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Tom Cruise daughter, Isabella Jane Cruise bio, age, early life, family, net worth

Isabella is the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor and actress, namely Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Nicole tied knots with Tom in the year 2010. Nicole suffered two miscarriages as a result of abnormal pregnancy, once in 1990 and later in the late 1990s again. Isabella came as a blessing in the life of this couple.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 10, 2021
Isabellais the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor and actress, namely Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Nicole tied knots with Tom in the year 2010. Nicole suffered two miscarriages as a result of abnormal pregnancy, once in 1990 and later in the late 1990s again. Isabella came as a blessing in the life of this couple.
She is the adopted daughter and very dear to the couple. Post-trauma of miscarriages, Nicole made up her mind to adopt. She had the membership of a multinational network church named "Church of Scientology." Isabella's birth mother couldn't bear the expenses of the 3rd child, so she was given away to Nicole in Miami legally, in the presence of a member of the Church.
The relationship between mom-daughter grew significantly with time. Nicole had to divorce Tom in 2001, after which Isabella had to live a life full of stress which comes more often from Nicole. She was nine years old at that time. She supported her father Tom much more as compared to her support Nicole. She lived a very strained life for the next five years till 2006, as Tom married Katie Holmes, his 3rd wife during this year. After this, Jane was the responsibility of Katie, who very perfectly did her part of care as a mother, but had to leave Jane in 2012 as she gave divorce to Tom. However, Jane was never able to accept her as her mom, and the situation deteriorated to such an extent that she didn't agree to call her mom anymore.
Isabella is also a believer in Scientology. She is quite interested in hairstyling and makeup. She included her first mom Nicole's name in her clothing line naming it as "Bella Kidman Cruise" as a token of tribute and respect. She is popularly known as "Jane" and "Bella." She is pursuing training as an auditor, alongside having the motive of spreading Scientology on a global scale.

Isabella Cruise Early Life

Bella is native to America belonging to the White New Americans. Isabellatook birth in Florida, USA. Her original mother could not bear the expenses of a 3rd child, so she gave her to Nicole and Tom for adoption legally as a matter of trust being a member of the Church of Scientology.
The couple is the super shining star of Hollywood. They loved, cared for, nurtured and grew Bella as their own darling child. However, they never exposed her to the Hollywood lifestyle, glamour and riches. She herself is not interested in the showbiz of Hollywood. She was taught everything at home itself without school by Cass Mapother, who is her aunt. She dreamt of becoming a screenwriter.
Later, to her home-schooling, she went to London to study "Art." She joined Sassoon Academy for an expertise course in hairdressing due to her interest in it. It lasted for around 12 months. Even after having a lot of knowledge in hairdressing, she still went for an advanced course at Ealing Studios, London in "Delamar Academy of Make-Up and Hair," which cost 22000 USD p.a.

Isabella Cruise Siblings

Bella has a total of 4 siblings, and the total relationship is very complicated. His first sibling Conor was adopted by Nicole and Tom in 1995. He resides in Florida, and his current age is 27. He is into the entertainment field as a Disc Jockey. He is married to his girlfriend Silvia, who is Italian and a member of Scientologist.
Her second sibling's name is "Suri Cruise," the daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes. She is 13 years of age as of now and dreams of becoming an actress in the glamorous Hollywood industry.
Her 3rd sibling is "Sunday Rose," and 4th sibling is "Faith Margaret." They are daughters of Jane's first mother, Nicole, who, after her divorce, married Keith Urban, the famous musician of the country. They were born biologically with the help of Gestational Surrogacy.
She has four grandparents, two paternal and two maternal. From her father's side, she has Mary Pfeiffer and Thomas Mapother III. Through her mother's side, the names of her grandparents are Janelle Kidman and Antony Kidman.

Isabella Cruise Relationship

Eddie Frencher stays in Beverly Hills, a city in California. He is very famous as a musician. He is a very respectable member of the Indie Music Group. The relationship came to the limelight when he went to the birthday party of Bella's brother Connor in Jan 2017. They both stayed in an apartment in Downtown LA for many years. Jane has to leave the US to study art in the UK. We all are well aware of how well long-distance works; hence their relationship also ended in 2013.

Isabella Cruise Husband

Even after having such a stressful childhood due to parents and not working relationship with Eddie, Jane met Max Parker. The two fell in love and got married on 18 September 2015. They got married under a secretive Scientologist marriage occasion at Dorchester Hostel in London. They did not invite many people but only immediate family and few friends.
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise also didn't attend the wedding of their beloved daughter. The assumed reason behind this is the relation between them and their daughter. She neither asked for nor was offered any financial help for this from her parents. She expressed how difficult it was for her not to have her father beside her on such an important day when their daughter is entering into a new phase of her life.
Max Parker's parents, namely Lester Marker and Beverly Marker, as well, did not attend their son's wedding. The reason they mentioned is that they had the knowledge of his wedding but didn't attend as it was a secretive marriage and no media attention was needed, so their absence was necessary.
They live in a single-family duplex dwelling house located in Croydon, London, UK. They want to live their life on their own doesn't matter how small the house is, without asking for any lavish help from Bella's parents in monetary terms.

Isabella Cruise Net Worth

Jane married Max Parker in 2015. Her car is a Fiat 500, which was purchased for 20000 USD. Her net worthis estimated at 5 Million USD. She has a fair tone with blonde white hair. Her hobbies are travelling.


What Is The Nationality Of Isabella Cruise?

The nationality of Isabella Cruise is American.

What Is The Net Worth Of Isabella Cruise?

The net worth of Isabella Cruise is 5 Million USD.

What Is The Age Of Isabella Cruise?

At present, the age of Isabella Cruise is 28 Years. She was born on December 22, 1992.
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