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New Fox Tv Shows 2020-21 List of Top Primetime Lineup

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, but Fox is forging forward with fresh plans for the future. Fox revealed its fall 2020 schedule in May, and we've collected all you need to know about it, including which programs have been renewed, which have been canceled, and which new series are on the way.

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, but Fox is forging forward with fresh plans for the future. Fox revealed its fall 2020 schedule in May, and we've collected all you need to know about it, including which programs have been renewed, which have been canceled, and which new series are on the way.
The Masked Singer, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star, Last Man Standing, Family Guy, Prodigal Son, The Simpsons, Bless the Harts, Duncanville, and Bob's Burgers are among the returning series. NeXt and Filthy Rich, two new drama series that were set to premiere in the middle of the season, have been delayed until autumn.
Other new Fox programs worth watching include Call Me Kat, a comedy series starring Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, as well as the new animated series The Great North and Housebroken. (Deputy and Outmatched, both of which were canceled after one season, will not be returning to the schedule.)
However, the majority of these pronouncements come with a big "if." We don't know when Fox will be able to start production on any of their new or returning programs since most TV projects have been halted due to the coronavirus.
Fox, on the other hand, is in a strong position heading into the fall 2020 season, with animation, reality, sports, and a number of dramas that have already completed production.

Monarch (Midseason)

A multigenerational musical drama about the founding family of country music in the United States. The Romans were very gifted, yet despite the fact that their name is associated with honesty, their entire success is built on a falsehood.
When their reign as British royalty is threatened, Nicky Roman, the heir to the throne — who is already up against an industry that is working against her — will go to any length to preserve her family's heritage.

ROSEWOOD (T1-2p) - Villa’s Choice FOX MidSeason Promo HD

Filthy Rich

Wealth, power, and religion clash in this southern Gothic family drama, with wildly soapy consequences. When the patriarch of a mega-rich Southern family dies in a plane accident, his wife and family are shocked to discover that he fathered three illegitimate children, all of whom are included in his will, jeopardizing their family reputation and wealth.
The Filthy Rich paints a picture of a society where everyone has a hidden agenda — and no one is willing to give up without a struggle.

Filthy Rich (FOX) Trailer HD - Kim Cattrall series

The Big Leap

A contemporary story about second chances, pursuing your goals, and reclaiming what is rightfully yours. The program follows a group of varied underdogs from all walks of life as they strive to be a part of a competitive reality show that is putting on a contemporary, hip version of Swan Lake.
They make up for their lack of conventional dancer body type with their humor, sharpness, and drive to reinvent a famous tale to suit their own mold. The Big Ballet, a British television series, served as an inspiration.

The Big Leap (FOX) Trailer HD - Scott Foley, Piper Perabo series

Cherries Wild Season 1

CHERRIES WILD, a first-of-its-kind primetime trivia game show debuting Sunday, Feb. 14 (7:00-7:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX, is the result of a unique collaboration between FOX Entertainment and Pepsi.
This fast-paced half-hour game show, created by Wes Kauble (BEAT SHAZAM, "Supermarket Sweep") and hosted by Jason Biggs ("American Pie," "Outmatched"), will feature two rounds of pop culture trivia gameplay, during which a team of two contestants will try to "Solve the Slots" in the hopes of winning the $250,000 jackpot.
Contestants will try to catch all five wild cherries to win the grand prize at the conclusion of each episode as they spin the reels on the massive slot machine.

Cherries Wild debuts on FOX 35

So You Think You Can Dance Season 17

So You Think You Can Dance, presented by Cat Deeley, gets viewers moving to a new rhythm as dancers proficient in everything from'street' forms like Hip-Hop, Krumping, and Popping to ballroom styles like Salsa, Quickstep, and Jive battle to be crowned the nation's favorite.
The 20 finalists dance for America's votes in the performance round, and each week, the six competitors who make up the bottom three couples do solo dances to entice fans to keep them on the program. The judges then determine which dancers advance and which two are removed from the competition.

2020 Fox Cancels So You Think You Can Dance Season 17

The Moodys Season 2

The Moodys follows a close-knit but somewhat dysfunctional family of five as they meet in Chicago for the "ideal" Christmas.
As though the holidays were all about carols and eggnog, each family member brought his or her own idiosyncrasies and concealed secrets from the others — from break-ups to arrests to sharing one toilet!

Mental Samurai Season 2

Mental Samurai is a tournament series that tests the limits of human intellect and mental agility in a variety of ways.
Not only will contestants be tested in categories of knowledge, memory, numbers, and sequencing as they battle the boundaries of their minds to answer questions accurately and quickly, but they will also have to contend with being transported around the set at high speeds in a specially designed capsule that can rotate 360 degrees.

