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Marjorie Elaine's Short Biography - Who is Steve Harvey's Wife?

Here's what you need to know about Steve Harvey's wife. Finding the love of your life takes a lot of detours and heartbrokenness, but when it finally comes, it'll be the most satisfying journey ever. Get to know Marjorie Elaine Harvey and the challenges she faced to finally be with her "The One", Steve Harvey.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Oct 15, 2022
Marjorie Elaine Harvey is well-known as the wife of the famous comedian and host, Steve Harvey. But aside from her marriage, she's one of the most successful women in the industry of fashion. She's an entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and philanthropist.
Marjorie Elaine Harvey was born Marjorie Elaine Ridge-Woods. Her mother, Doris BriCareer, gave birth to her on the 10th of October 1964 in the United States of America. As of 2020, she's still alive and fabulous at 55. She is an American in nationality, while at the same time belongs to multiracial ethnicity. Marjorie is also a believer in the Christian doctrine. There is no existing information about her father and sibling, so as her educational background. But the rest of Marjorie's childhood was spent together with her parents and her one and only brother.
After graduating from her high school education, she pursued her bachelor's degree at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. There is no information as to the course that she took, but it is said that she dropped out of college due to her deviant behavior. She was also bad when it comes to grades.

Marjorie Elaine's Career Path

After realizing that school isn't for her, Marjorie pursued her passion in line with the fashion industry. She spent most of her time researching everything she needs to know within the world of fashion. She even resorted to traveling to various countries just to attend fashion shows so that she could expand her knowledge about this field.
Satisfied with the perspectives that she acquired during her wandering, she decided to start her fashion career formally. She made a fashion blog entitled "The Lady Loves Couture" in June 2007. This is the platform that she used wherein she posted tips about fashion, women empowerment, beauty secrets, and other information about her fashion tours.
Marjorie harvey fashion style
Marjorie harvey fashion style
She patiently waited as she was still starting in her chosen industry. After a while, she decided to enter the business industry, still aligned to her main passion. So, she started her business by opening an online shop website, which she named "Marjorie Harvey Handbags" and "Marjorie Harvey's Closet." She commercialized the handbags which she personally designed. Opening her own website was the most important stepping stone that she had on achieving more of her dreams.
She instantly became a fashion entrepreneur because of the success of her own brand. This made her known in the fashion industry. She was then able to attend famous fashion shows, including Milan's Fashion Weekin Paris. But this fashionista was not only focused on the glamorous things in life. She used her success in founding the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. This is an organization that she created together with her current husband, Steve Harvey. It aims to elevate the living standard of families and children all around the world.

Marjorie Elaine's Past Marriages

It is not a secret to the public that before Marjorie and Steve made their vows, Marjorie came from two unsuccessful marriages. That makes Steve her third husband.
Her first one was a man named Jim Townsend, whom she spent the late 90's with. Their marriage immediately went rock bottom when Jim was sentenced to life behind bars. He was arrested for attempting to purchase illegal drugs, specifically cocaine, which weighs over 40 kilos. But he was later sent out of prison in 2017 after serving 26 years inside. Marjorie decided to file a divorce five years into his sentence. The ex-couple had a daughter named Morgan and a son Jason.
Marjorie's second ex-husband was Darnell Woods. There is only limited information about the marriage of Darnell and Marjorie. But one thing is for sure. The two met the same fate as Marjorie's first husband. This is because Darnell was also a drug dealer. However, it is not clear whether their marriage ended while Darnell was yet to be caught or when he was already behind bars like Jim. Marjorie became a single mom again, together with the kids she had with Darnell, Lori, who was born in 1997.

Marjorie And Steve's Blended Family

Marjorie isn't the only one who came from failed marriages. Steve Harvey himself had a fair share of unsuccessful commitments. He had two ex-wives, and from them, he had four children—Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., and Wynton. Blending their children who came from broken homes was not an easy task to do. They knew that there would be issues in terms of inclusion. But Marjorie constantly reminded their children that everyone is included, and everyone has access to their parents. After a while, their children were used to their new setup and now share a better relationship with one another.
Marjorie and steve harvey family
Marjorie and steve harvey family
Now the couple already has five grandchildren together—Benjamin, Elle, Noah, Rose, and Ezra. But even though they both love their grandkids, Steve once admitted that he would still want them to move out and be independent individuals.

How Did Marjorie And Steve Harvey Met?

The love story of this lovely couple started way back in 1990. During this time, Steve was already making his name in the entertainment industry. He was doing stand-up shows at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee. One night, Marjorie showed up in the venue and watched Steve make people laugh at the stage. Marjorie mentioned that she booked a spot right next to the stage. However, she arrived late and had to pass by the people to reach her seat.
Steve literally stopped his show and stared at Marjorie for a couple of minutes. She first thought that maybe Steve was planning to make her a part of the show. To her surprise, Steve said, "I'm sorry, I don't know who this is, but I'm going to marry her." However, Steve was still married to Marcia Harveyat this time and later broke up in 1994. Marjorie and Steve dated for a while, but he technically "ghosted" her and went on to marry Mary Lee Harveyin 1996. The two finally had their chance in 2005 when Steve divorced Mary Lee. His prophecy in 1990 only came to reality when the two tied the knots in 2007.

Marjorie And Steve's Divorce Rumors

After both of them got out from two failed marriages, they enjoyed a smooth marital life for a couple of years. Not until a divorce rumor sparked and got the attention of the public. In 2018, Radar Online reported that Marjorie and Steve are going through a "$400 million divorce". But the couple announced that the report was false and that they are living a happy conjugal life.
Marjorie elaine and steve harvey
Marjorie elaine and steve harvey
In 2019, the same website again reported that Steve is in the middle of the process of liquidating his assets in preparation for their divorce. Radar Online claimed that they had a huge disagreement, and their alleged separation was caused by this issue. Again, the rumors were false, as stated by the couple themselves. Marjorie posted a video on her Instagram account where they shared their thoughts about the issue.

Marjorie Elaine's Social Media

Marjorie is pretty huge in social media, specifically on Instagram. As of 2021, her followers are already at 2.2 million. This is the platform that she uses to flaunt her fashion-related content. She can be found in the username @marjorie_harvey.

Marjorie Elaine's Net Worth

Because of her entrepreneurial skills, Marjorie was able to secure a huge sum of money, which sustains her luxurious life and charities. Her estimated net worth is about $60 million, and that's thanks to her fashion-related business that is continually conquering success.
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