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Kamala Harris Net Worth - From Prosecutor To Vice President

Kamala Harris, the 49th Vice President of the United States, has not only made a significant impact on American politics but has also garnered attention for her financial status. Let's delve into the details of Kamala Harris net worth and the factors that contribute to it.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Sep 25, 2023
In the realm of American politics, few figures have captured the collective imagination quite like Kamala Harris. From her groundbreaking ascent to becoming the first female, first Black, and first Asian-American Vice President of the United States, to her extensive career in law and public service, Harris's influence reaches far beyond policy discussions.
Delving into Kamala Harris net worthoffers a unique window into the intersection of public service, career choices, and financial outcomes. Beyond her political achievements, questions about her financial standing have often arisen.

Quick Facts About Kamala Harris

NameKamala Harris
BirthdayOctober 20, 1964
ProfessionPolitician, lawyer
Net worth$6.75 million - $15.29 million

Early Life And Formative Years

Kamala Harris wearing a blue coat
Kamala Harris wearing a blue coat
Kamala Devi Harris, a name that now resonates in the corridors of power, had her roots firmly planted in a diverse and dynamic upbringing that played a crucial role in shaping her path toward leadership. Born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, Harris's early life was marked by a blend of cultural influences, academic pursuits, and a strong sense of social justice.
Harris's heritage is a testament to the melting pot that is America. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a Tamil Indian immigrant, while her father, Donald Harris, hailed from Jamaica. Growing up, Kamala was exposed to a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and perspectives, contributing to her later embrace of diversity and inclusivity in her political career.
Kamala attended the predominantly African-American Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in political science and economics. Her time at Howard University was a crucible that ignited her passion for justice and equality.
Harris's journey into law was a natural progression of her dedication to social justice. After earning her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, she embarked on a legal career that would see her serving as a deputy district attorney in Alameda County. This early role gave her firsthand insight into the challenges faced by marginalized communities within the criminal justice system.

Career Of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris wearing a magenta suit
Kamala Harris wearing a magenta suit
In 1990, Kamala Harris took a job as an assistant district attorney in Alameda County, California. Willie Brown, who was the Speaker of the California Assembly at the time, put her on the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board in 1994. She later started working for the California Medical Assistance Commission. Over the next couple of years, Harris took on several lawyer jobs. In February 1998, he became the head of San Francisco's Career Criminal Division.
In 2003, Kamala was chosen to be the district attorney of San Francisco. She made more than $140,000 that year, and her pay kept going up every year for the next six years, reaching a high of $202,000 in 2010. She was able to get a salary worth at least $250,000 because of the job. Kamala Harris ran for District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004 and won. She was the first person of color to be elected to that post. In 2007, she ran for a second term without any opposition. She left office in January 2011.
In 2010, Harris won the election to be California's Attorney General. Harris took a big pay cut when she became California's attorney general in 2010. According to her tax records, she was making just under $160,000 a year at her old job. When she became a U.S. Senator for California seven years later, her pay went up by a small amount, to $174,000 a year, which is what every Senator has been paid since their last pay raise in 2009. She was re-elected on November 4, 2014, and served until January 2017, when she replaced Barbara Boxer as the United States Senator from California.
Kamala Harris said in 2019 that she wanted to run for President of the United States in the next election. She tried to run for president as a Democrat in 2020, but she gave up before the polls. After winning the vote, Joe Biden chose Harris to be his running mate. Biden went on to beat the current president, Donald Trump, in the general election, and Kamala Harris replaced Mike Pence as the 49th Vice President of the United States.
Harris started getting a nationally mandated salary of $235,100 when she was sworn in as vice president in January. This was a big pay raise from her previous political jobs. (Just so you know, the president's pay is set at $400,000 a year.) Harris will also be able to write off up to $100,000 in expenses linked to being vice president, and she will live for free at Number One Observatory Circle, which is the official vice presidential residence.

