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Newby Tea: Back To The Future

Newby Tea: drunk in cold weather and hot; drunk as a habit, a celebration, a ceremony, an antidote to stress; grown in multiple countries; exported as a cash crop; prized by connoisseurs and laymen alike, for its taste, its variety, and its health-enhancing properties.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Apr 26, 2023
Tea: drunk in cold weather and hot; drunk as a habit, a celebration, a ceremony, an antidote to stress; grown in multiple countries; exported as a cash crop; prized by connoisseurs and laymen alike, for its taste, its variety, and its health-enhancing properties.
Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, tea supports a healthy immune system, can reduce inflammation, and promote a good night’s sleep. It can help reduce menstrual pain and lower the cholesterol that causes heart attacks. And yet, precisely because tea is ubiquitous and comes accompanied by its celestial reputation, mass-market teas have become victims of their popularity. To make volume meet demand, huge agra-business growers now resort to the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals in addition to packaging their tea in bags made of plastic, any one of which can inundate a single cup of hot water with billions of microplastics.
This is the culmination of a history that has seen tea front and center at numerous historical turning points–the Boston Tea Party and The East India Tea Company to name just two. Along with gold and other materials, tea provided an impetus for western powers to colonize eastern ones. And as tea can only be cultivated in hot climates, it figures even today in the economic currents of the modern marketplace–a cash crop for some countries, an essential morning ritual in others. Only today, the drama around tea is economic, propelled by demand so great it causes many producers to simply ignore safeguards and regulations as they chase after ever-greater profits. techappzon.
For much of its five thousand-year histories, tea remained pure. Now, as an increasingly health-conscious population becomes aware of pesticides' potential for harm, more and more tea drinkers have begun to demand a return to the pristine growing methods that characterized most of the tea’s past. So though, today, no one proposes using tea as a dowry, as Charles the Second did in the seventeenth century, a growing number of people want their morning cup to be as pure and healthy as nature intended.
Responding to this growing concern, India’s government recently instructed its food safety monitoring authority, “FASSAI” (Food Safety & standards authority of India), to enforce stringent health standards. And finding that 40% of teas produced under its aegis didn’t adhere to FASSAI standards, and were even unfit for human consumption, FATTA (The Federation of All India Tea Traders Association) has recently raised its own demand for industry compliance.
Yet despite this growing outcry, today there are still a handful of international brands committed to quality teas grown following rigorous health standards. Newby, a London-based luxury tea brand, is one of these. Hence Newby oversees its teas from the planting and growing stage, through storage and packing, all the way to the marketplace. It rejects the use of pesticides and chemical enhancers as well as requires its growers and vendors to be as vigilant and health-conscious as can be. As a result, today Newby’s state-of-the-art preservation and packaging facility is one of the very few on the planet which has been accredited by the world’s most stringent and respected regulatory bodies.
As to taste, it’s no coincidence Newby tea has won nearly 70 Global tea championship awards in the US alone. It maintains a cadre of experienced tasters whose sole job is to test hundreds and hundreds of organically grown teas and select from them only those that are the richest and most flavorful. Starting with the tea’s emergence from the soil to its final resting place in a teacup, Newby sees to it that its product will be as healthy as it is flavorful and as flavorful as it is healthy. In this respect, it stands in the vanguard of a new, environmentally and aesthetically conscious brand of tea.
To learn more about Newby Teas's award-winning tea collection and how the company is sparking a revolution centered around health and quality, please visit
James Pierce

James Pierce

James Pierce, a Finance and Crypto expert, brings over 15 years of experience to his writing. With a Master's degree in Finance from Harvard University, James's insightful articles and research papers have earned him recognition in the industry. His expertise spans financial markets and digital currencies, making him a trusted source for analysis and commentary. James seamlessly integrates his passion for travel into his work, providing readers with a unique perspective on global finance and the digital economy. Outside of writing, James enjoys photography, hiking, and exploring local cuisines during his travels.
Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke

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