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Joel Osteen divorce, career, personal life, education, controversies, lifestyle

Joel Osteen who is a holder of dynamic personality, such as a religious preacher, televangelist, great human being, family man, and inspiration for the upcoming generation. They follow him as their role model. His charismatic nature attracts many followers from all corners of the world.

Author:Emily Sanchez
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Jul 12, 2021
Joel Osteenis a holder of dynamic personality, such as a religious preacher, televangelist, great human being, family man, and inspiration for the upcoming generation. They follow him as their role model. His charismatic nature attracts many followers from all corners of the world. His style is so high that criticism and controversy can't even penetrate it. Along with this, he is known as a smiling pastor. Scroll to know more about this interesting and great personality of the era.

About Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen was born in Houston, Texas, USA, on 5th March 1963. He is the fifth child of his parents, named John Austin, who was the founder of Lakewood Church, and his mother is Lisa Osteen. Joel Osteen is an American nationalist. Along with his siblings and other members of the family, he helped to carry the work of the Church.

Joel Osteen Education

As a child, he attained Humble Child School, then in the year 1981 he passed the matriculation examination, he went to the Roberts University of Texas to pursue further study, where he took Radio & Communications, but he left the college and came back to join his Dad for the work of Lakewood Church.
At first, he was engaged in minor works of the Church and assisted his father in maintaining the discipline of the environment and other related works, which he did for almost 17 long years, and after his father's death, he became the Preacher and took the responsibility on his shoulders. As he was not trained formally and was not so aware of the process of preaching. It was the first difficult job for him to like other people out there. Only for the reason of his father's ill health, he took in charge. Then from that day, he was considered as the preacher.
Then for him, the greatest sorrow came within a few days, as the founder of the Lakewood Church and the senior pastor died within a short span with some illness. Then after that, Joel Osteen became the one who looks after everything in the church and learned things with the flow of time. Experiences were his teaching, and his dad's principle was his guidance, which led him towards a great future.
Within a short period of time, he attracted huge followers, and the numbers are still increasing. As he made some changes in the early form of preaching and focused on the need for society, which helped him to connect with the young generation. As we all know, the newer the thing is, the greater we adapt it. But the task was not easy to understand very easily, and he overcame those with the other members of the church. He focused on the Goodness of God and the style of giving the sermon, which gave him the prosperity preacher. He received the title of senior Pastor of Lakewood Church on 3rd October 1999

Expansion Of The Lakewood Church 

The Expansion of followers over the Sea has forced him to look after the extension of the Church, which he did with the management and administration department of the Church. The list of the expansion is definitely not short, but it can cover some like Compaq Centre, Houston Basketball team, and be renovated with a higher capacity of 16-17 thousand seats to accommodate followers.
The new building of Lakewood Church was opened for the people in the year 2005, and another renowned personality was also the seat holder, like the governor of Texas, Nancy Pelosi, etc.
The church evolved as one of the famous churches of the country, and it also did charity works from time to time, which supports the people in their need.

Joel Osteen Encouragement

Joel's way was somehow different from others, as he believes in believing God from your heart. That's why he wants to encourage the goodness of God. He promoted a positive approach and asked people to see through the positive aspect of life and ignore the negative side. He said to spread the brightness in the society and help others to overcome their difficulties

Joel Osteen Personal Life

Joel Osteenwas wedded with Victoria lloff on 4th 1987, and on 20th April 1995, the couple was blessed with a boy named Jonathan Osteen, and their daughter Alexandra Osteen came into their life on 9th November 1999. Both of their children have completed their early education in a local school and went to the University of Texas at Austin to complete graduation.
And Joel Osteen is the happy father of two children and leading his life happily. The lifestyle of Joel is quite different from some people of his age, as he holds the position in the richest list of Americans. As per the recent survey of 2017, his net worth is estimated at around $40 million. He led a very luxurious lifestyle, and this is very common also, as he is the wealthiest pastor in America. Joel says it's God's will that decides to live in Prosperity or Poverty. The estimated cost of his house is about 10.5 million USD, and he also owns several luxury cars in the world.

Joel Osteen Origin

Along with preaching, expanding the sense of religion, he also likes people to understand the deep meaning of life, which God has presented to us, through his writings.
Some of them are the published book of him are as follows:
  • Hope For Today Bible
  • Good, Better, Blessed
  • You can, and you will
  • Become a Better You
  • Think Better, Live Better

Joel Osteen Controversies

Like another public figure, he also faced controversies and was a matter of discussion among the people of the States. As his nature of the job is of sensitive nature, for him, the critics were of different kinds. Some questions over the way of his preaching and others did over his prosperity. He even faced some lawsuits, which were later dismissed.


Joel Osteen's Mother Is Suffering From Which Type Of Cancer?

Joel Osteen's mother is suffering from terminal liver cancer.

What Is The Net Worth Of Joel Osteen?

The net worth of Joel Osteen is 40 Million USD.

Where Does Joel Osteen Live?

Joel Osteen lives in River Oaks.
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