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Things You Should Know About Jo Koy’s Ex-Wife, Angie King

Angie King was a regular American until her ex-celebrity husband's made her the center of attention. Yes, her spouse is Jo Koy, one of the most popular comedians on the internet.

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Angie King was a regular American until her ex-celebrity husband's made her the center of attention. Yes, her spouse is Jo Koy, one of the most popular comedians on the internet.
Jay has become a well-known comedian since his appearance on the Jay Leno show in 2005. Angie and Jo were married for a while before splitting up. They have one child as a result of their relationship.
Find out all the juicy information about the former lovers' romance in this article. In addition, we'll learn some fascinating information about Joy Koy's now-former wife's life.

Angie King’s Early And Personal Life

Tessie King is the daughter of an American father, David A King, and a Filipino mother, Tessie King. Her father is of English descent, but her mother is an Ilocano from the Philippines.
King's mother and father reared her and her brother as Catholics in the state of California. She did, however, reside in Saudi Arabia before settling in California.
Moreover, Angie's mother had ingrained in her children their Filipino ancestry from their youth. This aided Angie in bonding with her Filipino ancestry, which she proudly displays.
In terms of her parents, her father, David, died in the year 2018. He and his wife Tessie had been married for 40 years before his terrible death. Her father served in the United States Navy at the conclusion of World War II.
The household of the King was rather large. Tessie and her late husband Davide had one son, David King Jr., in addition to Angie. David and Angie are both rather close to one other. She frequently posts photographs of her newborn brother on her social media accounts.
Her brother is a married man who is also a father. He is married to Janea, his long-term lover. The couple has one daughter, Natalie Rose King, who was born in February 2019.
Angie was overjoyed when Natalie was born. She posted a photo of herself with her niece, expressing her joy. Check it out for yourself!
Angie has three half-siblings, two sisters, Cindi King Tuning and Danielle Bush, and one brother, Michael King, in addition to her biological brother. Little is known about her half-siblings because she seldom posts photographs of them on her Instagram account. She is still quite close to them.

Angie King’s Age And Birthsign

42 years of age Angie was born on the 28th of May, 1979. She was born under the sign of Gemini.

Angie King And Jo Koy’s Son

As previously stated, Jo Koy was formerly married to artist Angie King for several years. The former couple had a kid together throughout their years of marriage. On April 21, 2003, Jo Koy's ex-wife, Angie, gave birth to their son, Joseph Herbert Jr.
Joseph, Jo Koy's son, has grown up and celebrated his 18th birthday in April. The mixed family may be seen spending their holidays and vacations together.
Furthermore, Jo Koy's greatest motivation is his son Joseph, whom he freely introduces to his audiences. Joseph Herbert has attended several of his father's stand-up gigs and has participated in his comedy specials.
Young Joseph is without a doubt the apple of his parent’s eyes. Both Jo Koy and his ex-wife, Angie, are extremely proud of their kid, as seen by their social media posts.

Angie King’s Relationship With Jo Koy

Jo Koy and his ex-wife Angie King married in 2003 and had their son Joseph Hebert Jr. Unfortunately, their marriage failed and they divorced.
The divorce, however, had little effect on the nature of their relationship. They remain close friends and co-parent their kids peacefully. Fatherly was informed by Ko:
“My and my son’s mother, we’ve been divorced for a while but we’ve been really great parents. We’re good friends, we’re very relaxed when it comes to our son’s time with one another. We have an open door.”
Koy's personal relationship with his kid shines through during his stand-up performance. He frequently makes fun of Herbert Jr., yet it's apparent that they get along well.
Jo's father abandoned him when he was ten years old, and to make matters worse, he took his entire family with him. “I have that name, my last name is Herbert, but I don’t know them,” he explained to Fatherly.
Jo doesn't blame his father for leaving - the family had deeper difficulties, he adds – but he thinks abandoning the family was a mistake. Koy is determined to be there in his son's life as much as possible. He explained to Fatherly:
“I learned from my dad’s mistakes. I think that’s why I’m so into my son. I bring him lunch every day. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, whatever junk food a kid likes, I will bring it for him. I’ve canceled gigs so I could be at moments for him. That wasn’t a big thing for my dad. I don’t want my son to feel the way I felt.”
Angie King Relationship Status
Angie King Relationship Status

Angie King Relationship Status

Angie has been dating Gino Perez for the past few years. Her partner is a designer and artist living in Los Angeles.
The greatest thing is that Gino and Angie's ex, Jo, are good friends. Gino has even given the comedian a couple of his works of art, demonstrating their mutual admiration for one another.
Angie and Gino are not only romantic partners but also business partners. They co-own a clothing company called Mexican UFO.

