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The Most Exciting Family Activity Trends For 2024

There are a few very exciting family activity trends for 2024. Most here relate to vacationing somewhere, but there are some you can enjoy together in your home city or without venturing out too far. There is also a healthy mix of relaxing, physical, and wellbeing activities that all the family can enjoy.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Feb 16, 2024
There are a few very exciting family activity trends for 2024. Most here relate to vacationing somewhere, but there are some you can enjoy together in your home city or without venturing out too far. There is also a healthy mix of relaxing, physical, and wellbeing activities that all the family can enjoy. So, from visiting famous places from movies and TV shows to exciting days out and camping to see the stars, here are some family-friendly suggestions for 2024.

Nature on the Water Activities

Water activities are among some of the most exciting because, well, who doesn’t love water? Gentle river excursions with Tower paddle boards, freshwater and ocean diving, and even riverboat cruises are popular these days. On the water, there is always something for everyone, and most activities can be enjoyed as a family. The kids will never forget the first time they saw a pod of dolphins, touched a coral reef, or won a paddleboarding race against vacation friends.

Visiting Famous Places from TV and Film

Popular culture has always had an influence on travel and tourism. Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is an example. But mostly, this comes from movies and TV; The Exorcist Stairs, Juliet’s Balcony, and Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey. Here are some of the most popular ones for 2024:
  • Venice Beach in California has become extremely popular, thanks to Barbie.
  • Scotland has seen an increase thanks to Indian Jones and the Dial of Destiny.
  • The Ms. Marvel Disney+ show has increased tourism in New Jersey.
  • Wadi Rum in Jordan has become popular because it’s where Dune Part 2 was filmed.
Known as “Set-Jetting,” taking the kids to places they have seen in movies or on social media can offer them something they won’t soon forget. It also brings them closer to the media they love and forms a deeper connection to their interests and hobbies that can last forever.
A vacation is supposed to be relaxing by its very nature. Yet it isn’t uncommon to be stressed before the vacation, during and after when you get home. Don’t worry if the kids act up or you argue with your partner. You aren’t alone, as studies suggest that around 50% of families are dysfunctional. The trick is making efforts to address wellbeing while you have the chance. Exploring the great outdoors, getting involved in arts and crafts, and meditation are examples.

Exciting But Educational Vacations

Travel-based learning is a powerful way for children to soak in what they need. The experience of being up close and personal to something cements it in memory and helps with recall when needed. Complex issues such as art, architecture, and history are often disregarded by kids. Yet the experience of immersion when traveling is a powerful method of ensuring they understand the subject matter much more than reading from a dusty old book or being lectured to.

Stunningly Scenic Railway Adventures

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a train ride. Even in a city, this can be wonderful for children and railway enthusiasts. Yet a railway vacation offers a lot more than a standard one. The main reason is that many railway journeys can take you through places not accessible by any other means. This includes mountain passes, long-distance bridges, and massive tunnels. Railway journeys are among the most scenic on Earth and are considered very eco-friendly, too.

Experiential Destination Travel

There are some places on the planet that are like no other. These places make excellent travel destinations for families who enjoy something different than the standard resort or adventure park. You may have to travel a little further than usual, but they are well worth the extra effort. Some of the most popular include Japan, China and India. These are culturally rich places with unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else, broadening your family horizons.

Multi-Activity Days Out with the Kids

Far-flung adventures can offer experiences you will never forget. But most kids just want to do something fun and engaging. Fortunately, almost every city has something to offer that gets the kids out for the day. Some of the easiest and most fun activities for city families include:
  • Adventure centers with physical activities for energetic families.
  • Days out to beloved places such as safari parks, zoos, and aquatic centers.
  • Educational trips to national museums and landmarks inside the city.
  • Fun zone days out to centers with VR gaming, indoor karting, and arcades.
  • Classic family days at bowling alleys with other family-friendly games.
  • More adventurous families can tour city parks and lakes using bikes.
  • Try visiting a city when there are local festivals scheduled for something exciting.
Even if you live in a small town with nothing to do, you probably don’t have to travel far to find at least one of these activities. A few rounds of bowling can be all it takes to satisfy a child’s thirst for fun, and even museums offer child-friendly areas for learning through play and exploration.

Urban Art Outdoor Exploration

Further to things to do in a city for families, there is no shortage of urban vibrancy, inclusion, and expression in most cities. Larger cities such as New York, Tokyo, and London are perfect examples. Art exhibitions are often the most popular ways to engage in a city, and they are usually located close to the action. Art installations such as Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park offer immersion into culture for the entire family, surrounded by city life and nature together.

All-Inclusive Family Resort Vacations

Some families enjoy extreme sports, and others like to do as little as possible. These vacations to places such as Spain, Turkey, and Greece can be just what you need to recharge and reset. There are many reputable agencies out there offering all-inclusive resort holidays for much less than you think. This includes food and drink while staying there. However, some are misleading, so always read the reviews left by genuine customers before you book a family vacation.

Visiting Relatives and Friends

Traveling with family doesn’t always mean arriving at an expensive resort or holiday park. Some of the best road trips have a purpose, and among these is meeting up with family and friends. These are the times that most of us treasure the most as we make new memories, have fun, laugh, and enjoy the company of the people we love the most. These kinds of vacations are best enjoyed in places of natural beauty in private surroundings where you can get on with it.
Whether you like to relax on the beach or get more physical, any vacation should be enjoyable. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being more active, and adventure holidays have increased by 65% over the past few years. But taking it easy also makes a holiday great. Of course, you can get out and explore. But why exert yourself when you need to relax? Power-assisted e-bikes may be the answer, as they can do all the heavy work for you.

Camping Trips for Gazing at the Stars

One of the major disappointments of living in or near a city is light pollution. This is because it prevents you from seeing the night sky with its stars, nebulae, and planets. If you want to see the night sky in all its glory, you will have to venture out to some distant places, such as:
  • As the driest place on Earth, Chile’s Atacama desert is unrivaled for stargazing.
  • Within the US, Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah is a Dark Sky Park.
  • South Africa’s Kruger National Park offers night sky views among safari animals.
  • Mauna Kea in Hawaii is a major astronomy hub with its own mountain observatory.
Getting into astronomy requires a certain dedication and a willingness to learn. Yet, it also helps to become something of a seasoned traveler. You can enjoy astronomy as a family with some trips to remote locations. But you will also need to learn to camp under the stars as well.

Experiencing Other Cultures

Perhaps the greatest reason for traveling through cities and exotic destinations is to sample other cultures. You can only get so much from a book, travel guide, or YouTube video. And you would be missing out on so much if you don’t travel for cultural experiences. Local traditions, holidays, and even behaviors are experiences that embolden and enlighten. Then, of course, there’s the food. Which is the main reason to travel if we are all completely honest about it.


Getting out into nature and especially water-based excursions are exciting family activity trends predicted for this year. From watersports to river cruises, there is something for everyone. Yet you don’t need to travel out too far, and city-based adventures are usually close. Play centers, zoos, and bowling alleys are all beloved by kids of all ages. But of course, traveling to exotic destinations helps kids learn about other cultures and even enhance their knowledge of food.
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