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Joyhentai - An Anime And Manga Website That Features Pornographic And Sex-Related Content

Hentai is a Japanese term that literally translates to "abnormal appearance," but also denotes "perversion." As a result, hentai is a term used outside of Japan to describe pornographic and sex-related anime, manga, and video games.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jun 29, 2022
Hentai is a Japanese term that literally translates to "abnormal appearance," but also denotes "perversion." As a result, hentai is a term used outside of Japan to describe pornographic and sex-related anime, manga, and video games. In Japan, the term does not have this connotation.
Ecchi is a word that is used in Japan. Cartoon characters who are not anime characters are commonly referred to as hentai. Hentai is the anime equivalent of pornography. There is sex on TV, which is frequently explicit and inventive.
Because hentai is an anime, the actors are not constrained by physical laws. Hentai creators frequently exploit this in extremely inventive ways. Some of the hentai activities would be physically impossible to accomplish.
Some of the performances are near-impossible in their own right. Hentai features fairies, monsters, and even new and unusual species. Tentacled monsters and demons are so common that "tentacle porn" is its own sub-category of hentai.

Joyhentai Review

There are a lot of people who like anime but one genre about which every anime lover is ready to talk about is hentai. As we have already discussed, it is the category of anime that is used to describe mature content. In other words, you can say that the hentai word is used for animated porn or porn manga in the case of comics.
Joyhentai is a website that offers porn comics for genre lovers. It is one of the best sites in this category. Here you will find hundreds of porn comics of all the related categories. The website is free to use and you need not sign in for simply reading the content available here.
In case you do not find any content of your choice, you can enjoy it on demand. Moreover, new porn comics are updated on the daily basis. Here are the best features of this website.
  • You can browse the list of hentai alphabetically.
  • You may save hentai to your local files by downloading it from Google Drive.
  • From the main page of that specific series, you may learn more about hentai, based on comments and ratings.
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer are the supported browsers.
  • It is one of the top hentai sites that provides on-demand hentai.
Schoolgirl uniform hentai on joyhentai
Schoolgirl uniform hentai on joyhentai

Joyhentai.Net Ranking

The Joyhentai website has a global ranking of 54,695 with a country rank of 3,784 in its origin country Japan, The website has a category rank of 157(63 rank up from the previous month) in its category of Games, video games consoles, and accessories.
The Joyhentai website has total visits of 640.7K with an average page per visit of 9.96. It has an average visit duration of 00:07:06.’s web traffic has risen by 96.94 percent as compared to last month which is a huge traffic gain.

Joyhentai Alternatives

There are many websites that offer Hentai genre in different ways. Here are the top 10 sites where you can find this genre if you find some more other than


Outside of Japan, the terms "hentai" and "porn" are interchangeable. Due to sloppy translation efforts over the last decade, there is little differentiation between the terms. As a result, fans in the west have separated hentai into two subcategories. When it comes to hentai, the genre is separated into two categories:
  • Softcore and
  • Hardcore
The term hentai also encompasses all types of pornography, regardless of substance or kink.
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