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Knotts Berry Hours - What Is The Perfect Time To Thrill?

Discover the current Knotts Berry hours! Plan your visit efficiently with updated park hours for a fun-filled day of thrilling rides, live entertainment, and delicious treats at this renowned California amusement park.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Nov 02, 2023
Plan your visit to Knott's Berry Farm with ease! Discover Knotts Berry hoursand get ready for a day of thrilling rides, delicious food, and family fun at this iconic theme park in Southern California.
Nestled in the heart of Buena Park, Southern California, Knott's Berry Farm stands as an iconic haven for thrill-seekers and family adventurers alike. With a history dating back to the 1920s, this amusement park, originally a humble berry farm, has blossomed into a sprawling entertainment destination.
Offering a blend of exhilarating rides, live entertainment, and a unique Old West ambiance, Knott's Berry Farm promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. This introduction sets the stage for an exploration of the park's rich history, diverse attractions, and the immersive atmosphere that continues to captivate its guests.

Knotts Berey Farm Hours

What Time Does Knotts Open Today

Today's hours are 9 AM - 10 PM.

At What Time Does Knotts Close And Open?

Knotts Berry hours typically vary throughout the year. The park generally opens at 10:00 AM and knotts berry farm closing time is around 6:00 PM, but these hours can fluctuate based on seasonal variations, special events, or holidays.
To ensure an accurate schedule, it's recommended to check the official Knott's Berry Farm website or contact the park directly for the most current and specific operating hours.

What Time Does Knotts Berry Farm Open On Saturday?

Saturday timing is 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Knotts Berry Farm Hours Sunday

Knotts Berry Farm Hours Sunday Is 10:00 AM To 09:00 PM.
Planning a visit beforehand ensures an enjoyable experience, allowing guests to make the most of the park's attractions, thrilling rides, live entertainment, and diverse dining options within the designated hours of operation.

Knotts Berry Farm History

Knott's Berry Farm's legacy traces back to the 1920s, when Walter and Cordelia Knott began their entrepreneurial journey with a small berry farm in Buena Park, California.
Cordelia's boysenberry preserves gained attention, propelling the farm to popularity and evolving it into an iconic amusement park.
The introduction of the boysenberry, a unique hybrid fruit, was a defining moment in the park's history. Rudolph Boysen initially cultivated the fruit, which Walter Knott successfully nurtured, leading to the eponymous "boysenberry."
This berry became synonymous with the farm's success and inspired a range of boysenberry-themed treats that remain an integral part of the park's identity.
Knott's Berry Farm's growth was rapid. What started as a berry stand expanded to include attractions such as Ghost Town, a recreation of the Old West with authentic buildings, blacksmith demonstrations, and live entertainment.
Cordelia Knott's famous fried chicken dinners, initially served at a small tea room, gained immense popularity, leading to the establishment of the world-renowned Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant.
The park's innovative practices significantly impacted the amusement park industry. Knott's Berry Farm was among the first to introduce the pay-one-price admission ticket, a model that revolutionized park visits and accessibility.
The park also pioneered themed areas, crafting immersive experiences for visitors, such as the themed Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, and Camp Snoopy.
In 1960, the introduction of the Calico Mine Ride marked a milestone in ride innovation, incorporating audio-animatronics into an immersive mining experience, captivating guests with its storytelling and design.
Knotts Berry Farm continued to set trends with its annual events. It was a trailblazer in hosting Halloween Haunt, one of the earliest Halloween-themed events at a major amusement park, providing spooky mazes and entertainment during the Halloween season.
The Boysenberry Festival, celebrating the fruit's heritage with a plethora of culinary delights, is another yearly tradition that draws visitors from far and wide.
The park's ability to balance preserving its historic charm while consistently introducing new attractions and experiences speaks to its enduring popularity.
Knotts Berry Farm's journey from a small berry farm to a globally recognized amusement park is a testament to innovation, family values, and the celebration of its unique heritage.

Why Is Knotts Berry Farm Famous?

