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Muzamill Ibrahim - Made His Bollywood Debut With The Film Dhoka In 2007

Muzamill Ibrahim is an Indian actor who has made a name for himself in the Bollywood film industry. Born in the city of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, Muzammil began his acting career with the film "Dhokha". His natural acting skills and charming personality quickly won him critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.

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Apr 04, 2023
Muzamill Ibrahimis an Indian actor who has made a name for himself in the Bollywood film industry. Born in the city of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, Muzammil began his acting career with the film "Dhokha". His natural acting skills and charming personality quickly won him critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.
Since then, he has appeared in several films and television shows, showcasing his versatility as an actor. With his talent and dedication, Muzammil has become one of the most promising actors in the Indian film industry.

Quick Facts About Muzamill Ibrahim

Real NameMuzamil Ibrahim
Nick NameMuzi
Date of Birth25 August 1984
Birth PlaceRamban, Jammu, and Kashmir
ProfessionActor and Model
Age38 years
Famous RoleZaid Ahmed Khan in the film ‘Dhokha’ (2007)

Early Life Of Muzamill Ibrahim

Muzamill Ibrahim was born and raised in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, India. He was born in a middle-class Muslim family. Muzammil was interested in acting and always dreamed of becoming an actor. His family did not support his aspirations, and they wanted him to pursue a more traditional career path.
Muzammil remained determined to pursue his passion for acting. He completed his education and then moved to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. In Mumbai, he enrolled in an acting course to hone his skills and learn more about the craft of acting.
Muzammil's family eventually came around to support his career choice, and they have been his biggest supporters ever since. He has a close-knit family, including his parents and siblings, who have always encouraged him to pursue his dreams.
Muzammil's early life was filled with challenges and obstacles, but he remained focused on his goals and worked hard to achieve his dreams. His family's support and his determination helped him overcome the hurdles along the way, and he has now become a successful actor in the Indian film industry.

Career Of Muzamill Ibrahim

Muzamill Ibrahim made his acting debut in 2008 with the film "Dhokha," directed by Pooja Bhatt. His performance in the film was critically acclaimed, and he received a lot of praise for his natural acting skills. The film's success helped Muzammil gain recognition in the industry and opened up new opportunities for him.
After his debut, Muzammil appeared in several other films, including "Horn 'Ok' Pleassss," "Will You Marry Me?" and "Jannat 2". He also made appearances on various television shows, including "Savdhaan India" and "Fear Files."
Muzammil has also ventured into producing. In 2011, he produced the film "Always Kabhi Kabhi," directed by Roshan Abbas. The film, which starred Ali Fazal, Giselle Monteiro, and Satyajeet Dubey, was a moderate success at the box office.
Muzammil's versatility as an actor has been evident in the range of roles he has played on screen. He has portrayed characters ranging from a suave businessman to a tough cop and has impressed audiences with his performances. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering strong performances have earned him respect in the industry.
Muzammil has also been involved in various social causes. He has supported campaigns to promote education for underprivileged children and has been vocal about mental health awareness. He participated in a charity football match to raise funds for Covid-19 relief efforts.
Muzammil's career has been a testament to his talent, dedication, and hard work. He has carved out a niche for himself in the industry and has established himself as a versatile actor. With his natural acting skills and his commitment to his craft, Muzammil is sure to continue making a mark in the Indian film industry for years to come.

Personal Life Of Muzamill Ibrahim

Muzamill Ibrahim is a private person when it comes to his personal life, and he has kept his personal affairs away from the public eye. It is known that he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Shama Deshpande, in a private ceremony in 2018. Shama Deshpande is a fashion designer and stylist, and the couple has been together for several years before tying the knot.
Muzammil has never been shy about expressing his love and admiration for his wife, and the couple often shares pictures of each other on their social media handles. The couple has been living a happy married life, and they continue to support each other's personal and professional endeavors.

Physical Appearance Of Muzamill Ibrahim

Muzamill Ibrahim is known for his good looks and charming personality. He stands at a height of around 6 feet and has a well-built physique, which he maintains through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
Muzammil has a dusky complexion, with sharp facial features, including a chiseled jawline and expressive eyes. His hair is usually styled short and neat, adding to his overall suave appearance.
Muzammil's fashion sense is also something that has been appreciated by his fans. He is often seen in stylish outfits, which complement his physique and personality. Muzammil is known to experiment with his fashion choices, ranging from formal suits to casual wear, and always manages to carry off his looks with confidence.
Muzammil's physical appearance, coupled with his natural acting skills, has made him a popular figure in the Indian film industry. His good looks and charming personality have won him a large fan following, and he continues to inspire people with his talent and dedication to his craft.
Muzamill Ibrahim In Blue Dress Left Profile
Muzamill Ibrahim In Blue Dress Left Profile

Some Interesting Facts About Muzamill Ibrahim

  • EMuzamill Ibrahim was born on August 25, 1983, in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, India.
  • He completed his schooling at Tyndale Biscoe School in Srinagar and went on to study at St. Joseph's College in Bangalore.
  • Before entering the film industry, Muzammil started his career as a model. He was the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 2003 and also won the Best Physique Award.
  • Muzammil made his acting debut in the Bollywood film Dhokha in 2007, directed by Pooja Bhatt. He played the lead role of Zaid Ahmed, a Muslim man who falls in love with a Hindu woman.
  • Muzammil's breakthrough role came in the 2008 film, Horn 'Ok' Pleassss, in which he played the lead role of Rajiv. The film was a comedy and received mixed reviews, but Muzammil's performance was praised.
  • Muzammil has appeared in other Bollywood films, including the 2009 film Shadow, the 2011 film Will You Marry Me?, and the 2015 film Four Pillars of Basement.
  • Muzammil has also appeared on television shows.
  • He was a contestant on the reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3 in 2010 and also appeared in the TV series Ye Hai Mohabbatein in 2014.

Muzamill Ibrahim Net Worth

Muzamill Ibrahim's net worth is $ 5 Million. Muzamill Ibrahim has earned this much amount of wealth through his acting career in Bollywood films and television shows, as well as through his modeling career and various endorsements.

People Also Ask

In Which Year Did Muzamill Ibrahim Make His Acting Debut?

Muzamill Ibrahim made his acting debut in 2007.

What Was Muzamill Ibrahim's Breakthrough Role?

Muzamill Ibrahim's breakthrough role was in the 2008 film, Horn 'Ok' Pleassss.

What Humanitarian Causes Is Muzamill Ibrahim Associated With?

Muzamill Ibrahim is associated with NGOs such as Save the Children and promotes road safety with the Mumbai Police.

What Is Muzamill Ibrahim Known For Besides Acting?

Muzamill Ibrahim is known for his fitness and regularly posts workout videos on social media.


Muzamill Ibrahim is a talented actor who has made a mark in the Bollywood film industry. He started his career as a model and won several awards before making his acting debut in 2007. Muzammil's breakthrough role in the 2008 film Horn 'Ok' Pleassss brought him much acclaim.
Muzammil is a fitness enthusiast and is associated with various humanitarian causes such as Save the Children and promoting road safety. He is a well-rounded personality in the entertainment industry and continues to inspire his fans with his talent, dedication, and commitment to social causes.
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