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Mckenna Grace - Net Worth, Career & Interesting Facts You Probably Did Not Know

Mckenna Grace is a phenomenal American teen actress born on 25th June 2006. At the age of six, she began acting professionally. Her earliest roles include Faith Newman in the soap opera The Young and the Restless and Jasmine Bernstein in Crash and Bernstein.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Dec 03, 2022

Personal Life And Career

Mckenna Graceis a phenomenal American teen actress born on 25th June 2006. At the age of six, she began acting professionally. Her earliest roles include Faith Newman in the soap opera The Young and the Restlessand Jasmine Bernstein in Crash and Bernstein.
Grace was born in Grapevine, Texas. Most profoundly, she is a vegetarian. She has a lot of affection for animals, evidenced by her works with the Farm Sanctuary and PETA. Also, Grace has been involved in campaigns requesting people not to leave their dogs in hot vehicles. She became interested in film acting at the age of five after Shirley Temple gave her a film collection. She desired to become an actress, that she later took up acting classes.
With her teachers recognized her talent, she got an agent who helped her appear on commercials. In 2013, Grace got her first-ever role in a full-length film, titled Goodbye World. Family
Mckenna’s father’s name is Ross Burge, while her mother is Crystal Grace. Mr. Ross budge is an orthopedic surgeon.
The first acting audition she attended was in Los Angeles when on vacation with her family. Her whole family moved to Los Angeles after she got her first-ever recurring television role. She has a great-grandmother who is Mexican. Grace loves singing with her uncle, who is a singer and a pianist.

Net Worth

Mckenna grace net worth
Mckenna grace net worth
As of November 2022, Grace’s net worthis estimated to be around 2 million US dollars. This, she has solely made from her acting career and nothing else. Since she started acting at an early age, her net worth can only increase with more projects coming up.

6 Younger Versions Of Famous Actors Played By Mckenna Grace

This is what is she is popularly known for. It is quite impressive for a fourteen-year-old. Here are some of the popular actresses she shared roles with.

1. (Candace King) Young Caroline Forbes ‘

Mckenna grace as candice king
Mckenna grace as candice king
In 2015, Candace King starred as Caroline Forbes, a close friend of Elena Gilbert, a teenager in mystic falls. Elena Gilbert lived with some interesting creatures in the spooky town. For some two episodes in season 6 when Caroline Forbes’ memory was shared, Grace portrayed the younger version of Caroline.

2. (Jennifer Morrison) Young Emma Swan In ‘

Mckenna grace as jennifer morrison
Mckenna grace as jennifer morrison
In 2015, Grace appeared on another great show, Once Upon a Time. Jennifer Morrison stars as Emma Swan. Emma is a woman who gets to know she is an outcast from a storybook world, and she is the one destined to help those trapped in the real world.
Mckenna Grace portrayed the younger version of Emma Swan in season 5 in a flashback. Then she gets some time off until 2017 when she appears in three episodes in season 6.

3. (Margot Robbie) Young Tonya Harding In ‘

Mckenna grace as margot robbie
Mckenna grace as margot robbie
The 2017 film is about the real-life of a skater Tonya Harding. She came under criticism for her attack on her opponent, Nancy Kerrigan. Often, she is seen as a villain, but the film focuses more on her life. Grace portrays a younger version of Margot’s character.

4. (Katie Siegel) Young Theodora Crain In ‘

Mckenna grace as katie siegel
Mckenna grace as katie siegel
Mckenna Grace and Katie Siegel shared the role of Theo Crain. Theo was a psychic middle child who Grace plays the role for seven of the ten episodes in season 1. We hope to see Grace again in the following seasons.

5. (Kiernan Shipka) Young Sabrina Spellman In ‘

Mckenna grace as kiernan shipka
Mckenna grace as kiernan shipka
This is a horror series that premiered in 2018. After 10 episodes, a special holiday episode was released; this is when we first see Grace. In the flashbacks, Grace portrays a younger version of Sabrina Spellman. Kieran is just six years older than Grace, but they play roles that are a bit younger than them.

6. (Brie Larson) Young Carol Danvers In ‘

Mckenna grace as brie larson
Mckenna grace as brie larson
The most recent of portrayals. Though it was a small role, it may turn out to be the most notable.
Brie Larson plays the character Vers, as she is known at first. She later discovers that her name is Carol Danvers, an Air Force Pilot who got into an accident. As she recaptures her memories, there are flashbacks of her childhood. Mckenna Grace plays the role of teenage Carol.
Other films that Mckenna Grace has starred in include; Independence Day: Resurgence, Ready Player One, Suburban Gothic, Frankenstein and Amityville: The Awakening. She has also played roles in TV series like Designated Survivor, Fuller House, CSI: Cyber, and Young Sheldon.

10 Fun Facts About Mckenna Grace

  • Grace has no siblings.
  • Her favorite superhero is Captain America who she adored even before working with him.
  • Cancer is her Zodiac sign.
  • She has blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • She is 1.48 meters tall.
  • Her weight is 45kg.
  • Grace’s favorite movie is E.T.
  • Some of her hobbies include walking (especially in the rain), watching movies, doing handcrafts, singing, and reading books.
  • She has two dogs as her pets. Marshmallow is a girl, while Baby Unicorn is a boy (sweet little dog).
  • In the future, Mckenna Grace would like to work with Emma Watson as she enjoyed her work in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’


Mckenna Grace and Tashiana Washingtonare an inspiration to not only aspiring actors but also to many young people. You can achieve a lot at a young age if you set your mind to what you want to do. Most important of all, love what you do.
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