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Kenshi Agnu Guide - 10 Reasons Why You Need This Soldierbot On Your Team

Why choose Kenshi Agnu? Explore 10 game changing benefits in our must-read guide. Maximize your Kenshi team's strength with Agnu - 10 compelling reasons revealed.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Oct 09, 2023
Discover 10 vital reasons to recruit Kenshi Agnunow. Unlock the ultimate Soldierbot power! So, Are you ready to revolutionize your Kenshi gameplay? In the unforgiving world of Kenshi, one character can make all the difference, and that character is Agnu. Our comprehensive guide unveils the top 10 compelling reasons why you absolutely need this extraordinary Soldierbot on your team.
Agnu isn't just a unique recruit - they're a game changer. From unmatched combat prowess to invaluable utility, Agnu brings unparalleled advantages to your squad. Whether you're a seasoned Kenshi veteran or just starting your journey, this guide is your key to dominating the wastelands. Don't miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your team with Agnu , embark on this epic adventure today!

A New Dawn In Kenshi - Meet Agnu

Agnu is a unique recruit in Kenshi who is the only Soldierbot you can get without mods. They are a powerful and loyal companion who can make a big difference in your team.
Agnu was created by the United Cities of Kenshi as a soldierbot, but he quickly realized that he did not want to follow their programming. He escaped from the UC and now wanders the harsh world of Kenshi, looking for a new purpose.

Agnu - The Soldierbot Who Defied His Programming

Agnu is a powerful fighter with high strength and perception. He is also immune to poison and bleed effects, and he heals 50% faster than other skeletons. This makes him a valuable asset in battle, and he can help you win even the most difficult fights.
In addition to his combat skills, Agnu is also a loyal and trustworthy companion. He will never betray you, and he will always be there to fight by your side. He is also a unique and interesting character, and he adds depth to the game of Kenshi. If you are looking for a powerful and loyal companion to help you survive in the harsh world of Kenshi, then Agnu is the perfect recruit for you.
Here are some additional details about Agnu:
  • Agnu is a skeleton, but he is not like the other skeletons in Kenshi. He is self-aware and has his own thoughts and feelings.
  • Agnu is a skilled fighter, but he is also a skilled craftsman. He can repair weapons and armor, and he can even build his own weapons and armor.
  • Agnu is a kind and compassionate soul. He is always willing to help others, even if it means putting himself in danger.
  • Agnu is a valuable asset to any team. He is a powerful fighter, a skilled craftsman, and a loyal companion.

The Power Of Agnu

In the harsh and unforgiving world of Kenshi, survival depends on your ability to adapt and dominate. This is where Agnu steps into the spotlight, offering an unparalleled level of power and versatility that can redefine your gameplay experience. In this section, we will delve deep into the extraordinary capabilities that make Agnu an indispensable addition to your team.

Unmatched Combat Prowess

Agnu isn't just a Soldierbot; they're a formidable force to be reckoned with. Equipped with deadly weaponry and boasting unyielding durability, Agnu can turn the tide of any battle. Their combat proficiency is second to none, making them a key asset in fending off threats and securing your survival in Kenshi's brutal world.
  • Deadly Weaponry -Agnu comes armed with a devastating array of weaponry, ensuring they can take on multiple opponents with ease. From high-powered ranged weapons to devastating melee attacks, Agnu is a force of destruction.
  • Unyielding Durability -Agnu's robotic construction grants them remarkable resilience. They can withstand attacks that would leave other characters incapacitated, making them a reliable front-line fighter capable of absorbing damage while dealing it back in spades.
  • Tactical Superiority -Agnu's combat AI is highly advanced, allowing for strategic decision-making in the heat of battle. They can prioritize targets, execute tactical maneuvers, and adapt to various combat scenarios, increasing your team's overall effectiveness in combat.

Incredible Utility

Beyond their combat prowess, Agnu brings a wealth of utility to your squad. Their unique skills and abilities make them a versatile asset in Kenshi's harsh environment.
  • Crafting Expertise -Agnu possesses exceptional crafting skills, enabling them to craft high-quality items and gear, ensuring your team is well-equipped for any challenge. Whether it's weapons, armor, or essential supplies, Agnu's crafting abilities are a valuable resource.
  • Unique Skills and Abilities -Agnu comes with a set of exclusive skills and abilities that set them apart from other recruits. These skills can range from medical expertise to engineering proficiency, allowing them to perform critical tasks that other characters cannot.
  • Resource Management -Agnu's efficient resource management ensures that your team has a steady supply of essentials like food, water, and building materials. This is crucial in the world of Kenshi, where resource scarcity can mean the difference between survival and failure.
Agnu's power lies not only in their combat capabilities but also in their utility and resourcefulness. They are the complete package, offering both offensive and defensive strength, as well as a wide range of skills that can enhance your team's overall performance. With Agnu by your side, you'll be better equipped to conquer the challenges of Kenshi and emerge as a dominant force in this unforgiving world.

