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Mary Beougher - Her Love Relationship With Randy Travis

Mary Travis is an American who is well-known in the media. She is well-known because she is married to the American country music singer, actor, songwriter, and guitarist Randy Travis. Mary (Mary Beougher) used to be married to a cosmetic dentist named Dr. Ritchie Beougher Dallas.

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Randy Travis is widely regarded as one of the most successful artists to emerge in the country music scene in the '80s and '90s. He has been on tour all over the world, has won seven Grammy Awards, and his records have been sold in excess of 25 million times. In 2015, the country superstar shocked everyone when he secretly wed Mary Beougher, the woman who had been by her side through a lengthy number of difficulties.
Mary Beougher had been by her side throughout the ordeal. Mary has been by Randy Travis' side during his whole ordeal, from the legal issues he faced in 2012 to the debilitating stroke he suffered in 2013. Let's learn more about Mary Beougher and her relationship with the artist who sang "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Who Is Mary Beougher?

Mary Beougher wearing black outfit an Randy Travis wearing a gray and red coat
Mary Beougher wearing black outfit an Randy Travis wearing a gray and red coat
Mary's first marriage was to Dr. Ritchie Beougher, a cosmetic dentist; however, the couple later separated after it became public knowledge that Mary was having an affair with one of Dr. Beougher's patients. Mary Beougher's birthday is May 4, 1959, and she is currently 63 years old. Her horoscope indicates that she is a Capricorn.
She is also known by the name of Mary Davis. Prior to enrolling at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, she completed her secondary education at Plano Senior High School. Her citizenship is in the United States of America. In addition to that, she is a Christian in her religious practice.
When Mary and the famous singer made their relationship public in 2010 and even moved in together at her place in Plano, Texas, they were accused of breaking up the singer's 19-year marriage to his ex-wife and manager, Libby Hatcher.
This accusation was made when Mary and the singer moved in together at Mary's place. Mary and Randy first became acquainted with one another due to the fact that Mary's ex-husband, Dr. Beougher, was Randy's dentist!

Who Is Mary Beougher Husband?

Randy Travis wearing a blue suit
Randy Travis wearing a blue suit
Because she was married to Randy Travis, Mary Beougher became more well-known after the marriage. In 1978 saw the release of his debut album, Randy Traywick, which was issued by Paula Records. In addition, before Travis was signed by Warner Bros., they toiled away for many years in low-paying jobs in order to make ends meet.
Therefore, in 1986, despite the fact that his first single with Warner Bros. records was not successful, recordings decided to issue his second single, which was titled "1982." On the charts that track country music, the song placed in the top ten.
In addition, the recording business reissued "The Other Hand" after 1982 in the hopes that it would receive a more positive reception. It managed to work its way all the way up to first place.
In 1982, Travis issued his debut studio album titled "Storms of Life," which featured both of the aforementioned tracks in addition to "On the Other Hand." The album reached its highest position on the charts of country music at No. 1.
After making that decision, Travis prioritized his acting profession during the 1990s. He had roles in a wide variety of movies and television shows, including "Dead Man's Revenge" (1994), "Steel Chariots" (1997), "The Rainmaker" (1997), "T.N.T" (1998), and "The Million Dollar Kid" (1999)," amongst others.
In addition to this, he made the decision to transition from mainstream music to evangelical music in the early 2000s. He published a number of albums, some of which include "A Man Ain't Made of Stone (1999)," "Inspirational Journey (2000)," "Rise and Shine (2002)," and "Worship & Faith (2003)."
When he first started out as a country singer, he was given a great deal of recognition for his work, including several Grammy Awards. Randy eventually went on to become an actor and a gospel singer, and he was named number thirteen on CMT's list of the 40 Greatest Men in Country Music.
In addition, he has been awarded a total of 9 American Music Awards, 7 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, 6 Country Music Association Awards, and a total of 6 Grammys. His collaboration with Carrie Underwood on the song "I Told You So" won the Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

