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Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Microsoft has joined Linux foundation as a highest paying platinum member.

Author:James PierceMar 08, 2021
It might be unbelievable to most of us but it is very true. Microsoft and Linux are one of the largest online companies and their coming together might not sound true but in this case, it is a very true case. Microsoft has joined Linux foundation as a highest paying platinum member.
Microsoft is opening day from day and that could be the reason that they joined the Linux foundation lately. At the Connect event by Microsoft in 2013, they introduced Visual Studio 2013. In 2014, Microsoft launched .NET. With introduction of open source Visual Studio Code Editor, it became quite evident that the love is increasing for open sources.
Love of Microsoft for open source does not stop here. They have collaborated with Canonical to develop and market Ubuntu on Windows 10. They even joined hands with FreeBSD to develop a Virtual Machine image for its Azure cloud. Moreover, they have selected strategically Ubuntu as OS to be used on cloud based Big Data services.

Microsoft Biggest Decision

The biggest decision that Microsoft took is to join Linux Foundation. Microsoft announced that the company was joining the Linux Foundation. They have got platinum membership. The price of each platinum membership is $500,000. This membership price is annual.
Besides this, Microsoft told in Connect that is going on in New York that Google has joined with .NET Foundation. The love for open source is increasing day by day.
This step by Microsoft is quite contrary to the statement of Former Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer. Steve Ballmer once accused Linux of being cancer. He said, “Linux is a cancer.” He told this in an interview with Chicago Sun-times.
Linux is a non profit organization that has operating system Linux. They take care of this advanced Linux operating system and along with it, other advanced computer open technology is taken care of.
It is not the first time that Microsoft is contributing to open source. It has previously contributed to Node.js Foundation, OpenDaylight, R Consortium, Open Container Initiative, and Open API Initiative.
Microsoft is a firm believer in this fact that this decision will help their customers by a great extent. Microsoft announced that as part of its effort to work more closely with the open source community, it will help their customers due to increased collaboration and innovation among diverse ecosystems.
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