyalty discounts specifically designed for existing Verizon Fios customers. Sometimes, exclusive offers are available, and it's worth inquiring to see if you qualify.

How Can I Optimize My Verizon Fios Plan To Lower Expenses?

Optimizing your Verizon Fios plan involves assessing your usage patterns. Determine whether downgrading your internet speed or cable package is feasible without sacrificing essential services, ultimately reducing your monthly bill.

Is Enrolling In Auto Pay An Effective Way To Reduce My Verizon Fios Bill?

Enrolling in Auto Pay can be a smart move to lower your Verizon Fios bill. Not only does it simplify the payment process, but many providers, including Verizon, often offer discounts as an incentive for customers who opt for automatic payments.

Final Words

If you want to know how to lower Verizon FiOS bill, there are a few things you can do. Among these, you can find a solution to the problem of dust collecting on TV stands and a way to collaborate with Verizon to find the optimal plan for your requirements.
First things first: get in touch with customer service or technical support to talk about your account and figure out how to lower your monthly service fees. You can cut costs on internet and cable by doing this.
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