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List Of Mobile Crypto Mining Apps In 2024

Mine Crypto on the Go! Discover the TOP mobile crypto mining apps in 2024 & Turn Your Phone into a Profit Machine!

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Gordon Dickerson
Feb 23, 2024
The process of employing computer power to validate transactions and produce new digital currency units is known as 'cryptocurrency mining'. Although mining can be a profitable way to make bitcoin, it also comes with a cost, high electricity bills, specialized technology, and technical know-how. The popularity, functionality, and potential of the top free Mobile Crypto Mining Apps for 2024 and beyond will be examined in this article.
With these programs, users may mine a variety of cryptocurrencies for free and take use of features like profit calculators, auto-coin switching, and community support. But now that free cryptocurrency mining programs are available, anyone may use a mobile device to take part in the mining process.

Hot List Of Mining Apps

Mining app opened on a mobile phone
Mining app opened on a mobile phone

1. Pi Network

A cryptocurrency initiative called Pi Network enables users to "mine" Pi coins through their app. Pi Network uses the term "mining" in an ambiguous way because the Pi coin does not rely on a Proof-of-Work consensus process.
Rather, it makes use of an altered version of the Stellar Consensus Protocol, which enables consensus without requiring a large amount of processing power from users. For this reason, the energy consumption of the Pi Network app is comparable to that of any other typical Android app.
Installing the Pi Network app will allow you to begin "mining" Pi coins. Because you can quit the Pi Network app after beginning a mining session, it can even "mine" Pi when it is closed. By utilizing different Pi programs or contributing to the network in other ways, you can raise your Pi mining rate.

2. Nicehash

The well-known cryptocurrency mining platform NiceHash provides a range of mining options for ASIC, GPU, and CPU miners. The ability to buy and sell hashpower is one of NiceHash's most intriguing features.
You can control your NiceHash account, mining equipment, and bitcoin wallets via the NiceHash mobile app. Naturally, you may also use it to keep track of your mining earnings. The NiceHash hashpower marketplace is another element of the app that lets you order additional hashrate or cancel old orders.

3. CryptoTab

With the help of the online browser CryptoTab, users may earn Bitcoin rewards while they browse. In order to pay out incentives, CryptoTab mines the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) and converts it to Bitcoin. The CryptoTab browser, which the business refers to as Cloud.Boost, leverages cloud mining on mobile devices. The CryptoTab browser is offered as an iOS app and a desktop application in addition to the Android version.
The most widely used web browser in the world, Chrome, serves as the foundation for the CryptoTab browser. This implies that using any Chrome browser extension with CryptoTab is likewise possible, and importing your bookmarks and browsing history is simple.

4. Binance

In addition to giving you access to a wide range of trading items, theBinance cryptocurrency exchange's mobile app includes the cloud mining option. Those without mining hardware can nonetheless indirectly engage in bitcoin mining through cloud mining. When it comes to Binance, you can buy a specific quantity of hashrate from the Binance Pool mining pool and get incentives for mining BTC to your Binance Funding Wallet.
You may buy cloud mining items on Binance for different lengths of time, including 60 or 100 days. You will need to use USDT stablecoin as payment if you wish to purchase hashrate on Binance.

5. App

An excellent companion tool for every miner using the BTC.compool is the mobile application offered by the well-known cryptocurrency mining platform Users may keep an eye on the state of the Bitcoin mining network and important details like the hashrate and mining difficulty by downloading the app.

6. Brave Browser

Brave is a web browser that offers robust privacy safeguards, an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, and token incentives for users who choose to watch adverts. The Brave browseroffers a plethora of features that make browsing the web safer and less annoying by blocking intrusive online advertisements, third-party cookies, and cross-site trackers by default.
You may be able to obtain BAT tokens via the Brave Rewards program if you use an Android device. Users that choose to accept advertisement serving through Brave Rewards will receive BAT tokens in exchange.

