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Meet Marilyn Nault - The Third Wife Of NBA Hall Of Famer Bill Russell

Exploring the life of Marilyn Nault, the third wife of basketball icon Bill Russell. Discover her untold story and connection to the NBA legend.

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Marilyn Naultgained recognition as the third spouse of the renowned sports figure Bill Russell. However, despite her husband's widespread fame in the sports world, Marilyn herself remains a relatively enigmatic figure. The couple chose to maintain a discreet and private presence throughout their marriage, leaving much of Marilyn's personal life shrouded in mystery.
Bill Russell, a celebrated American professional basketball player with an illustrious career in the NBA, unfortunately left us on July 31, 2022. His passing sparked a fresh wave of curiosity surrounding his remarkable life, with a particular focus on his marriages. Among the significant chapters of his personal life, his union with Marilyn Nault stands out as a point of heightened interest and discussion.
Marilyn Nault, a resident of Seattle, Washington, carved her own niche in the world of jewelry sales as an American jewelry seller. Her name rose to prominence when she entered into a union with the basketball icon Bill Russell, a partnership that lasted from 2000 until her untimely departure in 2009. During their time together, Marilyn's life took on a new dimension of public interest and intrigue.
Marilyn Nault, a captivating figure in her own right, emerges as a compelling presence in the world of relationships and associations. With a diverse background and a history entwined with notable events, her life story takes center stage.

Marilyn Nault's Profile Overview

  • Full Name -Marilyn Ruth Nault Russell
  • Gender -Female
  • Date of Birth -January 15, 1960
  • Date of Death -January 21, 2009
  • Age at the Time of Her Passing -59 years
  • Zodiac Sign -Capricorn
  • Place of Birth -Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, U.S.A
  • Place of Burial -Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A
  • Cause of Death -Cancer
  • Nationality -American
  • Ethnicity -Caucasian
  • Religion -Christian (Catholic)
  • Hair Color -Dark Brown
  • Eye Color -Brown
  • Marital Status -Married to Bill Russell
  • Children -3 Children; Stepchildren (Karen, William Jr., and Jacob Russell)
  • Parents -Quentin and Helen Nault
  • Siblings -Marilyn had 4 Siblings (James, Kyle, Eric, and Phil Nault)
  • Profession -Distinguished Jewellery Salesperson

Early Life Of Marilyn Nault's

Marilyn Nault"s picture in her youth
Marilyn Nault"s picture in her youth
Marilyn Nault, the accomplished jewelry salesperson, entered the world on January 15, 1960, in the serene town of Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, United States. Within her family, she held the unique position of being the only daughter among four brothers: Phil, Eric, James, and Kyle Nault. Her upbringing was marked by the influence of her father, who owned a jewelry store in Kansas and was instrumental in kindling her interest in the world of gems and precious metals. Tragically, her family faced a profound loss when her father passed away in 1987, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.
Additionally, the Nault family endured another heartbreaking moment when, in 2020, one of Marilyn's beloved brothers departed this world, a few years after her own passing. This event brought a deep sense of loss to their close-knit family circle.
Raised in a household rooted in faith, Marilyn was immersed in a profoundly religious environment. Her parents, Quentin and Helen Nault, were devout Catholics, and this devout belief system formed an integral part of her upbringing. She furthered her religious connection by attending a Catholic high school in Kansas, which played a pivotal role in shaping her values and character.
While many individuals pursue higher education after completing high school, Marilyn opted for a different path. Rather than attending college, she made the deliberate choice to enter the workforce directly after finishing high school. This decision marked the beginning of her journey into the world of jewelry sales and her eventual success as a jewelry salesperson.

