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Michael Rapaport Movies And TV Shows - From Blockbusters To TV Gold

Explore the world of Michael Rapaport Movies and TV shows through his captivating Movies and TV Shows.

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Michael David Rapaport, born on March 20, 1970, is a prominent American actor and comedian known for his extensive career in film and TV. He also directs documentaries and hosts the I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast, showcasing his versatile talents. His cinematic odyssey encompasses notable works like Zebrahead (1992), True Romance (1993), Higher Learning (1995), Metro (1997), Cop Land (1997), Deep Blue Sea (1999), The 6th Day (2000), Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), Big Fan (2009), and The Heat (2013).
Venturing into the small screen, Rapaport led the Fox sitcom The War at Home (2005–2007) and featured prominently in the Fox drama Boston Public (2001–2004), the fourth season of the Fox serial drama Prison Break (2008–2009), and the Netflix comedy drama Atypical (2017–2021). He contributed recurring roles on the NBC sitcoms Friends (1999) and My Name Is Earl (2007–2008) and the FX Western Justified (2014). His creative spectrum extends beyond acting, as exemplified by his directorial role in the 2011 documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, delving into the profound journey of the hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest.
Michael Rapaport takes charge of the I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast, providing a distinctive auditory experience. Beyond Hollywood glamour, he skilfully crafts narratives with linguistic finesse, offering audiences something beyond the ordinary. Explore the world of Michael Rapaport Movies and TV Shows through his captivating Movies and TV Shows.
Michael Rapaport smiling
Michael Rapaport smiling

Personal Life

In 2000, Rapaport married Nichole Beattie, and they had two sons before divorcing in 2007. He shared his experience in 2005, having to evict Natasha Lyonne during her challenging time, but they later became friends. In 2016, Rapaport married actress Kebe Dunn.
In June 2018, he prevented a fellow passenger from opening an emergency exit mid-flight. In a significant incident in May 1997, Rapaport faced legal troubles, being arrested for harassing his ex-girlfriend, actress Lili Taylor. He pleaded guilty, and a protection order was issued to keep him from contacting Taylor, along with mandated counseling sessions.
These episodes highlight the complex facets of Rapaport's life, including relationships, legal challenges, and moments of decisive action.


In 1989, at the age of 19, Rapaport moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a stand-up comic, supported by his stepfather, comic Mark Lonow. He performed stand-up for three years before landing his breakthrough role on the TV series "China Beach."
Rapaport had recurring roles in shows like "My Name Is Earl" and "Prison Break." He directed a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest titled "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest," released in 2011. He also guest-starred in the fifth season of FX's "Justified."
Known for his sports involvement, Rapaport participated in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in 2010 and directed an ESPN 30 for 30 films about the 1970s New York Knicks. He frequently appears on The Howard Stern Show and hosts the "I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast."
Rapaport joined Barstool Sports in 2017 but was later fired in 2018. He serves as a reporter for Fox Sports, covering the BIG3 basketball league, and narrates the WWE 365 series on WWE Network. In 2023, he competed in season ten of The Masked Singer as the wild card contestant "Pickle" and was eliminated on "2000s Night."

Early Life

Rapaport, born in New York City, is the son of June Brody, a radio personality, and David Rapaport, a radio executive. His father managed the All-Disco format at WKTU Disco 92. He has a brother, Eric Rapaport, and an older half-sister, Claudia Lonow, from his father's previous marriage. After his parents' divorce, his mother married comic Mark Lonow.
Growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Rapaport faced challenges in school. He attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn but was expelled. He later graduated from Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan. Rapaport's Jewish heritage traces back to Poland and Russia.


