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PEMF Therapy Quackery: A Closer Look At The Facts & Lies

The issues with PEMF Therapy and quackery comes down to two things: ignorance and misunderstanding. Watch out for these claims without any scientific evidence

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Daniel James
Sep 22, 2022

PEMF therapy: A quackery?

Due to its safety, efficacy, and simplicity of use, PEMF is currently one of the trends in natural health that are expanding the fastest. These gadgets release electromagnetic pulses that have an impact on your body's electrically charged ions and molecules.
This promotes better and quicker healing by enhancing microcirculation, which is the movement of blood in the smallest blood vessels. Muscle, bone, tendons, and even organs can all be repaired and healed using it.
Because PEMF is fully safe and non-invasive, it is so widely used. PEMF pulses are not harmful, in contrast to high frequency electromagnetic pulses as those produced by X-ray equipment and even microwaves. These pulses have such remarkable advantages because they are low frequency and very similar to those seen in nature.
This means that you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects of PEMF Therapy. For more than 60 years, there has been substantial research on PEMF devices and their effects.

Why is PEMF therapy considered quackery by some?

The issues with PEMF and quack medicine come down to two things: ignorance and misunderstanding. Some people have misconceptions regarding PEMF therapy that is based on erroneous or incomplete information.
A long history of doubt has existed regarding pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. As a result, some people have written about PEMF therapy without even trying to understand the physics behind it.

What are the reasons for misconceptions about PEMF therapy?

Treatment modalities that are similar yet distinct have been shown to be ineffective. Although it likewise uses electromagnetic energy and dates back to in the early 20th century, radionics had no biological advantages.
It is a common misconception that all electronic gadgets that utilise electromagnetic radiation are the same.
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and electroshock therapy are occasionally combined in people's minds. Again, these two approaches are completely dissimilar, yet some people’s perceptions of PEMF therapy are shaped by the stigma associated with electric shock therapy.
In reality, a lot of individuals are unaware that PEMF therapy uses electricity that never enters the body. It is only used to produce electromagnetic fields and charge the coils.
Some people continue to believe that static magnets offer therapeutic benefits. Not at all!
Those who are aware that claims that static magnets have healing properties are unsupported by scientific evidence presume that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is similarly invalidated by this. Once more, this is untrue.
PEMF therapy and the steady magnetic field created by a static magnet are very different from one another.

PEMF is risk-free and efficient

Misinformation can only be dispelled by education. PEMF therapy has received FDA approval for use in a number of therapeutic fields and is supported by scientific research. The advantages of PEMF therapy have been demonstrated in more than a thousand research investigations.
The FDA has approved PEMF therapy as a post-operative treatment, as well as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and muscular stimulation. The FDA designated PEMF devices as Class II devices in 2015. Our PEMF devices are wellness products with FDA registration.
Devices that use PEMF therapy emit electromagnetic waves with various wavelengths to aid and support the body's natural healing processes.
You might be wondering how PEMF technology can be good for the body when other electromagnetic pulses, including those from microwaves and X-ray devices are harmful.
The distinction is in the time and frequency: PEMF therapy devices produce waves in brief bursts at extremely low frequencies, which are more similar to the electromagnetic waves that naturally occur.
In fact, most of the waves that are encountered during PEMF treatments have a lower frequency than those that you would encounter during a thunderstorm.

The Advantages of PEMF

For more than 60 years, there has been substantial research on PEMF devices and their effects. These studies have demonstrated the devices' safety and their ability to address several issues and complaints quite successfully. When you use one of these devices, you might experience some of the following advantages:
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved and quicker healing
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better circulation
  • Improved sleeping habits
  • Accelerated healing from trauma, disease, or injury due to improved
  • Cellular repair
  • Elevated feelings and improvement of mental health
  • More physical vigour
  • Enhanced memory
  • Effects that delay ageing
Due to these advantages, PEMF devices have been utilised to treat a variety of issues, including recent or old injuries, specific cancers, and illnesses like arthritis, chronic Lyme disease, post-Lyme syndrome, neuromuscular disorders etc.

Does PEMF Therapy Work in Practice?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been used to boost energy levels, circulation, bone healing, depression, immune function, and the speed at which injuries heal.
In PEMF therapy, low frequencies permeate through the skin and into the muscles, tendons, bones, and even the organs to stimulate cell energy and promote the body’s own repair mechanisms.
Positive and negative magnetic charges are present in cell membranes, however occasionally these charges don’t work because the cells can deteriorate over time or sustain damage from an accident.
The ions that carry the chemical components your body requires, such potassium and calcium, cannot exchange between your cells as a result. Chronic pain, exhaustion, and inflammation are symptoms that result from this sort of dysfunction. Targeting and drawing the body’s attention to these locations using PEMF is a non-invasive method.

What does research say about PEMF Therapy?