Early Career And Relationship With Bill Russell

A collage of bill russell picture with Marilyn Nault and bill russell picture together
A collage of bill russell picture with Marilyn Nault and bill russell picture together
Upon completing her high school education, Marilyn Nault embarked on a new chapter in her life. She made the significant decision to relocate to Seattle, a city that would eventually become the backdrop to some of the most transformative moments in her life. Drawing inspiration from her father's profession in the jewelry industry, Marilyn followed in his footsteps, securing a position as a jewelry salesperson. This choice allowed her to delve into the world of precious gems and accessories, mirroring her father's passion.
Serendipity played its part when Marilyn's career path intersected with her future husband, Bill Russell, a towering figure in the world of basketball. Their first encounter occurred in a jewelry store in the bustling city of Seattle, where Marilyn was diligently working. It was at this moment that their paths converged, sparking a connection that would change both of their lives forever.
Marilyn's journey with Bill Russell took an intriguing turn as she not only excelled in her role as a jewelry salesperson but also extended her capabilities by serving as Bill's secretary. In this role, she contributed to various facets of his life, including tasks like accounting and organizational matters. This collaboration deepened their connection and laid the foundation for their personal and professional partnership.
As their relationship blossomed, they decided to take the step towards matrimony. Following their marriage, Marilyn chose to transition from her professional career and embrace the role of a devoted housewife. This pivotal decision marked a significant shift in her life, as she dedicated her time and energy to her family and supporting her husband in his illustrious career.

Marilyn Nault's Marriage To Basketball Icon Bill Russell

Marilyn naults marriage to basketball icon bill russell
Marilyn naults marriage to basketball icon bill russell
Marilyn Nault's life took a remarkable turn when she entered into a union with the legendary basketball player, William Felton Russell, renowned for his two-decade-long career with the Boston Celtics in the NBA.
Their initial meeting transpired in a jewelry store where Marilyn was diligently employed, setting the stage for a unique connection. It's worth noting that their journey from acquaintances to a loving couple was not immediate; rather, it evolved through a deepening friendship that spanned several years. During this time, Marilyn's role in Bill's life extended beyond their budding romance. She lent her support by assisting with various tasks and contributing to his professional and personal matters.
One intriguing facet of Marilyn's personality that caught Bill Russell's attention was her skill as a proficient dominoes player. Her expertise in this classic game impressed him and played a role in strengthening their connection. As their companionship continued to evolve, their friendship blossomed into a deep and enduring romance.
The culmination of their love story came in the form of marriage in 1996. Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell, while enjoying their time together, opted to maintain a relatively low public profile throughout their marriage. Nonetheless, they made occasional joint appearances, such as attending basketball games and social events, and embarked on adventures around the world. These shared experiences enriched their bond and created lasting memories.
Described by Russell's daughter Karen as the quintessential couple, they even had a charming arrangement in their relationship: Bill Russell made it a daily mission to bring laughter to Marilyn's life, underscoring the joy and harmony that defined their partnership.
However, the poignant note in their love story is that, after a little over a decade of marital bliss, Marilyn Nault's life journey was tragically cut short by her passing in 2009. This event marked the end of a beautiful and enduring love story between Marilyn and the basketball legend Bill Russell.

Family And Marital History

Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell, though they did not have children together, were part of a blended family dynamic. Marilyn embraced her role as a stepmother to Bill Russell's three children from his first marriage: Karen Kenyatta Russell, William Russell Jr., and Jacob Russell. This role in their lives further demonstrated her dedication to her family.
Following Marilyn Nault's passing, Bill Russell found love once again and entered into a marriage with Jeanine Russell, a significant event that occurred sometime around 2018. This union marked Bill Russell's fourth marriage, and it continued until his own passing in 2022.
Bill Russell's journey in love and matrimony had several chapters before Jeanine and Marilyn Nault. His first marriage was to his college sweetheart, Rose Swisher, and their bond was sealed in 1956. Over the years, the couple faced challenges that ultimately led to a growing distance between them, ultimately culminating in a divorce in 1973.
After his marriage to Rose Swisher, Bill Russell entered into a new chapter of his life when he wed former model Dorothy Anstett in 1977. Regrettably, this marriage proved to be short-lived, and the couple went their separate ways, finalizing their divorce in 1980.
Bill Russell's complex marital history reveals the varied relationships and experiences that shaped his life before and after his marriage to Marilyn Nault, each chapter adding depth to the story of his personal journey.

