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Interesting Places That Are Providing Career Inspiration

There is a scene in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, where the first husband of Elizabeth Gilbert is making a switch from one career to another. Within a few minutes, we learn that he is known for flipping from one career to another and can’t seem to settle down on one path as he is easily influenced by others.

Author:James PierceDec 01, 2021
There is a scene in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, where the first husband of Elizabeth Gilbert is making a switch from one career to another. Within a few minutes, we learn that he is known for flipping from one career to another and can’t seem to settle down on one path as he is easily influenced by others. This might be an extreme example of someone being influenced to change their life but it can happen. Every day people are making the switch and taking inspiration from the world around them. Here are some of the places that are helping people to follow their dreams.


It makes sense that this is top of the list after the introduction. But, TV has a massive influence on our lives and can give us access to worlds that we didn’t know exist. Careers and TV Showsgo hand in hand more than you realise. If you grew up in a world where you had limited access to education, watching someone be a doctor on a TV screen could help ignite the fire within you to search out the means to follow that career path. Of course, there are certain TV shows that can only influence your career so far, but if you became inspired to become a librarian after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then who are we to dis you for that life choice? There are a lot of people who have been inspired to become actors after watching their favourite stars on the screen, so it is not just the careers they portray on the screen that can have an impact.

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media has filtered into so many areas of our lives, and now we are finding inspiration to take a leap of faith and change careers. It could be that we follow someone on social media, fall in love with the lifestyle that they have, and then discover it is funded by an amazing career. One of the amazing things about social media is that it has a higher potential to be true, that the person in question is in fact earning money with their career of choice. Or, maybe they are not earning that much money but their job is interesting enough to get you hooked on what they do. But it isn’t just the glamorous jobs. There are a lot of people who have decided to learn more about the world of work for the slightly grosser jobs. You know the ones we are talking about. Deep cleaning people's homes as extreme cleaners, or cleaning their faces as dermatologists.


Books are one of those things that are best described as a cognitive exercise that transports you across time and space. Books are not known for their career inspiration as they tend to focus on the internal wars of the characters. It is this information that you can’t get on a TV screen. There are a few careers that come up regularly in books such as police work in detective novels. The biggest inspirationthat you can get from a book is to become a writer. Language and how we communicate with people is an important aspect of our lives, so it is not surprising that many of the biggest writers in the world are also avid readers. And, as anyone can be a writer, there is an opportunity for everyone to share their story. Even if it is only the one book or story that you write. There are those books that showcase a lifestyle so beautifully that you find yourself wanting to explore it further.

Our Friends And Family

There is a good chance that there are people in your life that are helping to shape your future in some way. Many people find that they gravitate towards a particular career as they get older, only to realise that the people closest to them are in this particular field. It might not be the exact job but it is within the area. This unconscious bias and influence from those around us makes us adapt and change in ways that we fail to spot. In some ways, this can be a good thing, especially if we have the desire to follow in our parent’s footsteps. However, if we want to strike out on our own, there are habits and mindsets that we will need to break. The great thing about following in your family’s footsteps is that they can offer a lot of useful advice that can help you succeed.

The Distance Past

For some people, when they were little, they might have had a dream of being a successful actor or actress, or maybe a singer. And when they voiced this idea, it was dismissed as a silly fantasy. Many actors and actresses, including Kate Winslet, have voiced their opinions over teachers with this attitude. It goes to show that the people from our past can influence our career decisions many years in the future. It might be a flippant comment or some well-meaning advice, but the stuff that we are taught as kids can stay with us for years. Some people are taking this even further and taking inspiration from their relatives who lived over 100 years ago. There are plenty of people who are researching their family tree and discovering that they are related to interesting people who made waves in their time. Discovering that you have come from a long line of strong people who helped to shape the world as we know it can be enough to inspire people to change the direction of their life.
As you can see, there are many places that can shape your career choice over the course of your life. Some might sneak up on you, others are years in the making. Have you ever made a career change based on a TV show or have your family guided your career choices? Remember, your career is in your hands as you get to make the decisions.
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