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A New Deal Between Great Canadian Entertainment And Gordon Ramsay Is Exciting News

Details have been released about an exciting deal between Great Canadian Entertainment and famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

Aug 31, 2023
Details have been released about an exciting deal between Great Canadian Entertainment and famous chef Gordon Ramsay. This is big news for customers of the entertainment and hospitality brand across its 25 gaming properties, including casinos, restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment facilities. It brings an added bonus to enjoy when visiting.
The first venue to welcome one of the Gordon Ramsaybrands is Hard Rock Casino Vancouver. A Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant is expected to open there in Fall 2023. This opening is expected to be followed by the addition of a Gordon Ramsay Steak venue at River Rock Casino Resort in 2024, and there are likely to be many more to follow.

Bringing Dining To Casinos Boosts The Visitor Experience

Great Canadian Entertainment is one of the most respected and successful brands in the business. It recently revealed its latest property, the Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto. There is an impressive selection of 4,800 slot machines and 145 table games at the resort. This array of games helps the resort compete with a growing online casino industry in Canada.
There are an estimated 19.3 million active online gamblers in the country, with Canadians favoring online due to the impressive game catalogs, availability of online casinos in Canadaand convenience of access. In this landscape, land-based casinos must provide an exciting and attractive experience in order to thrive in the face of online competition.
The deal with Gordon Ramsay brings a unique touch to venues in the Great Canadian Entertainment brand. This is the kind of attractive feature that encourages people to attend land-based casinos and hotels. A visit is a memorable entertainment experience rather than solely an opportunity to play slot games or place a wager on the roulette wheel. It’s an experience that the online casino industry cannot provide.
The CEO of Great Canadian Entertainment, Matthew Anfinson, has spoken of the exciting opportunity the deal with Gordon Ramsay represents and expressed delight at bringing “extraordinary gastronomic vision to our properties.”

Future Opportunities To Unveil Ramsay Brands Across Canada

Canada already has an array of excellent and unusual dining opportunities for Canadians, and visitors to enjoy. In British Columbia, the Great Canadian Entertainment and Gordon Ramsay collaboration brings an array of fresh dining experiences to the landscape. The currently planned openings of Gordon Ramsay Burger and Gordon Ramsay Steak may be just the start.
Great Canadian Entertainment has suggested that it would like to open further venues in its other properties across Canada. As online casino sites gain further popularity, venues like those owned by Great Canadian Entertainment will help keep people interested in visiting land-based venues to get the entire experience of playing games, dining at restaurants, and watching entertainment.
The potential of the expansion of Gordon Ramsay venues across properties in British Columbia and across Canada is an exciting development that promises much for the future. It will be interesting to see the developments that follow.
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