Kamala Harris's Net Worth

ice President Kamala Harris is the most famous person who went to an HBCU in the United States. Harris went to Howard University and got degrees in both political science and economics. Before being voted to the U.S. Senate, he worked as a District Attorney in Almeda County and San Francisco, as well as the Attorney General of California. Kamala Harris's net worth is between $6.75 million and $15.29 million.
Even after Michael Bloomberg joined the race, Harris was still one of the Democratic candidates with the most money. As a presidential candidate in April 2019, she released 15 years' worth of tax records, which was more than any other candidate at the time.
Kamala Harris was elected to the United States Senate in the year 2017. On August 11, 2020, Joe Biden designated her as his running mate and prospective Vice President for the 2020 election. In the month of November in the year 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris emerged victorious over their opponents, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The outcome of the election was a resounding triumph, evident in both the Electoral College and popular vote tallies. Upon Kamala's inauguration, she assumed the role of the inaugural female Vice President in the annals of United States history, thus marking a significant milestone as the first individual of non-white ethnicity to occupy this esteemed position.

Finances And Wealth

According to the financial report she gave to Congress in 2015, Kamala Harris had a net worth of about $3.31 million. Her husband, Douglas Emhoff, is a lawyer at DLA Piper Law Firm. He works out of their offices in California and Washington, D.C., and specializes in entertainment and intellectual property law.
In April 2019, Kamala gave out her tax records from the past 15 years. The most important thing we learned from her tax records was that she and her husband made about $1.9 million in 2018. The law company salary of Kamala's husband brought in most of their money, about $1.4 million. The couple paid $697,000 in taxes and gave $27,000 to charity.
Kamala Harris released a financial disclosure form in 2019 that said her family has assets worth between $2.5 million and $6 million and debts worth about $3 million, most of which are mortgages. Most of their cash is put in retirement accounts and mutual funds.
Doug and Kamala sent in their tax return for 2022 in April 2023. In 2022, they had a total income of $456,918. This was shown on their tax return. They paid Federal taxes of $93,000 and California taxes of $17,600.

Kamala Harris Book Earnings

Harris has written three books and has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from book royalties. Harris wrote Smart on Crime: A Prosecutor's Plan to Make Us Safer in 2009, and Superheroes Are Everywhere, a picture book for kids, came out in 2019. The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, her autobiography, came out the same year. From writing the book, she made $320,125 in 2018, according to her tax records.

Real Estate Properties Of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris wearing a black coat
Kamala Harris wearing a black coat
The couple lives on both coasts and has homes in several big towns. Kamala and her lawyer husband, Douglas Emhoff, own homes worth an estimated $5.8 million in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.
In 2004, Kamala spent $490,000 to buy an apartment in San Francisco. The land is worth around $1 million right now. Doug Emhoff paid $2.7 million for a house in the Brenton area of Los Angeles in 2012. The land is worth about $5 million right now. And in 2017, they spent $1.775 million on a home in Washington, D.C. The land is worth about $2 million right now.
The money that Kamala and her husband have keeps growing. Tax records that Politico got show that they made $2 million in 2018. That year, the couple made a total adjusted gross income of $1.89 million. Emhoff gets paid for his legal work at DLA Piper, Venable, and other places, according to his LinkedIn page.