  • 1992- Zebrahead as Zack
  • 1993- Point of No Return as Big Stan
  • 1993- Poetic Justice as Dockworker
  • 1993- Money for Nothing as Kenny Kozlowski
  • 1993- True Romance as Dick Ritchie
  • 1994- Hand Gun as Lenny
  • 1994 - The Scout as Tommy Lacy
  • 1994- The Foot Shooting Party as Lizard
  • 1995- Higher Learning as Remy
  • 1995- The Basketball Diaries as Skinhead
  • 1995- Kiss of Death as Ronnie Gannon
  • 1995 - Mighty Aphrodite as Kevin
  • 1996 - Beautiful Girls as Paul Kirkwood
  • 1996- The Pallbearer as Brad Schorr
  • 1997- Metro as Kevin McCall
  • 1997- A Brother's Kiss as Stingy
  • 1997- Kicked in the Head as Stretch
  • 1997- Cop Land as Murray Babitch
  • 1998- Illtown as Dante
  • 1998- Palmetto as Donnelly
  • 1998- Some Girl as Neal
  • 1998- The Naked Man as Edward Bliss Jr.
  • 1999 - Deep Blue Sea as Tom Scoggins
  • 1999- Kiss Toledo Goodbye as Kevin Gower
  • 2000- Next Friday as Mailman with Tax Notice
  • 2000- Small Time Crooks as Denny
  • 2000- Men of Honor as GM1 Snowhill
  • 2000- Bamboozled as Thomas Dunwitty
  • 2000- Chain of Fools as Hitman
  • 2000 - King of the Jungle as Francis
  • 2000- Lucky Numbers as Dale
  • 2000- The 6th Day as Hank Morgan
  • 2001- Dr. Dolittle 2 as Joey the Raccoon (voice)
  • 2002 - Paper Soldiers as Mike E.
  • 2002- Triggermen as Tommy O'Brian
  • 2002- 29 Palms as The Cop
  • 2002- Comic Book Villains as Norman Link
  • 2003- A Good Night to Die as August
  • 2003- This Girl's Life as Terry the Car Salesman
  • 2004- The N Word as Himself
  • 2004- America Brown as Daniel Brown
  • 2004- Scrambled Eggs as Drama Teacher
  • 2005- Hitch as Ben
  • 2006- Special as Les Franken
  • 2006- Live Free or Die as Lt. Putney
  • 2006 - Push as Tommy G
  • 2006 - Grilled as Bobby
  • 2006- It Aint Easy
  • 2008- Assassination of a High School President as Coach Z
  • 2009- Big Fan as Philadelphia Phil
  • 2009- A Day in the Life as Detective Grant
  • 2009- Tom Cool
  • 2011- Inside Out as Jack Small
  • 2012- Should've Been Romeo as Danny
  • 2012- The Baytown Outlaws as Lucky
  • 2012 - Kiss of the Damned as Ben
  • 2013- The Heat as Jason Mullins
  • 2013- Once Upon a Time in Queens as Bobby DiBianco
  • 2014- My Man Is a Loser as Marty
  • 2015- Little Boy as James Busbee
  • 2016- A Stand Up Guy as Colin
  • 2016 - Chuck as John Wepner
  • 2016- Sully as Pete the Bartender
  • 2016- Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life as Animation Voice (voice)
  • 2019 - 100%: Julian Edelman as Narrator
  • 2020- Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story as Bill Fitch
  • 2021- Conflicted as Mike
  • 2023- I'll Be Right There as TBA
  • 2023- Glisten and the Merry Mission as Grizz (voice)

TV Shows

  • 1990- China Beach as Kravits
  • 1992- Murphy Brown as Robbie
  • 1992- Middle Ages as Jimmy
  • 1993- Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Mike
  • 1993- NYPD Blue as Jaime Dileo
  • 1997- Subway Stories as Jake
  • 1998- E.R. as Paul Canterna
  • 1998 - Rude Awakening as Johnny
  • 1998- Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Families as Szarany
  • 1999- Friends as Gary
  • 2001- Weakest Link as Himself
  • 2001- Celebrity Adventures as Himself
  • 2001- Night Visions as Harlow Winton
  • 2001–04- Boston Public as Danny Hanson
  • 2003- Chappelle's Show as Popcopy Employee
  • 2005–07 - The War at Home as David "Dave" Gold
  • 2006- Thugaboo: Sneaker Madness as DJ (voice)
  • 2006–07- MadTV as Clark Gable/Abraham Lincoln
  • 2007–08- My Name Is Earl as Frank Stump
  • 2008–09 - Prison Break as Agent Donald "Don" Self
  • 2009–10 - Accidentally on Purpose as Sully
  • 2010- 30 for 30 as Himself
  • 2010- Celebrity Ghost Stories as Himself
  • 2010 - Royal Pains as Stanley
  • 2010- The Line as Steve Waxman
  • 2010–13- Pound Puppies as Squirt (voice)
  • 2012–13 - The Mob Doctor as Paul Moretti
  • 2013- The Haunting of… as Himself
  • 2014- Raising Hope as Michael
  • 2014- Justified as Daryl Crowe Jr.
  • 2015- Black-ish as Jay Simmons
  • 2015- Louie as Lenny
  • 2015- Public Morals as Officer Charlie Bullman
  • 2015- The Big Bang Theory as Kenny Fitzgerald
  • 2016- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Richie Caskey
  • 2016- Dice as Bobby the Mooch
  • 2016- Crisis in Six Scenes as Trooper Mike
  • 2017- The $100,000 Pyramid as Himself
  • 2017- The New Edition Story as Gary Evans
  • 2017- Animals. as Erik (voice)
  • 2017- White Famous as Teddy Snow
  • 2017–18- The Guest Book as Adam
  • 2017–21- Atypical as Doug Gardner
  • 2018- Hip Hop Squares as Himself/Panelist
  • 2018 - Ridiculousness as Himself
  • 2019–23- The Simpsons as Mike Wegman (voice)
  • 2020- Sneakerheads as Himself
  • 2020- Yo Mama as Himself
  • 2020- Cooked with Cannabis as Himself
  • 2020- Tournament of Laughs as Himself
  • 2021–22- The Wendy Williams Show as Himself/Guest Host
  • 2022- Celebrity Wheel of Fortune as Himself/Contestant
  • 2022- Life & Beth as Leonard
  • 2022- Only Murders in the Building as Detective Kreps
  • 2023- The Masked Singer as Pickle
  • 2023- Eretz Nehederet as Albus Dumbledore
Michael Rapaport wearing a black suit as he walk down the road while making a phone call
Michael Rapaport wearing a black suit as he walk down the road while making a phone call

Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life (2016)

Michael Rapaport as an animation voice. The story talks about Rafael "Rafe" Khatchadorian who lives with his mom, Jules, his younger sister Georgia, and Jules's lazy boyfriend Carl. Rafe, passionate about art and with an overactive imagination, faces his last chance at Hills Village Middle School after being kicked out of others.
Disappointed with the school's oppressive Principal Dwight and Vice-Principal Stricker, Rafe, with his imaginary friend Leo, starts a rebellion called "Operation: Rules Aren't For Everyone."
Executing pranks on the school staff, they disrupt the B.L.A.A.R. test plan. Despite being suspended, Rafe exposes Dwight and Stricker's deceit, leading to their firing. Jules breaks up with Carl, Rafe returns to school, kisses Jeanne, and reconciles with imaginary Leo. The film ends with an imaginary UFO dance party, symbolising Rafe's triumph.

Sully (2016)

Michael Rapaport as Pete the bartender. On January 15, 2009, Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and First Officer Jeff Skiles departed LaGuardia Airport in US Airways Flight 1549. Mid-flight, a bird strike damages both engines, leaving them little choice but to ditch the aircraft in the Hudson River. All 155 passengers and crew survive. Sully is celebrated for his remarkable skill but faces scrutiny from investigators and media.
Remaining in NYC for the investigation, Sully disputes data suggesting one engine could have landed the plane, challenging NTSB simulations. The NTSB leans towards pilot error, risking Sully's reputation. To defend himself, Sully argues simulations lack real-life complexities. Reluctantly, NTSB accepts his criticism and, after revaluation, vindicates Sully's actions.
The movie ends with Sully crediting everyone involved and a light-hearted joke from Jeff.

Little Boy (2015)

Michael Rapaport as James Busbee. The story is set in the coastal town of O'Hare, California, 8-year-old Pepper Flynt Busbee, nicknamed "little boy" due to his size, shares a close bond with his father, James. When World War II begins, James enlists, leaving Pepper devastated.
Determined to bring his father home, Pepper faces anti-Japanese sentiment but befriends Hashimoto, learning valuable lessons.
Pepper's faith is tested when James is reported missing, and the family struggles. Despite hardships, including an attack on Hashimoto, Pepper's faith is restored when he discovers his father is alive. Reunited, the family cherishes the gift of love amid adversity.

FAQ - Michael Rapaport Movies And TV Show

What Made Michael Rapaport Famous?

Rapaport's significant breakthrough in acting came with the TV series "China Beach." Later, he played a recurring role in "My Name Is Earl" as Frank, a convict whom Earl reconnects with in prison.

Does Michael Rapaport Have Instagram?

Michael Rapaport (@michaelrapaport)

Does Michael Rappaport Have Kids?

He has two kids, Maceo Shane Rapaport and Julian Ali Rapaport.

When Did Michael Rapaport Start Acting?

Michael Rapaport embarked on his acting career in the early 1990s, making his debut in the film "China Beach" in 1990. Subsequently, he appeared in various movies, including "Zebrahead" (1992), "Poetic Justice" (1993), "Kiss of Death" (1995), and "The Basketball Diaries" (1995).


Michael Rapaport Movies and TV Shows have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, showcasing his versatility across various genres.
Michael Rapaport's journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by a versatile and impactful presence. From his early roles in TV series like "China Beach" to his diverse filmography, including notable works like "Zebrahead" and "The Basketball Diaries," Rapaport has left an enduring imprint on the world of film and television.
His ability to navigate different genres showcases his talent and contributes to the richness of cinematic and television experiences.
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