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Navigating The Next Frontier In Customer Experience And Revenue Growth With Adeptia Connect

In the current times of disruption, more and more companies are relying on modern data integration solutions, such as Adeptia Connect to implement data connections and deliver the value promised to customers.

Author:Gordon Dickerson
Reviewer:Darren Mcpherson
Nov 28, 2022
In the current times of disruption, more and more companies are relying on modern data integration solutions, such as Adeptia Connect to implement data connections and deliver the value promised to customers. Powered with self-service and automation, Adeptia’sdata integration platform empowers non-technical business users to create business connections much more quickly, securely, and easily while freeing IT to take a more strategic role.
Let’s unearth details about Adeptia Connect and understand why it’s helping companies drive their business forward.

What Is Adeptia Connect?

Adeptia Connect uses automation, machine learning, and self-service design to empower non-technical business users to implement data connections much more quickly and securely than traditional data integration solutions. It enables non-techie business users to point and click through easy-to-navigate screens to onboard customers 80 percent faster. At the same time, IT is freed to focus on more high-value tasks.
Adeptia’s self-service data integration solutionaccelerates customer onboarding, helps companies build a positive impression on customers, and improves their lifetime value. Consequently, companies elevate customer retention levels, selling more products or services and increasing revenue. By freeing IT to drive more strategic business priorities, Adeptia’s self-service solution increases productivity and reduces costs.

What Are Its Unique Features?

Adeptia Connect encompasses the following prime features:

Application Connectors

Adeptia’s self-service data integration solution has a plethora of pre-built connectors for popular applications such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, CRM, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Shopify etc. Non-technical business users can leverage these connectors to implement data connections and directly exchange information with these applications.

Shared Templates

Adeptia Connect enables companies to publish their connectivity profiles, which are called “shared templates.” Now every shared connection is a pre-defined transaction template that helps companies receive or send information, such as orders, inventory information, invoices, orders, leads, contracts, etc. These templates help companies connect with customers and business partners.


Adeptia’s user-friendly dashboard helps companies view information that’s exchanged in real-time. It also helps them to keep a watch on historical logs and the history of data that are processed. This provides an easy way to move back and verify whether the data is delivered correctly or not. Users can point and click through easy screens to implement connections much more quickly and securely.

End-to-End Encrypted Environment

Adeptia’s end-to-end encrypted environment helps companies transfer and exchange data between companies across different applications. Business users are individually authorized and authenticated as they are registered and logged in to the application. Because all data transfers take place over encrypted connections, security is ensured.

AI-Data Mapping

Adeptia Connect uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower businesses to map complex, bidirectional data with speed and precision. As a result, companies can speed up their insights delivery process and decision-making. Adeptia’s data mapping feature uses AI to learn from existing data maps to predict as well as suggest data mapping rules automatically. Since the decisions are taken from previously garnered information applying a set of machine learning algorithms, the chances of errors such as missing values, duplicities, and other discrepancies are reduced. Hence, Adeptia’s AI-enabled data mappingmechanism not only accurately maps data sources to the target fields but also maintains data integrity to make informed decisions and improve the ease of doing business.

What Are Its Use Cases?

Adeptia’s self-service data integration platform has the following use cases:


Retail companies can leverage Adeptia Connect to create data connections with customers in an easy and secure way. It helps them manage inventory, labor hours, sales, and other crucial metrics across different channels and outlets.


When a patient is treated, healthcare providers need as much information as possible. When that data is spread across business ecosystems, it only compromises patient care. Adeptia’s solution helps healthcare organizations integrate patient data into one comprehensive record, improving outcomes, controlling costs, and elevating health and wellness.


Fraud is a growing problem in the world of finance. Banks and other financial institutions can identify, eliminate, and save instances of fraud, as long as their data is integrated. Adeptia’s automation and AI feature help financial companies implement data connections much more quickly and securely. Ultimately, the chances of thefts and fraud go down.
Adeptia Connect also caters to other industries, such as insurance, logistics, manufacturing, and payroll and benefits services.

How Does It Help Companies Improve Customer Experiences and Grow Revenue?

Adeptia’s self-service data integration offers unique opportunities to companies across different industries to deliver the value promised to customers much more quickly and expedite revenue generation.

Empower Business Users

It empowers non-technical business users to implement data connections faster than legacy data integration solutions. Users can rely on pre-built connectors, shared templates, dashboards, intuitive screens, and AI-data mapping to create data connections with customers and deliver on their needs and requirements - easily, quickly, and securely.

Onboard Customers Faster

Adeptia’s solution empowers non-technical business users who need to point and click through easy-to-navigate screens to implement customer onboarding connections up to 80 percent faster.It also enables customers to self-onboard and better monitor as well as manage ongoing digital interactions.

Free Up IT

When non-technical business users implement data connections, IT is freed to focus on more strategic, high-value business tasks. No longer needs to implement long custom codes and perform extensive data mappings to build connections. By freeing IT to take up more strategic roles, companies can drive innovation and cut overhead costs.

Delight Customers and Create New Revenue Streams

It’s clear that companies that use Adeptia Connect can connect with customers much sooner. Now, that helps companies identify their needs and requirements and meet them without delay. Customers, as a result, feel delighted and satisfied. Happy customers are more likely to buy more products or services from the company and stay longer, ultimately increasing revenue. Also, Adeptia’s self-service solution provides a central location for monitoring and managing data exchanges, with visibility to customers and the ability to handle exceptions. Further, if changes are needed to be made at any time, Adeptia’s self-service approach ensures they are easily made. This ensures customers remain delighted and satisfied with the service. This helps companies create new revenue streams for businesses.
Adeptia Connect is a unique data integration platform that proves to be the next frontier in customer experience and revenue growth. It promises to cater to the demands of companies by enabling them to implement connections quickly, onboard customers faster, delight customers, and grow revenue.
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