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All about Hafthor Julius Bjornsson wife, Kelsey Henson – age, relationship, net worth, career

Kelsey Henson is a fitness coach, famous wife and a prominent Canadian social media professional. She is famous because of her husband, Haftor Bjornsson. Her husband, Haftor Bjornsson, is recognised by several other names, such as "The Mountain", the character which he played in Game of Thrones and the world strongest man.

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Jun 30, 2021
Kelsey Hensonis a fitness coach, famous wife and a prominent Canadian social media professional. She is famous because of her husband, Haftor Bjornsson. Her husband, Haftor Bjornsson, is recognised by several other names, such as "The Mountain", the character which he played in the Game of Thronesand the world strongest man. Aside from their love, their disparity is another element that has received them huge publicity.
Kelsey henson instagram
Kelsey henson instagram
Kelsey already gained fame and was regarded as a star, although on social sites before she became well-known in association with her celebrity spouse. Kelsey has more than 352000 Instagram followers, and she uses the platform to share training videos and several pictures of her daily life. Also, she worked in a variety of working fields, including finance and construction.
Kelsy Henson with child and Hafthor
Kelsy Henson with child and Hafthor

Kelsey Henson Early Life

Kelsey took birth on March 5, 1990, in Alberta city, Canada, to parents of Caucasian ethnicity whose details are unknown to the media. Kelsey lives with her cousin Nikaya and sister Kathleen Henson.
Kelsey went on to Alberta University to study Occupational Health & Safety after graduating from High school. She's also a Health & Safety Administrator and the National Construction Safety Officer. Before her marriage, she worked in several excellent professions that helped her to make enough money.
Kelsy Henson with kid
Kelsy Henson with kid
After the administrator work at Tervita Corporation as Field services, she continued to work as a waitress at Earls Kitchen and Bar, and during this time, she met Hathor Bjornsson of "Game of Thrones" in late 2017. The two began dating before the end of the year, and she quit her job to be with him. Since then, she has been in the news accompanied by the gigantic strongman-turned-actor to various events.

Kelsey Henson Height And Weight

The most powerful man has a wife who is equally powerful in fitness. Kelsey, on the other hand, is a personal trainer. Kelsey is a woman who considers physical activity to be her religion. Several of her exercise videos and photographs can be found on her Instagram account. Kelsey is barely 5ft 3in tall and has a weight of 52 kg, while her husband Bjornsson stands at roughly 6.8 ft.
Kelsey Henson in a car
Kelsey Henson in a car
Her blue coloured eyes make her particularly attractive. The lady has blonde hair, and she is the one who keeps them together the majority of the time. Her physical dimensions are also detailed, with a bust measurement of 35 inches, a waist measurement of 24 inches, as well as 36 inches of hips.

Kelsey Henson Kids

Kelsey and Hafthor welcomed the first child on 26th September 2020.
The two couples revealed in late September 2020 that they had given birth to a baby boy on September 26th, 2020. Hafthor described the boy's birth in detail, from Kelsey's water breaking to labour beginning to the baby arriving healthily, and he complimented his wife for her bravery throughout the whole process.
Kelsey Henson with husband and kid
Kelsey Henson with husband and kid
Kelsey and Hafthor shared a gender reveal video on Instagram to announce the addition to their family. Hafthor bursts a black balloon held by Kelsey in the video, resulting in blue confetti spraying everywhere. He seemed delighted at the prospect of a baby boy on the way. He will have his second child, but Kelsey's first. He and his ex-girlfriend Thelma Steinmann have a daughter, Theresa Lif.

Kelsey Henson Career 

Kelseyhas improved her fitness significantly since marrying Bjornsson. She now works out regularly and works as a Power Gym fitness trainer, which her husband owns. Some of Kelsey's fitness videos may be found on the Instagram page.
Kelsey is also an internet sensation, a social media star, and a blogger. On her social media platforms, she frequently posts pictures of her curvy body. In addition, she writes on fitness and lifestyle as the blogger, and her posts frequently receive positive feedback.

Kelsey Henson relationship

Kelsey Henson first met the GOT actor while working as a part-time waiter at Earl's kitchen in Alberta, Canada. Bjornsson came for a strongman competition in the town; however when he stopped in for the bite to eat. Kelsey wanted to click a photo with Bjornsson, and they became friends at that point and have remained close ever since.
Kelsey Henson with child
Kelsey Henson with child

Kelsey Henson marriage

In 2018, the Instagram sensation married her love. Bjornsson and Kelsey started dating each other in December of 2017, and she quit her work to accompany him to Iceland. Kelsey met Bjornsson's family and friends in Iceland and built a bond. They got married but didn't publicly announce their marriage until 21 October 2018, when both of them shared a photo of their wedding on Instagram pages.
Kelsey Henson selfie
Kelsey Henson selfie
Since then, Bjornsson and Kelsey have been residing in an apartment with their dog, Asterix.
She is a tattoo enthusiast. Kelsey has a girl's face tattoo on the right arm, Star Wars Princess Leia on the left biceps, a rose between a book and cup and flower pot on the left thigh, and numerous others are covering her shoulders and waist.

Kelsey Henson Husband

Hafór Bjornsson began his career as a 2010 strongman of the year, the very year he won Iceland's Strongest Man competition. He has now won several prestigious awards at international and local events, including Strongest Man of Europe, which he has won many times. And apart from this, he was a known basketball player before his Strongman career. He played as a professional in Iceland from 2004 to 2008, but his promising career was cut short by a recurring ankle ailment.
Kelsey Henson with Hafór Bjornsson and kid
Kelsey Henson with Hafór Bjornsson and kid


Who Is The Husband Of Kelsey Henson?

Hafpór Julius Bjornsson is the husband of Kelsey Henson.

Where Did Kelsey Henson Meet His Husband For The First Time?

The couple met for the first time with each other at Earls Kitchen and Bar.

What Is The Weight Of Kelsey Henson?

Kelsey Henson has a weight of 52 kg.

What Is The Age Of Kelsey Henson?

Kelsey Henson is 31 Years old.
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