Mental Samurai Season 2: Is It Confirmed To Happen By Fox? - Premiere Next

Fantasy Island Season 1

FANTASY ISLAND is a contemporary drama series set at a luxurious resort where visitors may have their fantasies realized, but they seldom come out as planned.
Each episode will feature emotive, intriguing tales of individuals who come with aspirations and ambitions and leave educated and changed via the magical realism of Fantasy Island, delving into the "what if" issues that keep us up at night.

Fantasy Island Season 1 Trailer | 'Let the Adventure Begin' | Rotten Tomatoes TV

The Cleaning Lady

A brilliant doctor travels to the United States for medical treatment in order to rescue her sick kid. She refuses to be beaten down and ostracized when the system fails and forces her into hiding.
Instead, she joins the mob as a cleaning woman and begins to play by her own set of rules. The series La Chica que Limpia is based on the Argentine series of the same name.

The Cleaning Lady (FOX) Trailer HD - Elodie Yung series

MasterChef Junior Season 8

The tiny competitors will prepare a dinner for guests at a medieval Renaissance fair and compete against giant trucks at a motocross circuit in the new season. Gordon Ramsay's daughter, Tilly Ramsay, will also return to the MASTERCHEF kitchen for a doughnut competition!
After a series of thrilling challenges, America's newest MASTERCHEF JUNIOR will be crowned, taking home the trophy and $100,000 grand prize.

MasterChef Junior Season 8 casting in Atlanta

Our Kind Of People

Angela Vaughn, a single mother, risks everything by relocating her family to Martha's Vineyard in the hopes of expanding her natural hair care business by joining Oak Bluffs' African-American elite.
But she quickly uncovers a secret from her past that has the potential to permanently alter her position and disrupt her life and the lives of others around her. The book Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class by Lawrence Otis Graham served as an inspiration.
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A fast-paced, fact-based thriller about the rise of a dangerous, rogue artificial intelligence that mixes action with a nuanced analysis of how technology is infiltrating our lives and changing us in ways we don't yet comprehend.
A Silicon Valley pioneer learns that one of his own inventions, strong artificial intelligence, might mean global disaster, and joins up with a cybercrime agent to combat an enemy unlike any we've ever seen — one whose greatest weapon against us is ourselves.

neXt (FOX) Trailer HD


Each episode begins with the accused in a courtroom, unaware of their offense or how they came to be on trial.
It tells the story of how an average individual became involved in an exceptional circumstance, eventually showing how one bad decision leads to another until it's too late. Based on the BBC series of the same name.

The Accused l 20/20 l PART 1

Call Me Kat

Call Me Call Me Kat follows Kat, a 39-year-old woman who battles society and her mother, Sheila, every day to show that you can't have everything you want and be happy.
That's why she used the money put aside by her parents for her wedding to establish a Cat Café in Louisville, Kentucky.
Swoozie Leslie Jordan, Kyla Pratt, Cheyenne Jackson, and Julian Gant feature as Mayim Bialik, Swoozie Leslie Jordan, Kyla Pratt, Cheyenne Jackson, and Julian Gant.

Call Me Kat Episode 1 Plus One


After the death of their childhood best friend, three ladies are followed. Faced with the realization that life is short, they undertake a series of rash, ill-advised, and self-indulgent choices, deepening their connection and demonstrating that it's never too late to mess up your life.

Pivoting (FOX) Trailer HD - Maggie Q, Ginnifer Goodwin, Eliza Coupe series

The Great North

The Great North is an animated comedy about the Tobin family's Alaskan adventures, as single dad Beef tries to keep his odd group of kids together, particularly when his only daughter Judy's creative aspirations take her away from the family fishing boat and into the glitzy world of the local mall.
Jenny Slate, Megan Mullally, Paul Rust, Aparna Nancherla, Will Forte, and Dulcé Sloan feature as Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Megan Mullally, Paul Rust, Aparna Nancherla, Will Forte, and Dulcé Sloan.

THE GREAT NORTH - Official Teaser Trailer (2020)

Welcome To Flatch Season 1

When a documentary team sets out to investigate the lives of people in a tiny American town-their aspirations, their worries-they come upon Flatch, a hamlet full of quirky characters in the Midwest. It's a location you'd want to visit and perhaps remain in. If only there were a good hotel nearby.
That is not the case.

Welcome To Flatch (FOX) Trailer HD - Seann William Scott, Aya Cash comedy series

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