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5 Most versatile US movie actors for students to look up to

During college, students need all types of entertainment to get by smoothly. This is their growth period when they explore new genres of music, movies, hobbies, and anything else of interest.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Jul 07, 2021
During college, students need all types of entertainment to get by smoothly. This is their growth period when they explore new genres of music, movies, hobbies, and anything else of interest.
Students look up to a lot of people while growing up. They take cues and tips from the ones they relate with the most. Most of the time, their idols are movie stars. Why? Because movies and TV shows form a significant part of their lives.
Students need to take regular breaks while studying. Binging on movies and shows to watch their favorite actors is the most common way to destress these days. When the pressure increases too much, they can also seek professional help with their assignment work. Platforms like Studyfy have everything you need for a successful academic life. Guides, studying tips, and tutoring are available there. Students can also outsource extra work like study helpand proofreading on such sites.
In no particular order, here are 15 of the most versatile US movie actors for students to look up to –

Brad Pitt

As an actor, Brad has been active for more than thirty years. He has consistently portrayed various characters of intensities and types—crushing his former title of just being a heartthrob. His versatile and stellar performances have landed him several acting awards. Some of his most notable films are Fight Club, Troy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Se7en, Fury, and more.

Meryl Streep

Meryl is often described by many as the best actor of her generation. Her name comes to many-a-tongue for the finest dramatic actress of all time. Her most notable performances were in The Deer Hunter, Sophie’s Choice, and Silkwood. Meryl has been active for several years and continues to deliver great acting performances.

Christian Bale

When it comes to dedication towards a character, Christian Bale is the first name that comes to mind. He is one of the few on the list who was mentioned on PaperWriteras a person who started acting from an early age. Right from his earliest performances, people knew that he had the talent for it. And, over the years, he has delivered. Some of his best films are The Mechanic, Batman Trilogy, The Fighter, and more.

Will Smith

Will has consistently brought loads of charisma, charm, and energy to all of his roles. Over the years, his curiosity and drive have turned him into a multi-talented superstar. Over the years, his acting performances have landed him several nominations and awards. Some of his best movies are Pursuit Of Happiness, Men In Black, I Am Legend and more.

Viola Davis

Viola is the first African American actress to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting title. Though she has spent a significant amount of time on stage, her performances on the screen have been stellar. Her breakthrough performance in the crime-based TV drama How To Get Away With Murder brought her a lot of attention and awards.

Johnny Depp

Johnny is most widely known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. But what most don’t know is that he had the world at his feet right from the start of his early career. Some of his most versatile roles are in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The Tourist, Edward Scissorhands, and more.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo finally won the Oscar for the best actor for his performance in The Revenant. But a lot of people think that he should’ve won it a long time ago. He started as a child actor in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape alongside Johnny Depp. Some of his best performances are in Inception, Wolf Of Wallstreet, Blood Diamond, Titanic, Shutter Island, and more.

Kevin Spacey

Even though the actor has gone through turmoil recently, his contribution as an actor simply cannot be discredited. He is one of the few artistswho can naturally adopt a character. Everyone loved his most recent performance as Frank Underwood in Netflix’s House Of Cards. Some of his best films are LA Confidential, Se7en, The Usual Suspects, and more.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin started his career early with his brother during the mid-eighties. Today, he is the number one choice for playing darker and unconventional characters. His performance in Joker finally landed him the Oscar for best actor, which he deserved. Some of his most notable performances are in Gladiator, Walk The Line, Her, and Two Lovers.

Denzel Washington

Denzel is known as one of the best method actors of the current generation. His highly potent and dramatic performances have landed several international awards, including an Oscar for best actor. His ability to portray intense characters is second to none. Some of his best films are Training Day, Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Flight, and more.

Samuel L. Jackson

The strength in his voice hasn’t faded, and neither have his acting performances. His commanding presence on screen has inspired several young actors worldwide. Samuel has a unique ability to blend into a character and make it his own. Some of his most notable performances are in Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, A Time To Kill, and The Avengers series.

Rooney Mara

This may be a surprising addition to some, but Rooney has consistently delivered flawless performances in all of her roles. She is young but can carry just about any type of character. Her depth in emotions and portrayal of drama is one of her best highlights as an actor. Some of her best performances are in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Her, Carol, and Mary Magdalene.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is widely regarded as one of the finest actors of all time. And to many, he only seems to be getting better with age. Over the years, his presence, voice, and acting skills have added a lot to his performances. Some of his best films are The Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, and more.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert has become a household name throughout the world. His effortless portrayal of Tony Stark or Ironman will remain in the hearts of people for a very long time. On the other hand, his versatility as an actor can be seen in movies like Sherlock Holmes, Due Date, and The Judge. And his personal story of downfall and triumphin his life is inspiring.

Jim Carey

Jim has delighted audiences with his personality throughout the world. His pure comic behavior and style inspire several comedians to this day. He has consistently brought depth, energy, and commitment to all of his roles. Some of his best performances are in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, The Mask, The Number 23, and more.

To Conclude

Movies and actors have been an enormous source of entertainment to human beings in modern times. No matter where anyone goes, their influence can always be found. The love for these is eternal, but what changes are people’s favorite choices. And, everyone has their unique choices regarding the type of cinema or actors they like most.
Younger adults seek more influence than other people in society. Students need all the help and motivation to do well in their sprouting youth. Even if there is an overload of information today, they should always seek to look up to the ones they can learn from best.
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