Knott's Berry Farm has garnered widespread fame for several reasons, making it a cherished and iconic destination in the realm of theme parks and entertainment.
Its fame stems from a blend of historical significance, innovative attractions, delectable dining experiences, and a unique ambiance that sets it apart from other amusement parks.
Firstly, the park's historical roots play a significant role in its renown. Originating as a humble berry farm and roadside stand in the 1920s, it gained prominence through Cordelia Knott's delectable boysenberry preserves, attracting locals and tourists.
The evolution of this farm into a full-fledged amusement park while preserving its original charm, including the famous Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, has created a lasting legacy.
Knotts Berry Farm is also renowned for its innovation within the amusement park industry. It was among the first parks to introduce the concept of themed areas and pay-one-price admission, pioneering a model that influenced many other parks.
The park's diverse attractions cater to all ages, from thrilling roller coasters to family-friendly experiences, such as Camp Snoopy and the beloved Calico Mine Ride, which integrates animatronics into its storytelling.
The park's distinctive dining experiences, notably the world-famous fried chicken at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, contribute significantly to its fame.
Additionally, the array of boysenberry-themed treats, capturing the essence of the original berry farm, has become a signature aspect of the Knott's Berry Farm experience.
Knott's Berry Farm's annual events, including the pioneering Halloween Haunt, introduced in the 1970s, and seasonal celebrations like the Boysenberry Festival, contribute to its fame by providing unique and entertaining experiences throughout the year.
Its ability to blend history, innovation, diverse attractions, and culinary delights has solidified Knott's Berry Farm's standing as a beloved and renowned destination in the world of amusement parks.
Knott's berry farm rides
Knott's berry farm rides

Restaurants And Dining Options At Knotts Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is not just a theme park but a culinary delight, offering an array of dining options to satisfy every visitor's palate.
One of the must-try experiences is at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, where guests can savor the world-famous fried chicken, a dish that put the park on the map.
The restaurant, with its cozy, rustic atmosphere, serves up generous portions of crispy, flavorful chicken alongside classic sides like mashed potatoes and boysenberry pie, all made from the original recipes of Cordelia Knott.
Apart from the iconic chicken, the park offers diverse dining experiences, from quick bites to full-service restaurants.
Those seeking a taste of the Old West can head to Ghost Town Grill, which combines a western ambiance with a menu featuring delicious burgers, sandwiches, and hearty meals.
For a quick and convenient option, Boardwalk BBQ offers a variety of smoked meats, including ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, perfect for a satisfying meal while exploring the park.
Furthermore, Knott's Berry Farm caters to varying dietary needs with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available at many of its food venues. From fresh salads to flavorful vegetarian burritos, there's something for everyone.
Visitors can also treat their sweet tooth to a delightful array of boysenberry-inspired treats, from boysenberry pie to boysenberry ice cream and even boysenberry funnel cakes.

Family-friendly Activities At Knotts Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is not just about thrilling rides; it's a treasure trove of family-friendly activities suitable for all ages. The park's Camp Snoopy is a paradise for younger visitors, featuring gentle rides, live entertainment, and interactive experiences inspired by the beloved Peanuts comic strip characters.
Families can also enjoy "Ghost Town" – an authentic western-themed area offering a glimpse into the past with its blacksmith demonstrations, stagecoach rides, and lively street performances.
The Calico Mine Ride, an iconic attraction, takes families on a tour through an immersive mining adventure, captivating with its animatronics and storytelling.
The park hosts various live shows and entertainment suitable for the entire family, from musical performances to comedic acts that keep guests entertained throughout the day.
Furthermore, Knott's Berry Farm often organizes seasonal events like Knott's Spooky Farm during Halloween, offering non-scary, family-friendly Halloween activities and special decorations, ensuring there's always something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Best Knotts Berry Farm Rides For Thrill-seekers

Knott's Berry Farm is a haven for thrill-seekers, offering an array of exhilarating rides that cater to various adrenaline preferences. Among the top-rated rides is "Xcelerator," a high-speed roller coaster that propels riders from 0 to 82 miles per hour in just 2.3 seconds.
The heart-pounding launch and steep ascent make it a favorite among adrenaline enthusiasts. Another standout is "Silver Bullet," a suspended coaster featuring inversions and twists that provide a thrilling, smooth ride experience.
For those seeking a combination of thrill and water fun, "Bigfoot Rapids" offers a wild whitewater river rafting adventure that splashes through the rugged landscapes.
Knott's Berry Farm's "Montezooma's Revenge" is a classic steel roller coaster, renowned for its thrilling launch and multiple vertical loops, delivering a rush of excitement with each ride.
Not to be missed is "HangTime," a dive coaster offering a unique, suspenseful hold at the peak before a dramatic drop, thrilling even the most seasoned coaster enthusiasts.
These rides, along with many others, contribute to the park's reputation as an exhilarating destination for those in pursuit of adrenaline-pumping adventures.
Knotts berry farm Fiesta village
Knotts berry farm Fiesta village

Knotts Berry Farm Ticket Discounts And Deals

Knott's Berry Farm frequently offers various ticket discounts and deals to enhance the visitor experience and make the park more accessible.
One of the most common ways to save on tickets is by purchasing them in advance through the official Knott's Berry Farm website. Special online promotions often include discounted rates for single-day tickets, season passes, or bundles for families or groups.
Moreover, visitors can keep an eye out for promotional periods, especially during off-peak seasons or holiday events, when the park may offer additional discounts or special packages.
Local residents, military personnel, and seniors may also find exclusive discounts on certain days or through specific programs.
Additionally, partnerships with certain companies, organizations, or credit card companies may provide further opportunities to secure discounted tickets to Knott's Berry Farm.
Checking for any available coupons or promotions in local travel guides, newspapers, or affiliated websites could also lead to discounted admission.

