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New England Resident Recovers $1.6M From Pig Butchering Scam With CNC Intelligence's Help

Sophisticated financial scams are rising, with Pig Butchering scams becoming increasingly prevalent. These scams, named for how victims are "fattened up" with promises of high returns before being financially devastated, have targeted countless individuals worldwide.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Tyreece Bauer
May 29, 2024
Sophisticated financial scams are rising, with Pig Butchering scams becoming increasingly prevalent. These scams, named for how victims are "fattened up" with promises of high returns before being financially devastated, have targeted countless individuals worldwide.
Recently, a New England resident, Robert (name changed to protect privacy), fell victim to such a scam but recovered $1.6M with the help of CNC Intelligence, as reported on Benzinga. This remarkable recovery underscores the importance of vigilance and the need for expert assistance in navigating the complex asset recovery process.

The Pig Butchering Scam Explained

A pig butchering scamis a sophisticated financial fraud where scammers "fatten up" their victims with fake promises of high returns on investments, only to ultimately "butcher" them by stealing their funds.
These scams often start innocently, with victims being approached on social media or dating sites.
Scammers build trust by posing as knowledgeable financial advisors or romantic interests. They convince victims to invest in fraudulent trading platforms that mimic legitimate ones.
The fake platforms show fabricated profits, enticing victims to invest more money. Once the scammers believe they have extracted the maximum amount, they orchestrate a catastrophic loss, disappearing with the victims' funds.

Case Study: Robert’s Ordeal

Robert, a New England resident, became a victim of a Pig Butchering scam after meeting a supposed romantic interest on a social media site.
The scammer introduced Robert to a relative, allegedly an experienced online trader, who convinced him to use a fraudulent mobile trading app. This app mimicked legitimate trading platforms, displaying fabricated transactions and substantial gains.
Trusting these apparent successes, Robert continued to invest more money.
The scam culminated in a sudden, catastrophic loss when all his funds vanished in a single fake trade. This left Robert financially devastated and seeking help to recover his stolen assets.

The Role Of CNC Intelligence

Robert contacted CNC Intelligence to trace his stolen assets and manage his case. CNC Intelligence's expertise was crucial in locating the assets traced to Hong Kong. CNC Intelligence coordinated with Hauzen LLP, a distinguished Hong Kong-based law firm. With the help of CNC Intelligence's investigative skills and litigation support, Hauzen LLP navigated the complex legal landscape, securing injunctions to freeze and ultimately recovering over $1.6 million of Robert's stolen funds.

The Recovery Process

Hauzen LLP, the Hong Kong law firm, played a crucial role in securing and recovering Robert's stolen assets.
They began by obtaining injunctions to freeze the identified accounts, preventing further movement of the funds.
The firm then pursued legal proceedings to substantiate the claims and ensure the assets' seizure. This process faced significant legal challenges, including proving the fraudulent nature of the transactions, which was aided by CNC Intelligence's investigative work.
Over the course of over a year and a half, numerous hearings culminated in a favorable judicial ruling, enabling the release of the frozen funds.
The success of this recovery process hinged on CNC Intelligence's proficiency in asset tracing and its detailed analysis, which provided the necessary evidence for legal action.

Warnings And Precautions

Pig Butchering scams are sophisticated schemes designed to exploit victims through false promises of high returns.
Recognize the danger signs: unsolicited advice from supposed experts, overly consistent high returns, and pressure to invest more quickly.
If potential scammers approach, avoid engaging and never provide personal or financial information.
Immediately report the interaction to authorities and seek professional advice if needed.
Always verify the credentials of financial advisors and platforms before investing.
Staying informed and cautious is crucial in protecting yourself from these deceptive scams.


While this case had a happy ending, it’s important to remember that recovering stolen assets from sophisticated scams like Pig Butcheringis complex. The process can be very long and unpredictable.
Stay informed about new scam tactics, and verify financial advisors and platforms before investing. If you suspect a scam, report it to authorities immediately.
Share this article widely to raise awareness and help others avoid similar traps.
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