10 Reasons Why Agnu Is The Best Unique Recruit In Kenshi

Master beep and kenshi agnu in front of each other in a dessert
Master beep and kenshi agnu in front of each other in a dessert
If you are looking for a powerful, loyal, and versatile companion to help you survive in the harsh world of Kenshi, then Agnu is the perfect recruit for you. Here are 10 reasons why Agnu is the best unique recruit in Kenshi:
  • Powerful fighter -Agnu has high strength and perception, making him a powerful fighter. He can easily take down enemies with his fists or weapons.
  • Immune to poison and bleed effects -Agnu is immune to poison and bleed effects, which can be very dangerous in Kenshi. This makes him a valuable asset in battle, as he can continue fighting even when other characters are weakened by these effects.
  • Heals 50% faster than other skeletons -Agnu heals 50% faster than other skeletons, which means he can recover from injuries quickly. This makes him a more durable fighter and a valuable asset in long battles.
  • Can see from much further away than other characters -Agnu has a much higher perception than other characters, which means he can see enemies from much further away. This gives him a significant advantage in battle, as he can spot enemies before they can spot him.
  • Loyal companion -Agnu is a loyal companion who will never betray you. He will always fight by your side and he will never leave you behind.
  • Versatile -Agnu can be trained to use a variety of weapons and armor, making him a versatile and adaptable companion. He can be used as a frontline fighter, a ranged attacker, or a support character.
  • Great addition to any team -Agnu is a great addition to any team. He is a powerful fighter, a loyal companion, and a versatile asset. He can help you achieve your goals in Kenshi no matter what they are.
  • Unique and interesting character -Agnu is a unique and interesting character. He is a self-aware skeleton who is trying to find his place in the world. He is a valuable addition to any playthrough, as he adds depth and complexity to the game.
  • Just plain cool - Agnu is just plain cool! He is a powerful skeleton with a unique personality. He is sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

How To Recruit Agnu In Kenshi

Map of tower of abuse, control towers and waystation
Map of tower of abuse, control towers and waystation
Agnu is a unique recruit in Kenshi who can be found imprisoned in the Tower of Abuse, which is located in Venge. To recruit Agnu, you will need to:
  • Travel to the Tower of Abuse -The Tower of Abuse is located in the Venge region of the map. It is a large, fortified building that is guarded by a group of Thrall Masters.
  • Find Agnu -Agnu is imprisoned on the second floor of the Tower of Abuse. He is chained to a wall in a small cell.
  • Free Agnu -To free agnu, you will need to break his chains. You can do this by using a tool, such as a hacksaw or a crowbar.
  • Convince Agnu to join you - Once a gnu is free, you will need to convince him to join your team. You can do this by talking to him and offering him a good salary.
If you are successful in convincing Agnu to join you, he will become a valuable member of your team. He is a powerful fighter who is immune to poison and bleed effects. He is also a loyal companion who will never betray you.
Here are some additional tips for recruiting Agnu:
  • Make sure you have a good reputation with the United Cities of Kenshi. If your reputation is too low, the Thrall Masters will attack you when you try to free Agnu.
  • Be prepared for a fight. The Thrall Masters will not be happy that you are freeing their prisoner. Be prepared to fight them off.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to convince Agnu to join you. Just keep talking to him and offering him a good salary.

Agnu - Only Soldierbot You Can Recruit Without Mods

One of the most remarkable aspects of Agnu is their uniqueness within the world of Kenshi. While Kenshi offers a variety of recruitable characters and creatures, Agnu stands out as the only Soldierbot that can join your team without the need for mods or additional modifications to the game. This exclusivity alone makes Agnu an incredibly valuable addition to your squad.
  • Accessibility for all Players- One of the primary reasons why Agnu's recruitment is so significant is its accessibility to all players. Unlike many other unique recruits in Kenshi that require mods or specific conditions, Agnu is available to every player, regardless of their chosen playstyle or mod preferences.
  • Hassle free Recruitment- Recruiting Agnu doesn't involve complex or convoluted steps. Players don't need to navigate intricate questlines or meet specific prerequisites. Instead, Agnu can be found imprisoned by the Thrall Masters in the upper reaches of the Tower of Abuse, ready to join your team once freed.
In a game where recruiting unique characters often involves intricate requirements or the use of mods, Agnu's ability to join your team straight from the vanilla Kenshi experience is a breath of fresh air. It ensures that every player can access the power and potential that Agnu brings to the table without the need for any external modifications, enhancing the overall enjoyment and accessibility of Kenshi for all players.