Knotts Berry Farm Fun Facts

  • Humble Beginnings -Knotts Berry Farm originated as a berry farm in the 1920s when Walter and Cordelia Knott began selling berries, preserves, and pies from a roadside stand in Buena Park, California. Cordelia's boysenberry preserves gained significant popularity, laying the foundation for what would become an iconic amusement park.
  • Birth of Boysenberry -The boysenberry, a hybrid fruit combining raspberry, blackberry, and loganberry, was cultivated by Rudolph Boysen. Walter Knott nurtured and propagated the fruit, naming it the "boysenberry." It became synonymous with the farm's success, inspiring various boysenberry-themed treats at the park.
  • Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant -The farm's popularity soared after Cordelia Knott started serving her famous fried chicken dinners in 1934, initially at a tea room and later at the now-legendary Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. It's an integral part of the park's history and remains a beloved dining spot.
  • Knott's Firsts in Amusement Park Industry -Knott's Berry Farm introduced several pioneering concepts, such as the pay-one-price admission ticket, revolutionizing the amusement park industry. It was also among the first to implement themed areas, creating immersive experiences for visitors.
  • Calico Mine Ride -The Calico Mine Ride, one of the park's classic attractions, opened in 1960. It was one of the earliest dark rides to integrate audio-animatronics, immersing guests in an authentic and innovative mining adventure.
  • Historic Ghost Town -Knott's Berry Farm boasts an authentic Ghost Town, recreating the charm of the Old West. It's filled with historic buildings, blacksmith demonstrations, stagecoach rides, and lively street performances, providing an immersive experience of the past.
  • Iconic Attractions -The park features several iconic attractions, including "Xcelerator," renowned for its high-speed launch, and "Silver Bullet," a thrilling inverted roller coaster. The park's diverse range of rides caters to various thrill levels and age groups.
  • Halloween Haunt Tradition -Knott's Berry Farm was a pioneer in hosting Halloween Haunt, one of the first Halloween-themed events at a major amusement park, dating back to the 1970s. It's a significant tradition celebrated annually, offering spooky mazes and entertainment during the Halloween season.
  • Camp Snoopy -In 1983, Knott's Berry Farm introduced Camp Snoopy, an area specifically designed for families and younger visitors. Inspired by the Peanuts comic strip, it features gentle rides, live entertainment, and interactive experiences.
  • Boysenberry Festival -The park hosts an annual Boysenberry Festival, celebrating its heritage with an array of boysenberry-infused dishes, drinks, and treats. Visitors can indulge in boysenberry-themed culinary delights during this popular event.
Knott's Berry Farm stands as a testament to innovation, history, and entertainment. Its humble origins as a berry farm have blossomed into a beloved park, preserving the charm of the past while continually introducing new attractions and experiences for visitors of all ages.

Knotts Berry Hours FAQs

Is Knott's Berry Farm Open Year-round?

Yes, Knott's Berry Farm is open year-round, offering entertainment and attractions throughout the year, with seasonal events and celebrations.

What Are The Peak Visiting Hours At Knott's Berry Farm?

Peak visiting hours at Knott's Berry Farm often occur in the afternoons and on weekends. To avoid crowds, consider arriving early in the day or during non-peak seasons.

What Is The Best Way To Reach Knott's Berry Farm Via Public Transportation?

The most convenient way to reach Knott's Berry Farm via public transportation is by using bus routes that stop near the park, or by taking a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft.

What Time Do The Knott's Berry Farm Shows Typically Start?

Showtimes at Knott's Berry Farm vary but usually start in the late morning or early afternoon. Check the park's schedule for specific showtimes.

Can I Bring My Own Food And Drinks Into Knott's Berry Farm?

Outside food and drinks are generally not permitted inside Knott's Berry Farm, but exceptions are made for baby food, dietary needs, and specific medical conditions. However, the park offers a wide array of dining options.


As the sun sets on an exhilarating day at Knotts Berry Farm, visitors depart with cherished memories of laughter, excitement, and the unique spirit of this beloved park. The echo of thrilling roller coasters, the aroma of Mrs. Knott's famous fried chicken, and the vibrant shows linger in the minds of those bidding farewell.
The legacy of the Knott family, their humble beginnings in berry farming, and the park's transformation into a world-class entertainment destination stand as a testament to the enduring allure of Knotts Berry hours charm.
Whether it's the heart-pounding thrill rides, the charming Ghost Town, or the delectable boysenberry treats, the park's diverse offerings ensure each visit is a tapestry of joy and excitement, leaving guests eagerly anticipating their next adventure in this vibrant world of fun and entertainment.
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