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Intimate Lindsay Lohan Baby Shower With Her Close Friends And Family

Lindsay Lohan's family and friends are happy for her because she's going to be a mom. Lindsay Lohan is still the most Pinterested celebrity on Instagram. After announcing her pregnancy with a cute onesie, Lindsay Lohan baby shower was so simple it could have been for one of your sorority sisters.

Author:Hajra Shannon
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Apr 19, 2023
Lindsay Lohan's family and friends are happy for her because she's going to be a mom. Lindsay Lohan is still the most Pinterested celebrity on Instagram. After announcing her pregnancy with a cute onesie, Lindsay Lohan baby showerwas so simple it could have been for one of your sorority sisters. Like, not the one who got a job as a weather girl in a second-rate city, but one of the "normies."

Intimate Lindsay Lohan Baby Shower

Inside Lindsay Lohan's Fetch Baby Shower Weekend: All the Pics! | E! News

Having a party for the mom-to-be! Lindsay Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas are about to have their first child, and her close friends and family have already started to show her love.
Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas announced in March that they were going to have a baby. They were toasted at a celebrity baby shower, which was called that because Lohan is a celebrity and it was a baby shower. She got together with family and friends in what looks like a pretty standard New York City restaurant private room.
She smiled in a photo she posted to her Instagram story (not even the grid!) with her mom Dina Lohan and sister Ali Lohan, as well as a one-tier cake, white porcelain bunny decoration, and Amazon-standard "Oh, baby!" table standee.
A sticker that Lohan put on the photo says, "Take the time to smile," in case any of her fans want to put that on their daily to-do list, or maybe they already have. Her brother Dakota Lohan, who recently became famous for saying, "I'm just hanging out and putting under-eye patches on with my sister," was also there to cheer his sister and hang out with the family in New York.
It looked like the party happened in Dubai, where Lindsay and Bader live. From a picture that Aliana posted, it looks like guests also enjoyed a big plate with hummus, baba ganoush, and other Middle Eastern salads.
Lindsay's friend Samantha Pariente and stylist and former Ladies of London star Juliet Angus were also there. The second woman shared a selfie with Lindsey Lohan from her baby shower weekend on her own Instagram Stories. She wrote, "Flew into town to shower my gorgeous preggers bestie and glowing Mama-to-be @lindsaylohan."
After getting married last year, the "Mean Girls" star said in March that she was expecting her first child with Shammas. In an Instagram post, the mom-to-be wrote, "We are blessed and excited!" next to a picture of a onesie that said "coming soon..."
After Lohan and Shammas announced they were getting married in a series of Instagram photos in July 2022, the news that they were expecting came out. She wrote on the post at the time, "My love. My life. My relatives. My future."
Lindsay and Bader confirmed that they were married when Lindsay called Bader her "husband" in a later post on the platform. Lohan and Shammas now live in Dubai together.
The star of "The Parent Trap" met the businessman from Kuwait while she was living in Dubai. Back in November 2021, he asked her to marry him. He did so with a huge Harry Winston ring. On their three-tiered party cake, it said, "He asked, she said yes." It was said that they had been dating since 2018. This was four years after she moved to Dubai.


Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan's friends and family joined her for her baby shower. This weekend, the "Freaky Friday" star, Lindsay Lohan baby shower with her family and friends. Last month, she and her husband, Bader Shammas, told everyone about their first pregnancy.
Lohan's party seemed to have a rustic theme, as there was a white wooden box with a white flower arrangement in the middle of the table. The guests also ate a round cake with yellow frosting and flowers that went with the theme. Middle Eastern side dishes and salads, like hummus and baba ghanoush, were also served at the party, along with desserts.
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