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Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working - How To Fix It In 4 Ways?

Jabra is one of the most well-known manufacturers of audio equipment and accessories. Their products are popular among users due to their high quality and dependability. Every now and then, a device will develop problems that appear weird at first but can be readily resolved with the appropriate approach.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Aug 04, 2023
Jabra is one of the most well-known manufacturers of audio equipment and accessories.
Their products are popular among users due to their high quality and dependability.
Every now and then, a device will develop problems that appear weird at first but can be readily resolved with the appropriate approach.
The Jabra Elite 65t has a similar issue.
Many customers have reported that their left earbud has stopped working totally.
There are various internet forums where you can ask questions like Jabra elite 65t left earbud no sound or Jabra elite left earbud not working, but no clear answer.
However, we will explain how to resolve this issue in this article.


To troubleshoot your 65t, follow the instructions below:
  • It would be helpful if you have your elite 65t charging case with you for this solution.
  • When you remove the rubber cover, you'll notice two little magnets stuck together.
  • Replace the magnets after looking around inside. If there is any adhesive between the magnets, make careful to remove it correctly.
  • Now that you've finished, try charging your left earbud. It will almost certainly start functioning right away.
  • There may be a difficulty as a result of the misplaced magnets; as a result, you must utilize this approach to solve the problem.
Note: This way of troubleshooting worked for the Jabra Elite Sport 65t and the Jabra Elite Active 65t.

Reset Your Jabra Elite 65T

This is a step-by-step instruction to resetting your Jabra Elite 65t. You're good to go if you follow the steps below:
  • To begin, make sure that resetting the earphones will remove them from all previously connected devices and reset all settings.
  • For 10 seconds, press and hold the Multi-Function button on the right earbud until the LED on the earbuds flashes purple.
  • Your earbuds will be reset as a result of this. You'll need to re-pair it before you can use it on another device.
Or another option to reset:
  • Check to see that the right earbud is fully charged and turned on.
  • If the earbud is still in the charging case, you'll have to take it out.
  • Press and hold the Multi-function button on the right earbud for around 10 seconds, or until the LED briefly flashes purple (note that the LED will flash red before it flashes purple).
  • The earbuds have been reprogrammed. The LED will light green to indicate that it is turned on, and then blue to indicate that pairing mode is active.
  • Remember to remove the old pairing in the Bluetooth menu before re-pairing your earbuds with your mobile device. Instructions can be found in your mobile device's user handbook.
Note: If you're having trouble or want to double-check your results, repeat these steps.

Pair Your Jabra Sport Elite/Jabra Elite 65T/Jabra Elite Active 65T

  • To pair earphones that have been taken out of the box but have not been charged. To begin, make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is turned on (Make sure the earbuds are turned off)
  • Next, press and hold the right earbud's multifunction button for 3 seconds until the light flashes blue, then release the button (You will be noticed with connection instructions in the earbuds)
  • To turn the earbud on, press and hold the volume down button on the left earpiece for 1 second (Required only for the first time)
  • Finally, go to your smartphone's Bluetooth settings and choose Jabra Elite 65t, Jabra Elite Active 65t, or Jabra Sport Elite from the list of devices.
  • If a pin code is required, enter four zeros.

Pairing Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds With Jabra Sport Elite In A Different Process

  • You should charge your earbuds before connecting them to your phone by using the charging case.
  • After the earphones have finished charging, you must remove them. When you take the earbuds out, you'll see that they'll go into pairing mode on their own.
  • Finally, turn on your Smartphone's Bluetooth and select Jabra elite 65t or Jabra sports elite from the list of available devices.

General Tips To Be Kept In Mind

Check The Charging Of Your Left Earbud

Due to a lack of charging, the left earbud will occasionally stop working.
When you're not using the left earbud, check to see if your device is charging.
Certainly, there would be a reduction in charges.
You'll need to fully charge your left earbud now.
Your earbud will operate perfectly after charging.
If your earbud still doesn't work after charging, try charging it again.
It's possible that the charging might be incomplete.
So keep charging it till it's completely charged.
Then double-check that it's working.

Restart Your Left Earbud

If your elite 65t left earbud stops working, turn it off and then turn it back on.
You may have noticed that after restarting some devices, they immediately start working.
Similarly, after resuming, your left earbud may begin to work.
It is a really simple and straightforward approach to activate your item that is not working on the left earbud.

Check The Magnets Are In Their Right Place

Your left earbud will not operate if the magnets are positioned incorrectly.
So, if there's a problem, verify the location of the magnets.
If they aren't in the right spot, try to reassign them to their proper status.
Your left earbud may be able to function properly as a result of this.

Clean Your Elite 56t Left Earbud When Not Working

There may be dirt on the item's inside side after it has been used for a long time.
As a result, you should thoroughly clean the pogo pins in particular.
Your left earbud may operate properly again after cleaning it properly.
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FAQ About Jabra Elite 65t

How Can I Switch On My Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud?

It's quite simple to turn on your left Jabra Elite 65t earpiece.
To begin this process, place the earbuds in the appropriate charging case to turn them off or remove them from the charging case to turn them on.
You can also activate them by pressing and holding the multifunction button until the LED flashes red or green.

Why Is Our Left Earbud Not Working Properly?

Your earbuds will not work properly if they are set to phone mode or mono mode.
As a result, you should make certain that the earbuds are not placed on them.
If the settings are perfect, you should test it out on a different device.
Even so, if it doesn't function, it's probably due to a short near the audio jack controller.

What Is The Best Way To Verify The Status Of Our Jabra Elite 65t Battery?

When removing the lid, hold the charging case tightly and tap the tiny tab on the lid. Then close the lid and place the earbuds in your charging case.
Following this, the battery LED in the charging case will flash green, red, or yellow.
You can now monitor the battery status by opening the lid.

Are The Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds More Comfortable Than Other Ear Pods?

Yes, as compared to other earphones, the Elite 65t is more comfortable and simple to use.
Despite the recent arrival of the Air pods 2, the Jabra Elite 65t remains a fantastic and extremely comfy headset.
It has a lot of extra features, such as improved sound, great exercise, and much more.
They're also quite long-lasting.
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