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Overwatch Character Heights- How Tall Is Every Overwatch Hero?

Overwatch has three major classes: tank, damage, and support, and the tallest character in Overwatch is regularly asked detailed questions.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Mar 07, 2022995 Shares248.7K Views
Overwatch Character Heightscreator, Blizzard, placed a high value on the design of their title's characters. They have been acclaimed for their variety and individuality, and it is, in fact, one of the best aspects of the game since it makes it a lot more exciting to play. At the time of writing (Jan. 2022), there are 23 heroes to choose from. These are divided into three crucial roles.
  • Tanks- Those who are capable of entering the fight first, are distinguished by their ability crucial in order to be targeted by adversaries' injury in addition to death so that their comrades' HP does not significantly decrease. They have a long closing time and are useful in dismantling defenses.
  • Damage- Unlike the previous job, damage-type heroes have extremely little HP, so they can't stay in battles for very long, but they're fantastic at dealing with amazing sources of injury to demolish opponents.
  • Support- We can think of them as the "heroes we want but don't deserve," those who sacrifice themselves in order to heal and protect their teammates, frequently losing their lives in the process, but play an important role all through the game because it's because of them that heroes are able to play their sport and use their abilities properly.

Character Levels In Overwatch And Frequently Asked Questions

From tallest to shortest, this is a list of the heroes whose heights have been revealed by the game's publisher. Those Overwatch characters whose height is not officially mentioned in italics.

Who Is Overwatch's Tallest Character?

  • 2.23 meters (7ft 4”) – Reinhardt
  • 2.20 meters (7ft 3”) – Bastion, Roadhog, Winston (when standing normally)
  • 2.18 meters (7ft 1”) – Doomfist
  • 2.23 meters (7ft 4”) – Orisa
  • 1.96 meters (6ft 6”) – Junkrat
  • 1.95 meters (6ft 5”) – Zarya
  • 1.85 meters (6ft 1”) – Reaper, Soldier: 76, McCree
  • 1.82 meters (6ft) – Ana, Echo
  • 1.80 meters (5ft 11”) – Pharah
  • 1.75 meters (5ft 9”) – Widowmaker
  • 1.73 meters (5ft 8”) – Hanzo
  • 1.72 meters (5ft 7.5”) – Zenyatta
  • 1.70 meters (5ft 7”) – Mercy, Symmetra
  • 1.67 meters (5ft 6″) – Ashe
  • 1.95 meters (6ft 5”) – Moira
  • 1.91 meters (6ft 3”) – Brigitte
  • 1.70 meters (5ft 7”) – Genji
  • 1.60 meters (5ft 3”) – Lúcio
  • 1.62 meters (5ft 4”) – Sombra
  • 1.60 meters (5ft 3”) – Mei
  • 1.62 meters (5ft 4”) – Tracer
  • 1.40 meters (4ft 7”)– Torbjörn Lindholm
  • 1.66 meters (5ft 5”) – D.Va
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Complete information on various characters and their height and amazing components of the game since it makes it a lot more exciting to play.
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