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OpTiC Texas' Team Staying Together For The Upcoming Call Of Duty League Season: Will They Be The Favourites?

OpTic Texas (previously known as the Dallas Empire) is an American professional Call of Duty League (CDL) Esports team based in Dallas, Texas. Find out here if they will be favourites to win the upcoming league.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Oct 02, 2022
Now that half of OpTic Texas's team is reportedly staying together for the upcoming Call of Duty League (aka COD) season, will they be the favourites to win? Can the Dallas, Texas-based Esports team (formerly known as the Dallas Empire) beat other top-ranked teams, such as Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, or New York Subliners, or will an underdog charge ahead to clinch victory?

Will OpTic Texas be this year's favourite to win the upcoming Call of Duty League?

Currently, Optic Texas is not the outright favourite to win the upcoming Call of Duty League. However, they will no doubt be given favourable odds by many of today's most reputable online sports betting websites because they have some strong players, and have had several great performances lately. With the experienced team members they have, they will more than likely be the second or third favourite team to win the upcoming COD League.
We could potentially be looking at either the Los Angeles Thieves or the Atlanta FaZe teams to be given slightly more favourable odds of winning the league. For example, the favourites, the LA Thieves, could possibly be priced at around - 150 to win in American/Moneyline odds. When converted into UK fractional odds and European decimal odds, this works out to 4/6 and 1.68, respectively.
Don't forget that these are just estimated odds and not completely accurate. They are only designed to give you an idea as to what possible odds we can expect them to be given. Also, the odds can change at any time and are likely to fluctuate somewhat as we edge closer towards the start of the tournament. In comparison to the LA Thieves odds, you could be looking at around +250 (5/2, or 3.50) or thereabouts for Atlanta FaZe to win the COD league tournament outright and at around +340 (17/5, or 4.40) for OpTic Texas to win. Again, these are just rough estimates.

Where is it possible to bet on Esports?

A growing number of fully licensed online sports betting sites currently have a wide range of betting markets for various Esports leagues and tournaments. In addition to esports betting, sites like Unibet also have football, cricket, rugby, tennis, baseball, basketball, boxing, motor racing, and other betting options available 24 hours per day.
That's not all. As well as being able to place real money wagers on major Call of Duty events, you can also find numerous markets for several other hit games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valorant, Rainbow 6, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Starcraft 2, to name just a few great games.
Some of the most popular Esportsevents you can bet on throughout the year are the FiReLEAGUE EU Qual., the ESL Pro League, the CCT Central Europe Series, the CBCS Masters, the ESL Challenger, the Intel Extreme Masters NA Qualifier, and the CBLOL Academy, to name just a few.

Who is in the OpTic Texas team?

OpTic Texas recently announced that it will return to the upcoming Call of Duty League (Modern Warfare) with a full roster, but then just a few days later, they changed their mind again, getting rid of two players, which could be viewed as good or bad news for fans and bettors. At one point, it seemed as though Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal (AR) was safe, but he's now out, plus Brandon "Dashy" Otell is also out, while Scump (SMG) and Shotzzy (SMG) both remain in the team.

What other top Esports teams are worth keeping an eye out for?

Some of the other top-ranked Esports teams that are also worth keeping an eye out for are Boston Breach, Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens, and New York Subliners. Los Angeles Guerrillas, Minnesota Rokkr, Paris Legion, and Toronto Ultra could also be a popular outsider/underdog bet for some people.
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