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How to Make A Good Presentation

Making a PowerPoint presentation requires a lot of skill and confidence. You can follow the presentation ideas mentioned in this article to become an expert.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
May 27, 2022
Not everyone’s a natural when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills. There are many factors at play, and one can get nervous when presenting to a big crowd.
So, to help you master the art of presentation, we have written a thorough guide on how to give an engaging and memorable presentation that will stay in the minds of your audience long after it has been over.

Main Difficulties When Making PowerPoint Presentations

Before discussing the effective presentation ideas, it is vital to understand what challenges the presenter faces while delivering.
Some difficulties that can occur when giving a presentation are as follows:
  • Speaking in Technical Jargon
When presenting, it’s best to avoid jargon unless the audience is specialized in your line of work. Jargon can ruin the experience for a foreign audience as they wouldn’t understand the words you are saying, rendering them useless.
To better connect with your listeners, use simpler terms so your message can resonate with the audience.
  • Exceeding Your Presentation Time
When a presentation goes on forever, the audience will tire out and lose interest in your message. Extending beyond your allotted time will provoke restlessness in your audience. They’ll only wish for the presentation to be over.
Besides, it’s okay for you to end quickly if needed, but make sure not to cross the allotted time, as it paints your entire presentation in a negative light.
  • Using Visual Clichés
If you want your presentation to stand out from the rest, stay away from clichés. Using overused visual concepts will only make your presentation bland and forgettable.

How To Prepare An Effective Presentation?

Check out the following tips on making PowerPoint presentations more effective than usual!
  • Know Your Topic Well If you know the topic well enough, your speech will flow more freely. However, your presentation ideas will also come more naturally.
Your slides will be more informative, and you will be able to present them in an understandable way to your audience. So one of the key points in preparing a successful presentation is to know your topic inside out simply.
  • Use Doratoon for Effective Professional Presentations
Every other person is making PowerPoint presentations, which results in the ones that are regrettably similar unless much effort is put into customizations. Instead of following the same old route, adopt Doratoon, which gives presenters the ability to create effortless and unique presentations.
Doratoon comes with a large variety of royalty-free templates, animated characters, props, text-to-speech, that makes the presentation process cleaner and quicker.
Since these resources are carefully crafted and available for various diverse topics, your presentation gets a professional outlook that also manages to be visually aesthetic.
Additionally, the number of templates available allows you to create education-based or business presentations in as less as 5 minutes as you don’t have to design from scratch and only add in the relevant content.
  • Consider Your Audience
Effective presentations are tailored according to the needs and capacity of the audience. You will never explain the workings of quantum mechanics to 10-year-olds. Research your audience beforehand, know the size, the demographics, their general grasp on the topic, etc.
  • Don’t Clutter Your Presentation Space
Although visual cues are encouraged, overusing them can make the presentation overwhelming for your audience and take them away from your core message. Design your visual concepts so that they don’t clutter your slides and help the message flow freely.
  • Keep your Slides Free from Mistakes
Typos and grammar mistakes can distract the audience and affect the overall professionalism of your presentation. Read your slides several times before presenting to the big crowd.
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5 Presentation Skills You Need To Follow

Here is how to give a presentation that will remain in the minds of your audience for a significant amount of time.

Express Relevant Stories

A good presentation is all about speaking continuously on different aspects and perspectives of a topic. You can share other examples, both fictional and real-world, to build the listeners’ interest.
According to a recent survey, people are more interested in listening to stories than factual data!
Try picking stories from your life, events you have seen, or people you may know that can add grip to your presentation and increase your audience’s response.

Body Language & Eye Contact Matter

Whether you know your audience or are just a first-time presenter, body language is a helpful tool that uplifts your confidence without making it obvious. You can communicate with every listener with just your eye contact, making them feel like you’re talking to them.
Bring a casual smile on your face once in a while to encourage the audience to relate to you and your topic in a better manner.
Keep your hands open and stern to show your presence and knowledge about the subject. All these gestures can not only impact the audience but also make you feel less nervous as your perspective of viewing a large crowd will be changed to an individual conversation.

Strong Start Can Make A Difference

One of the major factors of your presentation that can elevate or collapse the entire essence and attention span is how you introduce your topic and conclude it. It takes no more than 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention, and then they’ll decide whether or not they would like to hear you for another hour.
So, try making a solid first impression by choosing some simple yet effective wordings to make people think they will learn something new and interesting.
Bring stories and ask questions as their feedback can let you know more about them and their interests so that you can lean towards that method.
Doratoon presentation
Doratoon presentation

Be Confident

The first rule of delivering a good presentation is to know that nobody is perfect. As a human, you are bound to make mistakes, and you should ignore them instead of going on a guilt trip. If you have missed a part or said something wrong, go ahead and correct it.
Even some profound speakers mess up their sessions by stumbling with words, coughing, or suddenly having a dry throat. The best way to redeem it is to recognize it and think of it as inevitable.

Tips For Emphasis

If you have asked a question from the audience or made a nerdy joke, then give a pause to let the question or the joker sink in their minds. You can try it by saying the sentence slowly and leaving a long pause at the end.
Also, the break will emphasize the information you’ve just delivered so even the people lost in their thoughts would pay attention. Moreover, if you want to emphasize a specific part of the topic, first grab the attention of your listeners with an activity or a joke to lock their focus.
Once the audience is attentive, you can shoot the necessary information. This is among the notable creative presentation ideas.


Giving an impactful presentation isn’t that much of a difficult task if you know the right tips. We know it isn’t easy for everyone to speak, but you can gain your confidence in no time with some practice, consistency, and following useful presentation tips. You have to pick the right gestures to enact and maintain eye contact to connect.
As you know, people lose attention quickly, so you have to try bringing them back with interesting stories, amusing jokes, or relevant graphical representations. Just ignore your mistakes and deliver concise but compelling information to make your presentation stand out.
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