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Keter’s Lakeside Collection Is A Blueprint For Sustainable Creation

Keter’s new Lakeside Collection focuses on sustainable style to maximize outdoor living experiences.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:James Pierce
Oct 11, 202315.1K Shares345.3K Views
Performance, aesthetics, and sustainability don’t necessarily have to be independent entities, although one might think as much when some companies balk at environmental, social, and governance regulations related to their products. Keter, the leader in resin-based consumer and garden products, is not one of those companies.
Keter has long been a leader in sustainable manufacturing, recycling partnerships, and environmentally friendly sourcing practices. The company has also been lauded for the beauty and durability of its products, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the company’s latest product releases happens to satisfy environmental, social, and governance regulations.
The Lakeside Collection is now on the market featuring a series of Adirondack-style chairs that bridge the gap between outdoor functionality and eye-pleasing design.
While the end result may be a beautiful Adirondack-style masterpiece, it starts with a manufacturing process that limits the use of new materials. Keter has drawn a hard line in the sand when it comes to environmental manufacturing processes.
That line is informed by the company’s three pillars of sustainability: better products, better planet, and better business.
“Every single day, our employees rise to the occasion,” Keter CEO Alejandro Pena said in a statement. “They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”
Pena and Keter have designed all the company’s products to be 100% recyclable and to last an entire lifetime. Keter also plans to increase its use of recycled materials in production from 41.8% to 55% by 2025.
With those pillars and an affection for the planet in mind, Keter moved forward with the Lakeside Collection.
The chairs, made of recycled resin, provide “all the beauty of classic wooden chairs without the hassles and headaches.” Anyone who has ever slowly descended into a wooden Adirondack chair knows that the splinters that can follow.
There are, of course, other drawbacks associated with using wood in these sorts of outdoor pieces. Fading colors due to the sun and the bane of most families’ backyard existence — insects — that like to hang around the material and maybe even make a home there.
The Lakeside Collection Keter chairs, available in six options of varying styles and colors, are made of high-performance LumberTech (no splinters, thankfully), have SunGuard technology to avoid fading and have a 400-pound capacity.
LumberTech is made of recycled materials (specifically, in this case, from milk containers) and produced in the United States, which compared to some other countries known for manufacturing has stricter standards around product output.
Once the LumberTech is treated with SunGuard, one can also stop worrying about fades and repainting won’t be necessary.
The Lakeside Collection chairs are also designed to be built by a team of one in around 15 minutes, using only a screwdriver (or an electric screwdriver, should one desire).
The Premium Montauk model, with the characteristic double-board, three-slat back, comes in black and brown as well as a bright and lively teal and a snowy white.
The Premium Tahoe model, with its traditional fanned-out five-slat back, comes in teal, brown, and white.
The Lakeside Collectionchairs pair well with the Premium Lakeside Round Outdoor Side Table, which comes in brown, white, black, gray, and even that electric teal. The table also comes in a square design.
Once coupled with Keter’s patio cooler and beverage cart (on wheels for convenience) and perhaps the Rockford Outdoor Trash Can, the stage is set for any number of fun family and friend gatherings.
Regardless of your setting, if enjoying the great outdoors is in the cards, the Keter Lakeside Collection is certainly worth a second look.
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

James Pierce

James Pierce

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