Angie King’s Ex-Husband, Relationship Status

As previously said, the American comedian was married once and even had a child with his ex-wife. However, information about Jo Koy's marriage is still sparse.
Unlike many other artists, Jo Koy appears to have prioritized parenting his child following his divorce above establishing a new romance. Instead, Koy appears to have devoted his efforts to providing stability for his kid as well as advancing his profession.
Furthermore, while Jo has been linked to numerous attractive ladies in the past, none of his partnerships have been substantiated. Koy has kept most of his personal life out of the spotlight, and he wants to keep his love life private.
Koy, on the other hand, has been photographed alongside celebrities such as Chelsea Handler, Tiffany Haddish, and other comedians with whom he has worked over the years. The stand-up comic has a tight relationship with them and frequently displays them on his Instagram.
Despite his desire for solitude, the comedian of Filipino-American ancestry has not been immune to dating rumors. He has been linked to actress Tia Carrere and was once engaged to Amy Bray.
Neither of these stunning and accomplished women is Jo Koy's wife, and neither has spoken out about the allegations. Furthermore, Jo refuses to reveal anything about his personal life.
As a result, it may be some time before we learn the truth regarding Koy's relationship history.
All About Angie King’s Ex-Husband Jo Koy
All About Angie King’s Ex-Husband Jo Koy

All About Angie King’s Ex-Husband Jo Koy

Jo Koy, one of today's top stand-up comedians, has come a long way from his humble beginnings performing at a Las Vegas coffee shop. The comic, who draws inspiration from his family, particularly his kid, sells out stadiums and theaters worldwide.
With 11 sold-out concerts and over 23,000 tickets sold, Koy set a record for the most tickets sold by a single artist at Honolulu's Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall in 2017.
In response, the Honolulu mayor's office declared November 24th "Jo Koy Day." The comic extended his record-breaking trend by being the only comedian to sell out six concerts at San Francisco's The Warfield.
He then smashed the attendance record at Winnipeg's Club Regent Event Centre with four sold-out concerts.
Koy sold out five straight concerts at the San Diego Civic Theatre in 2019, the most consecutive sold-out gigs for a comic. He just became the only comic to sell 17,000+ tickets to 30 gigs at the Brea Improv in one year.
At the 2018 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, he received the coveted "Stand-Up Comedian Of The Year" title. He has four highly regarded and popular Comedy Central and Netflix comedy specials.
His Netflix special, Comin' In Hot, is presently streaming globally. Koy is on a quest to educate the public on topics such as how to raise a millennial, the complexities of Filipino traditions, and much more!
In 2019, the comedian's stand-up comedy album, Live From Seattle, debuted at number one on the Billboard Charts. He may also be heard on Starburns Audio's weekly podcast, The Koy Pond with Jo Koy. Each week, Koy welcomes friends and fellow comedians to offer their funny perspectives on life.
Koy has featured as a season regular round table guest on over 140 episodes of Chelsea Lately. Other shows on which he has appeared include The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Last Call With Carson Daly, @Midnight with Chris Hardwick, Lights Out With David Spade, The Breakfast Club, Beat Bobby Flay, Celebrity Page TV, VH1, World's Funniest Fails, and Sean In The Wild.
Today, the comedian is on his Just Kidding World Tour, performing brand new material across the world.

Angie King Career And Professional Life

Angie King presently resides in Los Angeles, where she runs her companies. She is primarily a singer-songwriter who was influenced by her father, an opera singer.
King, who began singing in church choirs as a kid, has pursued music professionally as Nura Luca. Her debut song, "Night Lights," was released in March 2020.
King has been dating Los Angeles-based artist and designer Gino Perez since at least 2011. They collaborated to launch Mexican UFO, a clothing company located in Los Angeles.
Perez was reared by a father who was a multi-talented artist. However, his father's drug addiction made life difficult for his family. Perez watched his father being beaten up, robbing a bank, nearly being gunned down by authorities, and doing time in prison as a youngster.
He was aspiring to be a pro skateboarder when he shifted his emphasis totally to painting. Perez eventually discovered a method to merge his painting and the sewing abilities he inherited from his mother.
That inspired him and King to create a Mexican UFO, based on his characteristic drawing of a flying Sombrero that resembles a UFO. They collaborate on the design and manage the business jointly.
Perez and Koy are also close. The artist even credits the comedian with popularizing Mexican UFOs. Koy has frequently donned Mexican UFO items in his stand-up tours and in his previous Netflix special, Comin' in Hot.

Angie King Net Worth

She received an undisclosed sum after her divorce and now earns money from a variety of sources. Angie King's net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.
5 Facts About Angie King
5 Facts About Angie King

5 Facts About Angie King

  • Angie King is a Filipino-American singer, businesswoman, and fashion designer, as well as an occult practitioner.
  • Despite their divorce, King and Koy have remained close friends.
  • She promotes Koy's career.
  • Gino Perez, King's boyfriend, and presently resides in Los Angeles, California.
  • She is 42 years of age and a Gemini.
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