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How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

Essay writing is a critical process unless you have writing skills. Unfortunately, most of the students lack quality writing skills.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
Oct 31, 2022
Essay writing is a critical process unless you have writing skills. Unfortunately, most of the students lack quality writing skills. The fast-paced world forced us to go digital, and also, we have no time to deal with anything with loads of time.
It's all about running and archiving. The educational sectors are also dealing with the same kind of approach to secure the future of the students and let them establish themselves in the competitive market.
However, writing assignments and submitting them within the deadline have become difficult for students these days. There is a lack of efficiency and quality of work we have seen so far when it's time to meet the deadline.
This is because essay writing is a creative process, and to deal with creativity, we need enough time. In addition, if you are tasked to write an argumentative essay, the ways become more critical.
An argumentative essay is dependent on logical support and factual evidence. In that case, most people think that argumentative essays are more aggressive or combative. But this is totally a wrong idea.
An argumentative essay is all about writing the thesis with a logical conclusion.

Ways To Write An Argumentative Essay

Like other types of essays, argumentative essays are also focused on convincing the readers of a particular perspective or point of view. But the only difference is that here you have to showcase more and more fact-based evidence to decide on the argument parts.
If you go for a Persuasive essay, you may consider it to be casual and emotional as well. But with an argumentative essay, you have to show concrete empirical data, which will make you more formal.
Most of the time, students tend to mix the process of an argumentative essay with an expository essay as they are both fact-based. However, there is a clear difference between them. Argumentative essays consider a particular perspective and, in the end, try to establish that.
On the other hand, the expository essay remains contradictory to the end and leaves it to the users to decide, depending on the results.
The main feature of an argumentative essay is that you have to establish a strong thesis without any doubt by opposing other theories. So, it's not obvious.


This is the approach that you need to take before you sit and write. In every essay, you will need a particular mindset and approach to deal with the whole scenario or topic.
Writing an argumentative essay needs confidence over everything, and thus your approach should rely on your essence of writing. When you are gouging to establish your point of view, you have to brainstorm with others.
It's like playing with the minds of the readers, and thus you have to be obvious about your thoughts and approaches.

Select An Arguable Topic

Selecting the topic is the most interesting part of an argumentative essay. You cannot simply skip this part or leave it to others if you want to enjoy the experience of writing an argumentative essay.
You have to go for an arguable topic that can be appealing and, at the same time, puzzle others. There is no doubt that you have to give time and think about such topics which can be interesting to others.
This is why most of the time, even the professors leave it to the students to decide on their topic to understand their brainstorming abilities.

Take Authority And Form The Thesis Statement.

After you select the topic, it's time to prepare the most important part of your essay. It's the thesis statement that you are going to deal with throughout the essay.
The thesis is a combination of observation and opinion. So, when you are trying to establish your opinion, you have to be authoritative in that case. Never hesitate to become authoritative in your writing process, and do the same when you are preparing the thesis statement.

Consider The Audience

Always try to consider your audience because they are going to be your success path. Whether you are writing a college assignment or writing an argumentative essay for your audience, you have to select the target audience or even your professor.
Not everyone can be your audience in an argumentative essay. This is not obvious, and thus there will be contradictory statements, and you are there to diminish all kinds of arguable statements.

Present Convincing Evidence

Without evidence, your argumentative essay is nothing but a piece of paper for the reader. Facts, statistics, anecdotes, authorities, and textual evidence are crucial to deal with and present in your essay writing.
Do not hesitate to provide enough evidence to establish your thoughts.

Draft The Essay

Always try to deal with opposing points of view and never hesitate to pizzle the audience with ample evidence. It's better to draft your essay more than once before you prepare the whole part of the essay.
You will need some assistance to guide you through. It may be your instructor or the person you want to judge your early works. Send them the drafts and ask them what can be developed more.

Proofreading Is Crucial

Without reviewing or proofreading, an argumentative essay should not be submitted. So, after you have completed your whole essay, take some time and go through the whole part and see what foolish mistakes you have made so far.
You might not want to get rejected due to some simple errors, and that is why you need to consider proofreading.

The Structure Of An Argumentative Essay

The simplest structure of an argumentative essay may be divided into a five-paragraph format shared with an introduction, discussion, and conclusion.
However, the advanced structure may differ with the various needs.
  • Aristotelian (Classic)
  • Toulmin
  • Rogerian
Try to consider a writing serviceto get a fresh and quality copy of argumentative essays written by expert writers. From their copy, you will be able to acknowledge the essence of a good argumentative essay.
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