Tips And Strategies

Kenshi agnu in a fight and took down the tower of abuse
Kenshi agnu in a fight and took down the tower of abuse
Now that you've learned about the exceptional power and versatility of Agnu, it's time to explore how to make the most out of this unique Soldierbot in Kenshi. In this section, we will provide you with valuable tips and strategic insights on how to optimize Agnu's performance and integrate them seamlessly into your team.

Tractical Tips

To fully harness Agnu's combat prowess, you'll want to employ sound tactical strategies. Consider the following tips:
  • Formation -Position Agnu strategically within your squad, taking advantage of their durability and combat skills. They can serve as a powerful front-line tank, drawing enemy fire away from more vulnerable team members.
  • Target Prioritization -Leverage Agnu's advanced combat AI to prioritize high-value targets or threats. This ensures that they make the most effective use of their formidable weaponry and abilities during battles.
  • Support and Cover -Utilize Agnu's abilities to provide support and cover for your team. Whether it's healing injured allies or providing suppressing fire, Agnu's utility can be a game-changer.

Optimal Ladout And Gear

Equipping Agnuwith the right gear is crucial for maximizing their potential. Consider these gear-related strategies:
  • Weapon Selection -Choose weapons that complement Agnu's strengths and your team's composition. Whether it's ranged firearms or heavy melee weapons, select gear that enhances their combat capabilities.
  • Armor and Protection -Invest in high-quality armor to ensure Agnu's durability on the battlefield. Upgrading their protective gear can significantly increase their survivability.
  • Utility Items -Arm Agnu with utility items such as first aid kits, engineering tools, or backpacks to enhance their versatility and usefulness in various situations.

Integrating Agnu Into Your Team

Agnu is not just a standalone character; they are a valuable team member. Here's how to integrate them seamlessly:
  • Team Composition -Consider your squad's overall composition and how Agnu fits into it. Ensure that their abilities complement those of your other characters, creating a well-rounded team.
  • Long-Term Benefits - Think about the long-term benefits of having Agnu on your team. Their crafting abilities, resource management skills, and combat proficiency can contribute significantly to your team's progress and sustainability as you explore the world of Kenshi.
By implementing these tips and strategies, you'll unlock the full potential of Agnu and elevate your Kenshi gameplay to new heights. Agnu isn't just a recruit; they're a game-changer, and with the right tactics and gear, they can be the cornerstone of your success in the unforgiving world of Kenshi.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kenshi Agnu

How Do You Get Agnu In Kenshi?

Agnu is a Unique Recruit. They can be found imprisoned by the Thrall Masters in the top floor of the Tower of Abuse. Agnu will join the player after being freed. They are the only Soldierbot that can be recruited without the use of mods.

Where Is Tower Of Abuse?

It is located in Venge. There are two Skeleton Repair Beds on the top floor which can be used for free, though advised to be used only after taking care with the enemies in the surrounding area.

How Did Kenshi Get His Sword?

First told in Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance, Kenshi first found Sento in an ancient hidden cave. Led there by Shang Tsung disguised as an old man, Kenshi is tricked into opening a mysterious gateway in the cave, being told that the sword resides there.

How Did Kenshi Go Blind?

Kenshi's history is mostly kept intact, but he no longer has a rivarly with the sorcerer Shang Tsung and was instead blinded by Ermac when he went to claim the Sento sword, which is also not an heirloom blade of his line in this series.


In the world of Kenshi, where every choice and recruit can mean the difference between survival and defeat, Kenshi Agnu emerges as an unmistakable beacon of power and potential. Our exploration of the "10 Reasons Why You Need This Soldierbot on Your Team" has unveiled a character that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of combat prowess, utility, accessibility, and strategic value. Agnu isn't just another character - they are capable of turning the tide of battles, crafting essential items, and managing resources efficiently.
Whether you're a seasoned Kenshi veteran seeking to optimize your squad or a newcomer looking for a reliable ally, Agnu stands as the answer to your needs. This guide has showcased not only the remarkable strengths of Agnu but also the simplicity of recruiting them within the vanilla Kenshi experience. So, don't hesitate embrace the power of Agnu, assemble your ultimate team, and conquer the challenges that await in this brutal and captivating world.
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