Here is what research into the use of PEMF therapy has revealed.
  • After plastic surgery, PEMF therapy was able to dramatically reduce discomfort and swelling.
  • According to one study, PEMF therapy helps those with chronic pain problems like fibromyalgia feel less discomfort.
  • PEMF therapy has been used successfully in a number of cases to aid with the fusion of tibial fractures.
  • After just one month of therapy, PEMF treatment enhanced the functional performance of arthritis patients and prevented cartilage disintegration in cases of osteoarthritis.
  • In the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, PEMF therapy showed the potential for nerve fibre regeneration.
  • PEMF therapy has effectively impacted the proliferation of bone cells in lab-generated bone tissue and activated lysozyme in cell cultures, an important step required for bone regeneration.
  • In rats who had part of their livers removed, PEMF therapy has sped up liver regeneration.
At least three carefully planned pain trials have come up empty:
  • Negative findings from a study of patients with heel pain have been revealed by researchers at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Nineteen individuals wore moulded insoles with magnetic foil for 4 weeks; 15 patients wore the identical insoles but without the magnetic foil. Sixty percent of participants in each group claimed improvement, indicating no benefit from the magnetic foil.
  • Twenty patients with chronic back pain participated in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover research at the VA Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona. For six hours a day, three days a week, for a week, each patient was exposed to actual and fake bipolar permanent magnets on alternate weeks, with a one-week break in between. There was no distinction between the treatment and sham-treatment periods in terms of discomfort or mobility.
  • There was no difference between the treatment and control groups when 101 persons with heel pain wore magnetic or phony-magnetic cushioned insoles for an 8-week period, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.
  • It has also been asserted that magnets improve circulation. The assertion is untrue. If it were accurate, putting a magnet on the skin would cause the area underneath to turn red, but this is not the case. Additionally, a carefully constructed research that actually evaluated blood flow revealed no increase. Twelve healthy participants in the study were exposed to either a 1000-gauss magnetic disc or a non-magnetic disc that looked identical. When either disc was placed on their arm, there was no difference in the volume or rate of blood flow that was noticed. Magnetherapy, Inc. of Riviera Beach, Florida, a business that has faced two regulatory actions, produced the magnets.
  • There have been reports of increased flood flow caused by a low-energy pulsed electromagnetic frequency system known as BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation). The device was tested in a randomised, controlled study in 2017 to see if it may reduce pain and stiffness symptoms or enhance functionality in fibromyalgia-affected women. One hundred and eight women participated in the trial and were given real and fake treatment during a 12-week period. Although there was improvement, the results of BEMER and sham treatments were the same.

Due to the effectiveness of this natural therapy, there is unfortunately a lot of misinformation regarding the best PEMF device.

This has also led to intense competition, with some manufacturers offering PEMF devices with ostensibly wonderful extras. Naturally, the rates for these items are much greater. Unfortunately, there is no proof that these “extras” offer any extra advantages. The following are some of the extras you can come across when picking your PEMF device:
  • Reverse polarity
  • Biofeedback
  • Different waveforms
  • Signal shape
All of this may sound extremely amazing, but it has little bearing on how well PEMF device works. Absolutely no evidence exists to support the claims that any of these elements have extra effects or enhance the advantages of the fundamental gadget or its electromagnetic pulses.
Unfortunately, in order to sell a very basic piece of technology for a very high price, people are simply trying to make the device appear more complex.
Use only reputable PEMF devices for sale, please.

Six Facts Regarding PEMF Devices

Have we piqued your interest in PEMF devices? Here are some further fascinating facts.

Eastern Europe was where many of the first PEMF machines were developed

The earliest PEMF devices originated in the Czech Republic, travelled to Hungary in the 1980s, and by the 1990s had spread throughout all of Europe. The first Helmholtz coil-based PEMF devices were rather large. The equipment was used to administer a consistent dose of magnetic energy to a patient. Modern PEMF machines, which are about the size of a yoga mat, use a magnetic loop coil that Nikola Tesla created before the PEMF machine even existed.

The FDA initially approved PEMF therapy in 1979

Since then, the first FDA-approved PEMF device has been used for a variety of post-surgical healing therapies, pain management, and even depression treatment. Its original purpose was to stimulate bone repair and treat nonunion fractures. Both people and animals can utilise the devices without risk.

NASA later adopted PEMF technology

After 2003, when NASA conducted a 4-year study on the use of electromagnetic fields to encourage repair and growth in mammalian tissue, PEMF technology saw a rise in therapeutic applications. Scientists hypothesised that the cause of astronaut weariness, depression, and bone loss has to do with being away from the helpful magnetic field that naturally emerges from the Earth after pulsed electromagnetic fields were successfully employed to heal astronauts after their return from space.

There Is a Long History of Clinical Success with PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy uses pulsing electromagnetic waves at particular frequencies to heal the body at the cellular level with years of great clinical experience. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been used in clinical trials conducted by medical facilities, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, and neurologists since it was given FDA permission in 1979.

Unlike X-ray machines, PEMF machines are entirely safe.

It’s common to refer to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) as radiation. EMFs are invisible fields of energy linked to electrical power and lighting pulses. EMFs can be classified into one of two radioactive groups based on their wavelength and frequency.

Non-ionizing radiation

This low - to medium-level radiation, which is present in computers, microwaves, radio frequencies, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, power lines, and MRI equipment, is generally thought to be safe for people. Ionizing radiation, like the UV rays from sunlight and the X-rays from X-ray equipment, has the potential to cause DNA and/or cellular damage with prolonged exposure.


When individuals are ignorant, it’s simple to fall for exaggerated promises and buy devices that look legitimate but are useless for the particular issue you have. The truth is that any PEMF machine is likely to have some positive effects on health, albeit they might not be as significant as you had hoped.
Even doctors must conduct in-depth research to fully comprehend the science behind PEMF therapy. These details are just absent from traditional medical education.
If you merely research PEMFs on the internet in general, you generally won’t have the scientific background necessary to make the best decision.
This is why you should choose Sentient Element PEMF Devices. Sentient Element was born after 30+ years’ research in Boeing, Intel, National Semiconductor and Microsoft.
Sentient Elementis the most powerful PEMF machine in today’s market.
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