Charity Works And Philanthropy Of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, known for her impactful roles in the legal and political arenas, has also demonstrated a deep dedication to social causes through her engagement in charity work and philanthropy. From her early career to her tenure as Vice President, Harris's commitment to making positive change extends beyond policy decisions, encapsulating her belief in the power of giving back to communities in need.
Throughout her career, Kamala Harris has championed initiatives that support vulnerable populations. Her focus on issues such as criminal justice reform and social equity stems from her desire to empower marginalized individuals and communities. As a prosecutor and later as a senator, she pushed for policies that aimed to correct systemic imbalances and ensure fair treatment for all.
Education and youth empowerment have been consistent themes in Harris's philanthropic efforts. She recognizes the role that education plays in shaping the future and has supported programs that provide educational opportunities to underserved youth. Harris understands that investing in education not only transforms individual lives but also uplifts entire communities.
The global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of community support and quick responses to crises. During her time as Vice President, Harris played a role in advocating for relief measures to address the economic and health challenges posed by the pandemic. Her involvement in discussions and decisions regarding relief packages reflected her concern for the well-being of American citizens.
Harris's commitment to philanthropy extends to environmental causes as well. Climate change and environmental justice have been focal points in her political career, and her support for policies aimed at addressing these issues aligns with her broader dedication to creating a just and sustainable future.
Beyond her policy influence, Kamala Harris's charitable efforts serve as an inspiration for others to engage in social responsibility. Her visibility as a public figure amplifies the impact of her philanthropic endeavors, encouraging individuals and organizations to follow her lead and contribute to positive change.

Lesser Known Facts About Kamila Harris

Kamala harris wearing a magenta suit
Kamala harris wearing a magenta suit
  • Harris's multicultural background is well-known, but she also possesses language skills to match. Besides English, she has demonstrated proficiency in Spanish, which has undoubtedly helped her connect with a broader range of constituents and engage with diverse communities.
  • Beyond the political arena, Harris enjoys spending time in the kitchen. She has spoken about her love for cooking and has shared that making a good meal is one of her ways of unwinding and connecting with loved ones.
  • Before embarking on a legal and political career, Harris considered a path in science. She pursued studies in science and mathematics during her undergraduate years, reflecting her early interest in the field.
  • Before becoming a U.S. Senator, Harris served as California's Attorney General, making her the first woman, first African American woman, and first Asian American woman to hold the position. This achievement marked a significant milestone in the state's history.
  • Harris is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first African-American Greek-lettered sorority. Her involvement in this sisterhood highlights her commitment to community service and sisterhood.
  • Music has played a role in Harris's life, and she has a penchant for playing the drums. Her musical inclinations showcase her creative side and provide a glimpse into her interests beyond politics.
  • Harris's role as a stepmother to her husband Doug Emhoff's children, Cole and Ella, is a significant part of her life. Her strong relationship with them has been an inspirational example of blended families and step-parenting.
  • Harris has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has been involved in legal efforts to promote equality, including refusing to defend California's Proposition 8, which sought to ban same-sex marriage.
  • During the 2020 Vice Presidential debate, Kamala Harris became the second African American woman and the first Asian American woman to participate in a major party vice presidential debate in the United States.
  • Harris's choice of footwear, particularly her preference for Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, has become a recognizable part of her personal style. This down-to-earth touch adds a relatable dimension to her image.

People Also Ask

What Is Kamala Harris's Ethnicity?

Kamala Harris has a mixed ethnic background. Her mother was of Indian Tamil descent, and her father was of Jamaican descent.

What Is Kamala Harris's Stance On Healthcare?

Kamala Harris supports expanding healthcare access and has advocated for policies like Medicare for All.

Is Kamala Harris A Lawyer?

Yes, Kamala Harris is a lawyer by profession. She served as a prosecutor and Attorney General before entering politics.

Where Did Kamala Harris Go To College?

Kamala Harris attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she earned her bachelor's degree in political science and economics.

What Awards Has Kamala Harris Received?

Kamala Harris has received various awards, including being named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in 2020.


Beyond the numerical valuation of Kamala Harris's net worth lies a legacy forged through dedication, service, and the pursuit of excellence. From her early legal career to her emergence as a political powerhouse, Harris's journey reflects not just financial success, but the embodiment of opportunity in the American landscape. Her contributions extend to reshaping perceptions, breaking barriers, and inspiring generations. As discussions persist about her net worth, it's essential to recognize that her impact transcends the quantifiable, leaving an indelible mark on the nation and the world.
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