Randy Travis Went To Jail Beating Up Mary Beougher’s Ex

In 2012, a few days before Christmas, Randy Travis went to court in Collin County and pleaded not guilty to assault after the fight in the Prestonwood Baptist Church parking lot on August 23.
Randy Travis was charged with Class C assault after he got into a fight with the ex-husband of his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of a church in Texas. On the other hand, Mary's ex-husband and dentist Dr. Ritchie Beougher said that the country star did a lot more than give him an "unwanted touch."
Gregory Shamoun, the lawyer who defended Dr. Beougher in the case against Travis, said on Taste of Country that his client was kicked in the stomach over custody of Ritchie and Mary Beougher's 16-year-old son, who was coming home from camp that day.
The lawyer says that Dr. Beougher had the "sole right to take possession of the child," but Travis stopped him and "threatened to kill him" when he tried to do so.
Officer Tilley, who was at the scene, told Taste of Country that Travis was said to have kicked Richard Beougher, but that he was told the kick didn't hurt Beougher, so it didn't count as a Class C assault. The officer also said that Travis was handcuffed after the fight, but it was only for safety reasons "because he was upset."
For those who have forgotten, this is the story. Travis and his fiancee, Mary Beougher, filed a lawsuit against Beougher's ex-husband Ritchie Dean Beougher, D.D.S., and her brother, William Barnes Davis. Cavanaugh, Beougher's daughter, was also one of the people who sued.
Travis' lawyer said that Randy Travis stood up to the brother bullies to protect the two girls, just like he did when he saved Mary and her daughter Cavanaugh from an attack by Mary's ex-husband and her brother, who works for him.

Mary Beougher Stayed When Randy Travis Had Stroke

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Mary's husband was taken to a hospital in the Dallas area on July 7, 2013, because he had viral cardiomyopathy caused by a viral upper respiratory infection. The doctor said that his condition was very serious. Travis had a huge stroke three days later, and he had to have surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.
On July 15, 2013, it was said that Travis had woken up and was awake after having brain surgery, that his heart was beating without help from machines, and that he was on the way to getting better.
Travis was then let out of Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas, on July 31, 2013, and went to a place where he could get physical therapy.
Travis couldn't sing or even talk after his stroke, and he had to use a cane to get around for more than a year. By November of the next year (2014), Travis was slowly getting better. He could walk short distances without help, and his then-fiancée, Mary Beougher, said he was also relearning how to write and play the guitar.
In 2016, it was said that after three years of rehabilitation, which included therapy, he had gotten his voice back and could sing again. On October 16, 2016, when he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, he sang "Amazing Grace" at the event.
Notably, in 2017, Travis got a permanent injury that made his right hand useless and made it hard for him to speak and sing. Travis still goes out in public, but he doesn't sing anymore. This is mostly because he's worried he can't sing as well as he used to.
Mary's husband shared the stage with Michael Ray in June 2017 during a cover of "Forever and Ever, Amen," to which he added the last word, "Amen." Travis did the same thing at his 60th birthday party on May 4, 2019, which was put on by the Grand Ole Opry.

Mary Petitioned To Block Singer’s Arrest Video

In 2017, Mary started a petition to stop the public release of potentially embarrassing dashboard camera footage from the country legend's DUI arrest in Tioga, Texas, in 2012.
Mary shared the petition, which was posted on She said, "The judge in Grayson County told us that Randy's video would be destroyed after he finished all of the judge's orders." Randy did everything on time, but the Attorney General's office told him that the Judge didn't have the power to do what he did. ”
Randy Travis was first arrested about 60 miles north of his home in Dallas. At the time, he had crashed his car and hurt himself in other ways. Officers from the Department of Public Safety are said to have found Travis lying naked on the road.

Randy And Mary Beougher Net Worth

Smiling Randy Travis wearing a red and gray coat and smiling Mary Beougher wearing black top
Smiling Randy Travis wearing a red and gray coat and smiling Mary Beougher wearing black top
By 2022, her net worth is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million. Being married to a well-known person is her main source of money.
Randy Bruce Traywick, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $32 million. Randy Travis is an American singer, songwriter, and actor who is best known for his work in country music. Travis's net worth comes from the 50 singles from his 20 studio albums. Of those 50 singles, 16 were number one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

People Also Ask

Who Was Married To Randy Travis?

Travis and Elizabeth Hatcher got a divorce on October 29, 2010, after being married for 19 years. After that, they no longer worked together. On March 21, 2015, he married Mary Beougher also known as Mary Davis.

Does Randy Travis Have Any Children?

Even though Randy Travis grew up in a big family, he has never had any kids of his own. This doesn't mean he doesn't want to, though.

What Is The Age Difference Between Randy Travis And His Wife Mary?

Travis and Hatcher met when Travis was a teenager and Hatcher was running a country club in North Carolina. The two were 16 years apart in age when they got married in 1991. They were married for 19 years before getting a divorce in 2010. Mary said, "He wanted children."


Mary Davis or Mary Beougher used to be married to Dr. Ritchie Beougher, a cosmetic dentist in Dallas. As her ex-office husband's manager, Mary Beougher used to work at the Willow Bend Dental office.
She is also an actress, and her movie Today is well-known (1952). She had a daughter named Cavenaugh and a son named Raleigh Beougher from her first marriage.
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