Marilyn Nault's Financial Standing

Determining Marilyn Nault's exact net worth can be challenging due to her private nature, which kept most of her financial details away from the public eye. Her choice to step away from her career after marriage further adds to the limited available financial information.
In contrast, her husband, Bill Russell, enjoyed substantial wealth, estimated to be approximately $10 million at the time of his passing. His significant financial success in the world of professional basketball, endorsements, and other ventures contributed to his substantial net worth.
Marilyn Nault's financial situation remained largely undisclosed, and her focus seemed to be on her family and personal life, rather than financial matters. Consequently, her net worth remains a lesser-known aspect of her legacy, with most attention directed towards her role as a devoted wife and stepmother.

Marilyn Nault's Passing And The Unveiling Of The Cause

The circumstances surrounding Marilyn Nault's passing were shrouded in mystery initially, as her family chose not to disclose the official cause of her death. This lack of information, coupled with the absence of prior public knowledge about any illness she may have been facing, gave the impression of a sudden and unexpected departure.
However, as time passed, a more comprehensive picture of her health emerged. It was eventually revealed that Marilyn Nault had battled cancer, a challenging and formidable adversary, in the period leading up to her passing. The revelation shed light on her enduring struggle with the disease, which ultimately took its toll and led to her unfortunate demise.
The unveiling of the true cause of her passing highlighted the silent and arduous battle she faced, underscoring the importance of cherishing her memory and acknowledging her strength in facing a formidable health challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions - Marilyn Nault

Did Marilyn Nault Have Any Involvement In Charity Or Philanthropy Work?

While Marilyn Nault's private life was not extensively documented, it is not widely known whether she was involved in specific charitable or philanthropic endeavors.

Were There Any Notable Public Appearances Or Events Where Marilyn Nault Accompanied Bill Russell?

Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell often maintained a low profile, but there might have been specific instances or events where she joined her husband in the public eye. These events, however, remain relatively discreet.

Where Did Marilyn Nault And Bill Russell Travel During Their Time Together?

Marilyn and Bill Russell were known to travel together. Details about their travel destinations and the significance of these journeys have not been extensively publicized.


Marilyn Nault's life, characterized by its predominantly private nature, undeniably etches an enduring and significant mark through her union with the legendary basketball icon, Bill Russell. Her journey as a jewelry salesperson in Seattle, Washington, is a testament to her professional commitment and her deep-rooted connection to the world of gems and precious metals. Her dedication to her craft not only underscored her professional acumen but also served as an introduction to a broader audience who may not have been aware of her role in the industry.
In addition to her professional endeavors, Marilyn Nault took on the role of a devoted stepmother to Bill Russell's three children from his previous marriage. This role highlights her commitment to family and the genuine affection she held for her extended family members. Her influence as a stepmother, while less publicized than her connection to Bill Russell, was undoubtedly a significant part of her life's tapestry.
Perhaps the most prominent aspect of Marilyn Nault's legacy is her connection to Bill Russell, a towering figure in the sports world. Their partnership, which evolved from a deep friendship into a romance and eventual marriage, speaks to the profound bond they shared. Despite maintaining a relatively low public profile, the impact of her presence within the Russell family cannot be overstated. Her unwavering support, assistance, and companionship to Bill Russell added a personal dimension to the public image of the basketball legend.
In essence, Marilyn Nault's life was a combination of professional dedication, familial devotion, and a remarkable partnership with Bill Russell. Her legacy endures not only as Bill Russell's wife but as a woman whose presence and influence left an indelible mark on those who knew her.
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