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Pokebot Commands - Streamlining Your Gaming Experience With These Commands

"Pokebot" refers to a type of bot used for playing Pokémon games on Discord, a popular messaging platform. There are a variety of Pokebot commands that can be used by users to interact with the game.

Author:Anderson Patterson
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Mar 08, 2023
"Pokebot" refers to a type of bot used for playing Pokémon games on Discord, a popular messaging platform. There are a variety of Pokebot commands that can be used by users to interact with the game. But, first, have a detailed look at Pokebot.


PokeBot is a chatbot designed to help players of the popular mobile game, Pokémon GO. It is essentially a computer program that interacts with users through a messaging app, providing them with useful information about the game and assisting them with various tasks.
Some of the common tasks that PokeBot can perform include checking the stats of a particular Pokémon, finding out the location of a particular PokéStop, tracking the progress of nearby Pokémon, and calculating the number of experience points needed to level.
PokeBot uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand the user's queries and provide the most accurate responses. It is programmed to recognize various commands and respond accordingly, making it an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced players of Pokémon GO.
Users can interact with PokeBot through a messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Discord, and can access it at any time to get real-time information about the game. Additionally, PokeBot can be customized to suit the user's needs by adding or removing certain features or commands.
Overall, PokeBot is a useful tool for Pokémon GO players looking to enhance their gaming experience by quickly and easily accessing important game-related information.

Poketwo Discord Bot - Getting Started Guide/Tutorial - Install, Invite, Setup


"Pokebot" can refer to different chatbots or programs related to the Pokemon franchise, so the specific commands may vary depending on the particular Pokebot you are referring to. However, here are some common Pokebot commands that may be used in a Pokebot:
  • p!start - This command starts a new game and sets up your player profile.
  • p!catch- This command allows you to catch a Pokémon. You can specify the name of the Pokémon you want to catch or use a random option.
  • p!pokemon-This command displays a list of all the Pokémon you have caught so far.
  • p!inventory-This command displays a list of items you have in your inventory.
  • p!market- This command shows a list of Pokémon that are available for purchase in the game's market.
  • p!trade-This command allows you to initiate a trade with another player.
  • p!duel- This command allows you to initiate a battle with another player.
  • p!help- This command displays a list of all available commands with a brief description of what they do.
  • p!daily- This command allows you to claim your daily reward for playing the game.
  • p!events-This command shows a list of current events and challenges in the game.
  • !pokedex[pokemon name]- Returns information about the specified Pokemon, including its type, abilities, stats, and evolution.
  • !moveset [pokemon name]- Shows the best moveset for the specified Pokemon, including which moves are recommended for offense and defense.
  • !catch [pokemon name]- Simulates a Pokemon catch attempt, giving the user a chance to catch the specified Pokemon.
  • !team [team name]-Displays information about the specified team, including the Pokemon on the team and their movesets.
  • !help-Provides a list of available commands and their descriptions.
  • !battle [opponent name]-Initiates a battle with the specified opponent, allowing the user to use their Pokemon and moves to defeat their opponent.
  • !stats [pokemon name]- Displays detailed statistics about the specified Pokemon, including its base stats, ability, and moves.
  • !market -Displays current market prices for various Pokemon and items.
  • !trade [pokemon name]-Initiates a trade request for the specified Pokemon, allowing the user to offer or request specific Pokemon or items.
  • !gyms-Displays information about the Pokemon gyms in the user's area, including their leaders and types.

How To Use Pokebot Commands?

Pokebot is a bot designed for Discord that allows users to interact with the Pokémon universe in various ways. Using Pokebot commands, users can access a variety of features such as catching, battling, trading, and learning about Pokémon.
To start using Pokebot commands, the first step is to invite the bot to your server. You can do this by visiting the Pokebot website and selecting "Add to Discord" from the top menu. Follow the prompts to authorize the bot to access your server.
Once the bot is on your server, you can start using the above commands by typing them in the chat. It is important to note that Pokebot commands may vary depending on the specific server and bot settings.
Additionally, some commands may require certain permissions or roles on the server, so be sure to check with your server administrator if you encounter any issues.
Pokebot commands offer a fun and interactive way to explore the Pokémon universe on Discord. With a variety of features and functions available, there is always something new to discover.

People Also Ask

What Is Pokebot In Discord?

Pokebot is a Discord bot designed for Pokemon-related activities, such as tracking Pokemon spawns, creating gyms and raids, and more.

How Do I Add Pokebot To Discord?

To add Pokebot to your Discord server, you need to have the "Manage Server" permission and follow the instructions provided by Pokebot's developer.

What Are Some Pokebot Commands For Tracking Pokemon?

Some Pokebot commands for tracking Pokemon include !p spawn (to track Pokemon spawns), !p iv (to check the individual value of a Pokemon), and !p raid (to create a raid lobby).

Can Pokebot Be Used In Any Discord Server?

Yes, Pokebot can be used in any Discord server as long as the server owner or administrator has given permission to add bots.

Is Pokebot Free To Use?

Yes, Pokebot is free to use, but the developer accepts donations to support the development and maintenance of the bot.


Pokebot is a great bot for Pokemon enthusiasts who want to play Pokemon-related games and activities within the Discord platform. With a wide range of commands available, Pokebot offers a unique and fun experience for users.
Whether you want to catch Pokemon, trade with other users, or battle with friends, Pokebot has something for everyone. So, invite Pokebot to your server and start using the commands to enjoy the Pokemon experience on Discord.
It is important to note that different versions of the Pokebot may have different Pokebot commands and features and that some servers may restrict or modify certain commands for their own purposes.
Players should also be aware that using Pokebot commands in violation of a server's rules can result in consequences such as being kicked or banned from the server.
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