7. Minerstat

A program called Minerstat enables users to keep an eye on their bitcoin mining activities. Users who wish to keep an eye on their mining rigs while they're on the go will find the platform's Android application to be a very useful resource.
You can get up-to-date information on your hashrate, estimated earnings, active workers, and more with the Minerstat app. Statistics regarding your mining activities, such as variations in the profitability of the various rigs in your setup, are also provided by the application.

8. ECOs

One of the top cryptocurrency mining platforms, ECOSwas established in 2017 and currently serves over 500,000 users globally. ECOS offers a variety of investment opportunities, such as high-risk trading, cloud mining, ASIC mining, and B2B services.
Cloud mining or buying an ASIC housed at ECOS's mining facility are the two options to mine Bitcoin that ECOS offers through its user-friendly mobile app, which is available on iOS, Android, and the Mi Store. You can use bank cards or a variety of cryptocurrencies to pay for any ECOS goods.
For both services, complimentary demo mining is now offered upon registration with the promo codes "TryASIC" for ASIC mining and "TryBeforeBuy" for cloud mining.

9. Kryptex

Using your PC, you may mine several cryptocurrencies withKryptex, a free Bitcoin mining tool. On your Windows computer, you can download and install the software to begin mining automatically. With Kryptex, you can make anywhere from US$30 to US$70 every month, depending on the coin being mined and the mining's overall cost.

10. PEGA Pool

With the help of the free cryptocurrency mining program PEGA Pool, you can use your smartphone to mine Ethereum. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, you can begin mining right away. Depending on the reliability of the network and the efficiency of your device, you can make up to 0.01 ETH every day.

11. StormGain

StormGainis a cryptocurrency trading website that provides a cloud mining service for free. By creating an account on the app and turning on the mining feature, you can mine Bitcoin using a smartphone. Your daily earnings can reach 0.03 BTC, contingent upon your trading volume and level of loyalty. Additionally, you can speed up your mining by asking friends to download the program.

12. Hashing24

Hashing24is an easy-to-use software that lets users mine several cryptocurrencies without needing to buy expensive equipment. It does this by using real data centers for maximum performance and efficiency. You can pay with Bitcoin or a credit card and select from a variety of mining options. A free sample account is also available, and you can mine up to 0.0002 BTC per day.

13. HashShiny

Using Hash Shiny, you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and Decred with the free crypto mining program Hashshiny. With only one swipe, you may begin mining after downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Your daily earnings may vary according on the performance of your device and the complexity of the network, up to 0.005 BTC.

14. BetterHash

BetterHashis a free cryptocurrency mining program that uses your computer to mine several coins. On your Windows computer, you can download and install the software to begin mining automatically. Based on the details of your hardware and the state of the market, the software will choose the coin that has the highest profit margin.

15. The MinerGate

Using your PC or smartphone, you may mine various cryptocurrencies using MinerGate, a free cryptocurrency mining program. On a Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS device, you can download and install the program to begin mining either manually or automatically. Based on market conditions and the performance of your device, the software will choose the best coin.

FAQ's About Mobile Crypto Mining Apps

Is Mining Cryptocurrency Free?

Indeed. Through a virtual miner, Libertex offers its users free Bitcoin mining. With virtual Bitcoin miner, there are no upfront costs or fees to begin making money.

Is It Possible To Mine Bitcoin On An Android Phone?

It is theoretically feasible to use an Android phone for Bitcoin mining. In actuality, though, you won't make any money, instead you'll just be wasting electricity and perhaps damaging your smartphone. This is due to the fact that mobile phones are not nearly as powerful as the highly optimized ASIC chips used in Bitcoin mining.

Is Mining On StormGain Free?

You will undoubtedly enjoy StormGain's benefits if you wish to try your hand at cryptocurrency mining: It's cost-free. Buying mining equipment is not necessary; you may simply use a mobile device to do it.


Let's review the key conclusions from our investigation into the Android crypto mining apps that are now available. It is not a feasible alternative to use the hardware of your mobile phone for real crypto mining (taking part in PoW consensus). Not only will mining not benefit you financially, but it may also damage your mobile device. You can get paid a little amount of cryptocurrency by using "mining" apps to watch adverts and complete surveys. These apps typically give too little in incentives for you to find them worthwhile using.
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