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Miyako Fujitani - The Former Wife Of Steven Seagal

If you are familiar with Steven Seagal, then you have most likely become familiar with Miyako Fujitani since this lady is the famous actor's ex-wife. For as long as anyone can remember, Japan has been the global capital of tradition and culture, not to mention the martial arts.

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If you are familiar with Steven Seagal, then you have most likely become familiar with Miyako Fujitanisince this lady is the famous actor's ex-wife. For as long as anyone can remember, Japan has been the global capital of tradition and culture, not to mention the martial arts.
Aikido, an ancient Japanese martial art, is one example of such a practice. Miyako Fujitani, who was formerly married to Steven Seagal and is now one of the art form's instructors, is also one of the people who practices the art form.
She is also a talented writer and actress, in addition to being the founder of the well-known Tenshin Dojo. In addition to this, Fujitani is a highly regarded first-degree black belt instructor in Japanese martial arts.
Today, we are going to talk about this incredible actress, both in her personal life and in her career, as well as anything else about this incredible lady that you need to know.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Miyako Fujitani
Birth Date: February 3, 1952
Age: 70 years old
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Nationality: Japanese


Miyako Fujitani, a stunningly beautiful woman from Asia, was born in Osaka, Japan, which is Japan's second largest city. She was born there and has always considered herself to be of Asian ancestry. Fujitani was born into a traditional Japanese family, and her father was a prominent figure in the martial art of Aikido.
Fujitani, the Aikido instructor, was born in 1952, which means that she is currently 70 years old as of this moment. Her birthday falls on February third, and she has a party in her honor every year. In addition, Aquarius is her star sign, and it is said that those who are born under this sign are original and intelligent.
Moving on, this Japanese master has been practicing Aikido for many years, which has resulted in her having a lean body that is nonetheless very strong. In a similar fashion, Fujitani has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), but we do not have any information regarding her weight or any of her other measurements. In addition, the master has a naturally alluring appearance, with dark eyes and short, naturally black hair.


Even though Miyuki isn't married at the moment, she has had a husband in the past. As was mentioned earlier, Fujitani was formerly married to the American actor, producer, screenwriter and martial artist, Steven Seagal. Seagal is also known for his musical career.
Fujitani's ex-husband and children
Fujitani's ex-husband and children
In a similar manner, the former couple had their first encounter in July of 1974 at an airport in Los Angeles. Due to the fact that they were both trained in martial arts, the two individuals started to feel feelings for each other. They decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting married in December of 1974.
Soon after that, on October 3, 1975, the lovely couple welcomed their first child, a son whom they named Kentaro Seagal; similarly, their joy knew no bounds when they had their second child, this time a daughter whom they named Ayako Fujitani on December 7, 1979.
As of right now, both of their grown children are thriving in their chosen professions, which was always their goal for them. Ayako Fujitani is a writer and entertainer who has captivated audiences all over the world with her spectacular acting abilities, incredible performance in her films, and arrangement that includes her alluring splendor.
Kentaro Seagal, her son, has also been involved in the acting industry since its inception. He has appeared in films such as Seamless: Kidz Rule, Pi-Pi Kyodai, Death Trance, and Osaka Story. Kentaro is a rising celebrity who wishes to emulate his father's success.
Their joy, however, did not last very long, and in 1987 the couple decided to go their separate ways. While Fujitani chose to remain single, her ex-husband Steven went ahead and tied the knot with both Adrienne Larussain and Kelly LeBrock at the same time. In addition the famous actor was also hitched to Erdenetuya Batsukh.
After getting divorced from Steven, Miyako is supposed to be living a single life, but it's possible that she's keeping something from us. There are no juicy tidbits of gossip or heated debates regarding her private or professional life. She is currently engaging in her usual activities with her children at this time.


Aikido was where Fujitani's teaching career in the martial arts began, and it remains her primary focus. The young Fujitani demonstrated an aptitude for it at an early age and went on to build a successful career in the field. She has been training in Aikido for over half a century at this point, and she is currently a seventh-dan practitioner.
In a similar vein, she began her career in the field of education in 1976, the same year that Fujitani helped to establish Tenshin Dojo. Osaka, Japan is the location of one of the world's most renowned aikido schools, which she calls her hometown.
In addition, the ex-couple is responsible for the establishment of the dojo. Fujitani is not only an Aikido instructor, but also a writer in his spare time. She frequently composes poems and essays that are about the foundation as well as her personal experience.
In addition, Steven's ex-wife is also an actress, and she made her first appearance in front of the camera in the film E! Tru Hollywood Story in the year 2000. Fujitani, her ex-husband Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, and Adrienne La Russa all made cameo appearances in episode 5.

Net Worth

This passionate Aikido master has an impressive net worth of $1 million as of right now. She is able to maintain such a comfortable standard of living thanks to her successful careers as an actress, writer, and Aikido instructor.
In addition, the annual income of a martial arts instructor can range anywhere from $21,000 to $62,000. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Steven has amassed an astounding net worth of 16 million dollars since they divorced.

People Also Ask

Who Is Miyako Fujitani?

Miyako Fujitani is an Aikido instructor writer and actress.

Where Is Miyako Fujitani From?

Miyako Fujitani, a stunningly gorgeous woman who hails from Asia, was born in Osaka, which is the second largest city in Japan.

Who Is Miyako Fujitani's Husband?

Fujitani was previously married to martial artist, actor, producer, and writer Steven Seagal.

Final Words

At this present time, the lovely Fujitani is spending her days in a state of contentment and joy with her offspring. Additionally, the master instructor does not currently engage with any of their social media accounts at this time.
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