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Peso Pluma - A Rising Star In The Music Universe

Mexican singer and musician Peso Pluma gained notoriety with the release of his breakthrough song "El Belicàn." Peso Pluma rose to the position of fifth on Spotify's most-listened-to musicians list, ranking with Drake, The Weekend, Taylor Swift, and Bobby Brown.

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Mexican singer and musician Peso Pluma gained notoriety with the release of his breakthrough song "El Belicàn." Peso Pluma rose to the position of fifth on Spotify's most-listened-to musicians list, ranking with Drake, The Weekend, Taylor Swift, and Bobby Brown.
In addition, Peso rose to fame on the internet with the release of his new song, "Ella Baila Sola." The song marks the first-ever Mexican entry into the Billboard Hot 100's top 5. Peso has 13 million Instagram followers and over 5 million YouTube subscribers.Peso, a musician from Mexico, created his own genre and attained global acclaim.

Quick Info About Peso Pluma

BirthdateJun 15, 1999
BirthplaceZapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Early Life Of Peso Pluma

On June 15, 1999, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija was born in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, and became Peso Pluma. Peso was raised in Guadalajara and watched YouTube tutorials to learn how to play the guitar at the age of fifteen. In 2023, he said to "Billboard" magazine, "I've been writing down my feelings since I was a child because it's like therapy for me."
My classmates used to make fun of me for keeping a journal since it was seen as "girly," but it was effective for me. I used to put my feelings down there, and then I saw that some of the things I wrote rhymed. I persisted in my practice and eventually improved."

Peso Pluma Music Career

Peso Pluma singing
Peso Pluma singing

Early Career

Peso started learning how to play the guitar at the age of 15, marking the beginning of his musical adventure. He had dreams of becoming a rapper when he was younger, but he soon came to the conclusion that his voice was too gravelly for that kind of music. In an attempt to find his sound, he taught himself how to play the guitar during his teenage years in Guadalajara, Mexico.
He started writing songs based on notes from journals and took cues from local musicians like Ariel Camacho. Peso Pluma lived in San Antonio, Texas, with relatives for a good portion of his adolescence. There, he picked up English and started listening to American musicians like Jay Z and Kanye West. Peso fell in love with jazz and the trombone when visiting New Orleans, and the trombone had a significant role on his subsequent sound.
When Peso moved to New York City at the age of 19, he was hired by an Italian restaurant there. After that, he relocated to Los Angeles and started working as a construction worker for around $200 per day. He kept dreamed of reaching something far greater during the whole time.

Career Breakthrough

Peso Pluma on the stage
Peso Pluma on the stage
Known by the moniker "Peso Pluma," Peso began making music and joined a group of three musicians that included his cousin. As a solo performer, he soon started to stand out from the crowd. He once tried to clarify that Peso Pluma was the name of his whole group, but as his fame has skyrocketed, it seems that he has taken the nickname for himself.
Peso secured a small-time contract with a local record company before to releasing any songs. Then, in 2020 and 2021, he put out a series of EPs under the titles Ah y Qué? and Efectos Secundarios, respectively. When he first started his career, he was simply having fun with music. Peso Pluma is worth ten million dollars in the United States.

Peso Pluma Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Peso Pluma is $20 million. He is among the most popular singers from Mexico in the business. Following the publication of his song El Belicòn, he became more well-known. Throughout the project, the vocalist attracted notice with his 2023 song "Ella Baila Sola." Peso performs live and releases new music in the form of EPs, albums, and singles. Even though his career is only getting started, he has already amassed a sizable fortune from the music industry.

Relationship Status Of Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma is said to be unmarried and concentrating on his thriving profession as of 2024. He has not disclosed any information about his personal life to the public, preferring to keep his relationships private. It was revealed in November 2023 that Peso was seeing Argentine musician Nicki Nicole. Early in 2023, the two worked together on the "Por Las Noches" remix.

Awards And Nominations

Career Breakthrough laughing
Career Breakthrough laughing
Pluma's album "Génesis" is nominated for a 2024 Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano). He received over 20 "Billboard" Latin Music Awards in 2023, of which he won eight: Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Male, Solo, Songwriter of the Year, Regional Mexican Song of the Year, Hot Latin Song of the Year, Vocal Event, and Streaming Song of the Year for Ella Baila Sola (with Eslabon Armado).
All of these accolades were earned by him. Peso shared the MTV Millennial Award for Reggaeton Hit with Yng Lvcas for "La Bebé" (Remix) in 2023. He also won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act and was nominated for Best Latin. He also took the Premios Juventuds that year for Best Regional Mexican Song for "Ella Baila Sola," Best Regional Mexican Collaboration for "PRC" (co-won by Natanael Cano), and Best Regional Mexican Album for "Sembrando."
He also won Premios Juventuds for Male Artist of the Youth. Pluma has also received nominations for MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist, Best Latin for "Ella Baila Sola," and Song of Summer for "La Bebé" (Remix). He has also won a Premios Tu Música Urbano for Remix of the Year for the same song.

Peso Pluma - FAQs

What Is Peso Pluma's Musical Style?

Peso Pluma's musical style is a fusion of various genres, including soul, R&B, Latin, and pop. Their eclectic sound is characterized by velvety vocals and a diverse range of influences.
Some of Peso Pluma's popular songs may include [list some well-known tracks]. Their discography is likely to expand as they continue to release new music.

Has Peso Pluma Won Any Awards?

Yes, Peso Pluma has received numerous accolades in recognition of his musical contributions, including several prestigious music awards.


To sum up, Peso Pluma has made a name for himself in the music business as a rising star and has amassed a sizeable net worth because to his skill, diligence, and business endeavors. Peso Pluma has a bright future ahead of him as he continues to wow audiences with his musical talent and charitable work while making a lasting impression on the entertainment business.
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